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Cambridge, Mass., November 1, 2010 -- Boston Circles On a beautiful New England fall morning, more than 40 women gathered at Harvard Divinity School to tell their stories about the women who have shaped their lives of faith, and to build a future for women’s ministries and gender justice in our churches and society.  

New Orleans, October 29, 2010 -- Centennial Hymn Hymn writer Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, whose earlier creations have encouraged responsible citizenship or brought the agony of Haiti into liturgical settings, has written a new hymn to capture the theme of the Centennial Gathering here this Nov. 9-11. 

New York, October 20, 2010 -- Faith and Disabled Persons Making faith communities more accessible to persons with disabilities is the topic of a unique interfaith documentary that may air on NBC-TV affiliates nationwide beginning November 14.


Washington, October 20, 2010 – BPA No The National Council of Churches today applauded Canada’s decision to declare Bisphenol A (BPA) to be a toxic substance, and called on the United States to follow suit. 


New York, October 19, 2010 -- No Bullying An alliance of high-level mainline Christian leaders and faith groups released a statement Monday calling on "the Church Universal to join us in working to end the violence and hatred against our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters."


Washington, October 18, 2010 -- Net Freedom Communicators representing a wide range of national church bodies have called upon the Federal Communications Commission "to take any and all action" to protect the freedom of the Internet.


New York, October 14, 2010 -- Sudan Sudanese church leaders met Wednesday with officials of the National Council of Churches and Church World Service to warn that the safety and human rights of millions of Sudanese continue to be in jeopardy, despite hopes raised by a referendum slated for January 9 on a comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) to end a decades-old civil war.


New York, October 12, 2010 -- Rob Huston -- The Rev. Robert W. Huston, a visionary of United Methodist ecumenism, is remembered as a devout Christian with a fierce passion for the unity of the church and a humble man who championed the gifts of women and young adults.


New York, October 8, 2010 -- Centennial Art The Justice for Women Working Group (J4WWG) of the National Council of Churches is issuing an open call for art to help expand our imagination of ecumenical cooperation reflecting on Luke 24:48, “You are witnesses of these things.” (NRSV) 


Harrisonburg, Va., October 6, 2010 -- Aging The issues and uncertainties of aging are the focus of a National Council of Churches documentary produced by Third Way Media and slated for broadcast on the ABC television network beginning October 17.


Washington, October 5, 2010 – Cut Poverty Religious, civic, and community-service organizations nationwide are mobilizing to reduce poverty by 50 percent over the next ten years, beginning today with a national teleconference to discuss the role of faith-based organizations in fighting poverty.


Washington, October 4, 2010 -- Prayer and Petition Churches from California to Florida participated yesterday in a day of prayer, reflection and healing for the Gulf Coast while people of faith joined together in a petition calling upon Congress to address the Gulf oil spill.


Washington, September 29, 2010 -- Mid East Peace In visits to the White House and the State Department today, religious leaders representing the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities offered support for the Obama administration’s efforts to continue peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.


Washington, September 28, 2010 Michael Livingston The Rev. Michael Livingston, executive director of the International Council of Community Churches and President of the National Council of Churches from 2006 to 2007, has been named to direct the council's poverty initiative.


Washington, September 28, 2010 Grace for the Gulf This Sunday, October 3, is a day to seek God's grace for the Gulf in thousands of congregations related to the 36 member communions of the National Council of Churches.


New York, September 23, 2010 Interfaith Brochures The Interfaith Relations Commission of the National Council of Churches has issued a series of theological resources to guide clergy and laity through the basic issues of engagement with other faiths. 


New York, September 22, 2010 NCC Governing Board For the second time in two years, the National Council of Churches Governing Board has issued a call to government officials and church leaders to take action on "comprehensive immigration reform."


New York, September 22, 2010 Fighting Poverty For the third consecutive year, the NCC will join a coalition of interfaith partners, Fighting Poverty with Faith, to speak to national political leaders while also addressing the needs of those in poverty in local communities – with the goal of cutting domestic poverty in half by 2020.


New York, September 14, 2010 -- Lucius Walker The Rev. Dr. Lucius Walker, 80, a former member of the National Council of Churches staff who became a controversial and beloved activist for human rights in the 1960s and 70s and later founded an organization that sent hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid to Latin America, including Cuba, died September 7 in his home in Demarest, N.J.


New York, September 14, 2010 Fistula Stories Fistula Stories, a project of Women’s Ministries at the National Council of the Churches of Christ, USA, will expand its curriculum to include studies of texts from other faiths. 


New York, September 9, 2010 -- Kireopoulos The NCC's Dr. Antonios Kireopoulos offers an op-ed to express a lament  for the religious ignorance, bigotry and ill will that has been generated by threats in Florida to burn the Qur'an on September 11. Use the essay as you see fit.


New York, September 9, 2010 -- Letter to Churches The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 changed millions of lives forever, and the General Secretary of the National Council of Churches is calling on churches to hold all the victims in prayer -- families of the dead and injured as well as millions of Muslims who continue to be targets of Islamophobic rhetoric and attacks.


Washington, September 7, 2010 -- Interfaith Summit A high ranking group of U.S. interfaith leaders, including the general secretary of the National Council of Churches, assembled here today to condemn plans in Florida to burn the Holy Qu'ran on Saturday, and to decry incidents of violence committed against innocent Muslims.


New York, September 2, 2010 -- Deplore Qur'an Burning The NCC today reiterated its statement of August 11, deploring threats in Florida to burn the Qur'an on September 11.

New Orleans, August 25, 2010 -- Khandi Alexander Actress Khandi Alexander of HBO's Treme is narrator of an NBC special on the aftermath of Katrina presented by the NCC and produced by the Presbyterian Church (USA) on NBC stations beginning August 29.


Chicago, August 20, 2010 -- Christopher Dies His Eminence Christopher, Metropolitan of Libertyville-Chicago and Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the U.S. and Canada, died Wednesday at the age of 82.



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