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Committee on Black Congregational Ministries
Resources for Special Days in the Black Church

(To download documents, click on underlined text.)


1. Christmas contains two documents:

2. "Sorrel" is an information sheet describing the Caribbean Christmas beverage, including a recipe for making your own. It was developed by Leicester Bigby.

3. New Year’s Eve Service (Watch Night) is an order of worship for use on the last day of the year. It was prepared by William "Bill" Edwards.

4. Kwanzaa is a collection of two services. One service highlights the seven principles of Kwanzaa and the second is a Kwanzaa Watch Meeting with Nguuzo Saba Litany. It was developed by Jack Sullivan, Jr. (Also available in Black & White.)

5. Lent and Easter is an information document exploring the meaning of the liturgical celebrations for people of color. It was developed by Wyvetta Bullock and Julia Speller.

6. Women’s Day is designed to help persons understand the real reason for the celebration. It introduces users to the founder, Nannie Helen Burroughs, and describes the original purpose and plan behind the celebration of Women’s Day. Suggestions for celebration are also given.  It was developed by Alice Gantt.

7. Holy Communion/Charles Drew is a Bulletin Insert designed to be used when Holy Communion is celebrated. It highlights the significance of the celebration and connects it with Charles Drew, an African American who made significant contributions to blood plasma research. The insert was developed by Mary A. Love. 

8. "Lift Every Voice and Sing" is a Bulletin Insert,developed by Mary A. Love, that gives the historical background of how the song written by James Weldon Johnson became the anthem of African Americans. The words of the song are also included.

9. Sankofa is a Bulletin Insert that explains the meaning of the West African symbol and shows how the symbol connects with scripture and the celebration of African American History month in February. The insert was developed by Mary A. Love.


Dr. Leichester Bigby is a former pastor of Union United Church, United Church of Canada in Montreal, Canada. He contributed the explanation of "Sorrel," a Christmas beverage and the recipe.

Rev. Wyvetta Bullock is the executive director for the Division for Congregational Ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America located in Chicago, IL. She developed the Lent and Easter information document with Dr. Julia Speller.

Dr. William "Bill" Edwards is assistant pastor at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Memphis, TN. He is the former Associate in Evangelism for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He developed the Christmas Eve Celebration and the New Year’s Eve Service.

Ms. Alice Gantt is the senior administrative assistant and the human resources coordinator for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s Curriculum Publishing Program Area in Louisville, KY. She developed the Women’s Day Information Document.

Rev. Linda H. Hollies contributed "A Trumpet in Zion" from Woman to Woman Ministries.

Dr. Mary Love is the Editor of Religious Literature for the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (Charlotte, N.C.) and adjunct professor of Christian Education at Hood Theological Seminary. She edited the Resources for Special Days Packet and developed the Bulletin Inserts on Holy Communion, "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and Sankofa.

Dr. Julia Speller is director of Christian education at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, IL. She developed the Lent and Easter brochure along with Rev. Wyvetta Bullock.

Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr. is pastor of United Christian Church in Detroit, Michigan and former Associate for African American Christian Education for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  He developed the Kwanzaa services.

Click here to download "Africentric Bibliography".

Staff support is provided by Barbara Tilley.

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