March is Women's History Month.
And Herstory is being made every day.

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Women's Resources







Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance. Helen LaKelly Hunt celebrates the contributions of five women who made the world a better place. Introduction by Gloria Steinem.

Conduct Becoming to a Woman: Bolted Doors and Burgeoning Missions. Elaine Magalis. An account of the contributions of women in the predecessor denominations of The United Methodist Church A reminder to young women that conduct once thought to be unbecoming to a woman is, in fact, very becoming. 241 pages. Women’s Division General Board of Global Ministries, 2003. $8.95.

Empowering Young Women. This book describes the legacy of mission with teens and college/university women and how to invite and involve them in United Methodist Women. There are guidelines for organizing units, a listing of the roles and responsibilities of adult women sponsors, a bibliography, sample surveys, covenants and consent forms. $5.00

Faith and Feminism dialogues in New York City area.

More Resources.

National Council of Churches USA

When the resurrected Jesus appeared first to women at the tomb, it was clear he expected women to play a pivotal role in leading the church.

Two millennia after Jesus chose Mary Magdalene to be the bearer of astonishing news, the church is still struggling to understand how the essential role of women should be carried out. In some church traditions, women are not ordained but assert their influence in a myriad of important ways. In other traditions, women have become priests, ministers, bishops and heads of communion.

Whatever role women will play in the church's future, one thing is clear: their role will always be pivotal, and women are making church history every day.

Throughout March, this evolving page will provide reports, liturgies, and other resources to facilitate a meaningful involvement in Women's History Month.

Women's Creed:

We believe in God who creates women and men as partners in God's image.
To work together in Harmony, respecting and honoring each other.
We believe that we are co-workers with God in creating and preserving life.
We believe in God who took human form to redeem us from fear and prejudice, anger and hatred, greed and selfishness.
We believe in Jesus, who empowered women and outcasts and gives them new life.
We believe in the Spirit, active in our world,
who encourages and nurtures, strengthens and restores us.
We believe in the Spirit who quickens us to be involved in the work of the Kingdom (Reign of God).

From Women's Litany for a Worship Service of Lamentation and Hope.

Go here to read the complete liturgy.  


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