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   NEW YORK, Jan. 20 ---- Church World Service (CWS) is providing generators and blankets and has employed disaster resource consultants to aid people in the northeastern and southern United States and eastern Canada in the wake of winter storms that have caused tens of millions of dollars in damage and paralyzed communities.

   The CWS response includes:

   To address these recovery needs, CWS is seeking $75,000 from individuals and from its member communions.  (Those wishing to contribute may do so by contacting Church World Service, Attn. East Coast Storms, #976226, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515.   Phone pledges or credit card donations: 1-800-762-0968.

   CWS works in more than 70 countries, including the U.S., in disaster relief, human development and refugee assistance. It is a ministry of the National Council of Churches, the nation's preeminent ecumenical organization which includes 34 Protestant and Orthodox member communions with a combined membership of nearly 52 million.

January Storms Batter U.S., Canadian East Coast

   Early January storms brought ice and treacherous weather to the U.S. Northeast and eastern Canada and caused flooding in the U.S. South. Damage includes downed power lines, agricultural damage and stranded transportation. Of growing concern in farming areas are the deaths of milking cows because the animals have been stranded and not milked for days.

   By latest estimates, more than 250,000 people in the U.S. Northeast are still without power, and parts of the region were plagued by an additional foot of snow Jan. 16. Parts of four states – Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and New York – have now been declared federal disaster areas. Federal disaster aid has also been made available for communities in northeastern and central Tennessee hit by storms and flooding.

   For more information about CWS response, see the CWS Website at: For information on assessments by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state-by-state detail, see:


Writer: Wendy S. McDowell

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