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Resolution On Restoration Of Normal Relations With Cuba
Adopted by the Governing Board
October 14, 1973 

The need to renew relations between the people of Cuba and the United States is apparent, especially in an age when contacts between our country and communist countries are improving in spite of fundamental differences in government philosophy and policy.  In 1968, the General Board of the NCC declared: “The United States should take far more active and imaginative steps to create conditions for cooperation between the United States and the communist countries of Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, and Cuba, [including] recognition of the government of Cuba….elimination of restrictions on exports of non-military, non-strategic goods….” (from Policy Statement cited above).  With the change in U.S. attitudes toward the People’s Republic of China and the USSR, the continuance of our hostility toward Cuba becomes even more questionable.  We therefore urge the Congress and the President to reverse the policy of the last decade and to work for friendship trade and mutual assistance with Cuba. 

  1. We urge the United States Government to move as rapidly as possible to restore full diplomatic relations with the Cuban government. 
  1. We urge the United States Congress to repeal the 1962 Joint Resolution (P.L. 87-733) threatening the use of “whatever means may be necessary, including the use of arms” against the present Cuban government. 
  1. We urge the United States Government to support resolutions in the Organizations of American States which would cancel the trade embargoes against Cuba and instead to encourage trade and communication between Cuba and the United States as well as between Cuba and other nations. 
  1. We urge the United States Government to seek immediate direct airline and boat transportation between the U.S.A. and Cuba and to remove restrictions on travel. 
  1. We urge the NCC member communions to support these steps and encourage travel to Cuba to seek knowledge, understanding and friendship with these neighbors to the South. 

(Based on Policy Statement “Imperatives of Peace and Responsibilities of Power” February 21, 1968.)

The NCC and Cuba