My name is Tonya Jones. I am a young woman trying to do her part in Doing What's Right. I wrote an inspirational poem about the Census and decided to give it out to the area newspapers and Churches in my neighborhood. I saw a website about the Census asking for any support and ideas. So I thought I would share the poem with as many Census support organizations as possible. So here is my poem. You can contact me at tjbravegirl@aol.com.


What Can The Census Do For Me? 

What can the Census do for me?
How can it change my life?
I'm just John, Jane, and Tommy Doe,
Your average husband, son, and wife.
Can it open doors of opportunity?
Produce the jobs and money I need,
To fulfill the goals and dreams I have.
Can it teach little Tommy to read?
Can it stop the violence in this world,
And bring peace to all mankind?
What can the Census do for me?
In short, I just don't have time.
My job takes me out of town most of the day.
My wife has PTA, homework, and gin.
I think we will just pass this year.
Maybe we'll wait for Census 2010.
To answer the questions to all the above
For the Census needs no defense,
The doors this could open for you
Takes no more than your common sense.
That new building the city wants to build
Could tear your current house down.
Oh, see you do not even exist
From when the Census man came around.
When the state starts dividing its funding
Loans and grants to your city are denied.
Now little Tommy will have to walk to school.
According to the Census, no one needed a ride
As for the jobs this can produce,
like more teachers for Tommy's class.
Because the count of people in a nation
Makes lawmakers accountable to pass,
Laws that give equal employment
To all and not just the few!
But according to your Census report,
No new jobs will be offered for you.
How can this be made clear to you,
How important the Census can be?
The answer to world peace however
Will be left up to you and to me.
To the Country you're just a number.
They don't know everyone by name.
The Census gives a perception of people,
Chess pieces to use in their game.
The game of equal opportunity,
Complete with justice for all.
By filling out your Census report,
Your name too, will be placed on the wall.
The wall of the land we call America.
Where our forefathers fought to be free.
To be counted as part of a nation.
Complete with independence and democracy
Now you have that conscious choice,
To stand up and be down for the count.
A marble placed in our History.
A pebble in the cities we mount.
Open your mind and consider,
Let rhyme and reason enter in.
Fill out your Census 2000.
Don't wait for Census 2010.                         

By Tonya Jones
Copyright 2000 

Poem used with author's permission.

NCC President, General Secretary Urge Full Participation in Census 2000