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A Statement on India's Testing of Nuclear Weapons
By the Rev. Dr. Joan B. Campbell, NCC General Secretary

May 15, 1998

The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. condemns the decision of the Indian government to test nuclear weapons this week. In our resolution on disarmament the Council expressed its "concern about the global arms race, its cost in human and economic terms, the tragedies involved in the numerous local and regional wars that are fed by the arms race, and the risks of a globally destructive nuclear confrontation." The National Council of Churches has long held that all the Earth's resources are the gifts of God, the Lord of Creation, and that men and women have a responsibility to preserve and enhance the created order, not to abuse and destroy it. India's actions serve to reaffirm the Council's long-standing opposition to the use of nuclear weapons.

We are deeply saddened that a nation like India, born under the committedly nonviolent leadership of Mohandas K. Gandhi, should choose the way of nuclear weapons. It repeats tragic mistakes which we had hoped the world had been left behind. That India should commit such violent and potentially destructive acts not once, but twice in the same week only strengthens our shock and dismay. The Council will continue to pray for peace on Earth and for the integrity of creation. We pray too that the leaders of India be guided to abandon a path to irresponsibility and further destruction.


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