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Defeat for Congressional Proposal to Muzzle Church Advocacy

April 1, 1998 -- The National Council of Churches today hailed the defeat of a measure before the Congress that would have muzzled the advocacy role of churches and other non-profit organizations.  The Campaign Finance and Election Integrity Act had been forwarded by the House Oversight Committee.

The act was "soundly derailed, though not finally killed," noted the Rev. Dr. Albert Pennybacker, NCC Associate General Secretary for Public Policy.

In a memorandum to NCC Heads of Communion, he cited the following observation by OMB Watch:

"The nonprofit community has generated a tremendous response to opposition to the advocacy restrictions that this bill would have imposed on nonprofits, resulting in thousands of calls to Congressional offices and more than 450 signers to a letter of opposition that went out to all the House offices.  Thank you for all of your hard work."

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