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Deny Them Their Victory:
A Religious Response to Terrorism

Note to Readers:  This is a broadly representative INTERFAITH Statement, and its signers speak for themselves, not for their organizations.  The NCC is happy to post this statement on its Web site to give it wider circulation.  3,935 have signed (as of Nov. 20).  Additional signatories welcome!  Click here to sign on!

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We, American religious leaders, share the broken hearts of our fellow citizens.  The worst terrorist attack in history that assaulted New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, has been felt in every American community.  Each life lost was of unique and sacred value in the eyes of God, and the connections Americans feel to those lives run very deep.  In the face of such a cruel catastrophe, it is a time to look to God and to each other for the strength we need and the response we will make. We must dig deep to the roots of our faith for sustenance, solace, and wisdom.

First, we must find a word of consolation for the untold pain and suffering of our people. Our congregations will offer their practical and pastoral resources to bind up the wounds of the nation. We can become safe places to weep and secure places to begin rebuilding our shattered lives and communities. Our houses of worship should become public arenas for common prayer, community discussion, eventual healing, and forgiveness.

Second, we offer a word of sober restraint as our nation discerns what its response will be. We share the deep anger toward those who so callously and massively destroy innocent lives, no matter what the grievances or injustices invoked. In the name of God, we too demand that those responsible for these utterly evil acts be found and brought to justice.  Those culpable must not escape accountability.  But we must not, out of anger and vengeance, indiscriminately retaliate in ways that bring on even more loss of innocent life. We pray that President Bush and members of Congress will seek the wisdom of God as they decide upon the appropriate response.

Third, we face deep and profound questions of what this attack on America will do to us as a nation. The terrorists have offered us a stark view of the world they would create, where the remedy to every human grievance and injustice is a resort to the random and cowardly violence of revenge – even against the most innocent. Having taken thousands of our lives, attacked our national symbols, forced our political leaders to flee their chambers of governance, disrupted our work and families, and struck fear into the hearts of our children, the terrorists must feel victorious.

But we can deny them their victory by refusing to submit to a world created in their image. Terrorism inflicts not only death and destruction but also emotional oppression to further its aims.  We must not allow this terror to drive us away from being the people God has called us to be.  We assert the vision of community, tolerance, compassion, justice, and the sacredness of human life, which lies at the heart of all our religious traditions. America must be a safe place for all our citizens in all their diversity. It is especially important that our citizens who share national origins, ethnicity, or religion with whoever attacked us are, themselves, protected among us.

Our American illusion of invulnerability has been shattered.  From now on, we will look at the world in a different way, and this attack on our life as a nation will become a test of our national character. Let us make the right choices in this crisis - to pray, act, and unite against the bitter fruits of division, hatred, and violence. Let us rededicate ourselves to global peace, human dignity, and the eradication of injustice that breeds rage and vengeance.

As we gather in our houses of worship, let us begin a process of seeking the healing and grace of God.

SIGNERS: Endorsements are personal; organizations are listed for identification only.

1.Deborah Abello, St. Mark's Episcopal Church

2.Jeannette Abi-Nader, Leadership Council, Sisters of the Humility of Mary

3.Joanie Ables, St,. John's United Church of Christ

4.Allan Abrahamse, Orange County Friends Meeting, Santa Ana, Calif.

5.Rabbi Susan Abramson

6.Thomas Achartz, Grace University Lutheran Church

7.Marsha Acord, campus minister, Wesley Foundation at The University of Iowa

8.James R. Adair, Jr., Director, Religion and Technology Center

9.Charles Jr. Adami, St. Paul's Lutheran Church

10.Craig Adams, Pastor, Weidman United Methodist Church

11.Deborah L. Adams, pastor, UCC

12.Elizabeth Adams, Leadership Team, Living Hope Fellowship

13.John Adams, Director, SOME

14.Lesley M. Adams, Chaplain, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

15.Rev. Patricia Adams Farmer, Pastor, Orangethorpe Christian Church

16.Janna Adamson, Pastor, First United Methodist Church

17.Frances S. Adeney, William A. Benfield Jr. Associate Professor of

Mission, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

18.Randall Adkins, First United Methodist Church

19.Julie Aeschliman, Administrative Assistant, Mennonite

20.Africa Faith and Justice Network

21.Ed Aguilar, Pennsylvania-Delaware Program Director, Business Leaders for

Sensible Priorities

22.Virginia Ahrens, Pacem in Terris

23.Faisal Alam, Founder & Director, Al-Fatiha Foundation for LGBTQ Muslims &


24.Dr. Abdur Rahman al-Amoudi, American Muslim Council

25.Stacy Alan, Assistant to the Rector, St. Luke's Episcopal Church,

Kalamazoo, Michigan

26.Jeremy Albers, Church of the Resurrection of Illinois (AMIA)

27.James Albertini, President, Center For Non-violent Education & Action

28.Tom Albin, Dean, The Upper Room Chapel

29.Mary Albritton, Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church

30.Phyllis T. Albritton, Elder, United Presbyterian Church (USA)

31.George P. Alcser, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religious Studies ,

Marygrove College

32.Rev. Dr. Betsy Alden, Service-Learning Coordinator, Duke University

33.David Alexander, Reformed Church in America Missionary

34.Jane Alexander, St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral

35.Sarah Alfadl, Muslima

36.Amir Al-Islam, The Muslim Forum for Dialogue

37.Rodrigue Allard, Student leader , Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

38.Mary Jayne Allen, Minister of Christian Education, First Baptist Church

39.Nick Allen, none

40.Patrick Allen, Provost , Point Loma Nazarene University

41.Rev. Peter W. Allen, Senior Pastor, Monroe Congregational Church, UCC

42.Lucinda Allen Mosher, chairperson, Episcopal-Muslim Relations Committee

of the Diocese of New York (ECUSA)

43.David E. Allen, SSJE, Member, Episcopal Society of St. John the


44.Thomas J. Allio Sr., Director, Diocesan Social Action Office

45.D. Elinor Allison, Trinity Lutheran Church

46.John Allison, Senior Pastor, The University Church

47.Neil Allison, Christian

48.Abdu Rahman Al-Moudi, President, American Muslim Foundation

49.Anita Alston, protestant

50.Sharon Altendorf , PBVM

51.James Altfilish, Retired, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

52.Carmelo Alvarez, Dean of Students, Christian Theological Seminary,

Indianapolis, IN, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

53.Katherine Amato-von Hemert, Ph.D, Adjunct Professor of Social Ethics,

Lexington Theological Seminary

54.Mark Ambrose, Roman Catholic

55.Dr. Philip A. Amerson, President, The Claremont School of Theology

56.Craig Amlin, United Church of Christ

57.George Amoss, Homewood Friends Meeting

58.Malcolm Amsler, Texas Baptist

59.Olugbemisola Amusa-Shonubi Perkovich, Youth Programs, Congregation of

Saint Saviour, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

60.Beth Anastasia, Maple Shade Congregational, United Church of Christ

61.Harry Andersen, Bishop Emeritus, N.G.L.Synod, ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran

Church in America

62.Rev. Alice V. Anderson, New York Ave. Presbyterian Church

63.Revs. Brian and Sheila Anderson, First Church of Religious Science

64.Cookie Anderson, Peace & Justice, St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church

65.Diane Lewison Anderson, Christian education representative, Shalom United

Church of Christ

66.Rev. H. George Anderson, Presiding Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in


67.Rev. Lowell L. Anderson, ELCA

68.Marylou Anderson, Youth Ministry, First Congregational UCC

69.Rev. Mona Anderson, St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church

70.Rob Anderson, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Montreat College

71.Robert Anderson, pastor, United Methodist

72.Robert & Amy Anderson, Kalamazoo First Presbyterian Church

73.Rosanne M. Anderson, Pastor, Transfiguration Lutheran Church

74.Rev. Scott D. Anderson, Executive Director, California Council of


75.Bishop Vinton R. Anderson, Presiding Bishop, Second Episcopal District,

African Methodist Episcopal Church

76.Claude L. Andrews, Minister, Fountain Presbyterian Church

77.Dale P. Andrews, Assist. Prof. Homiletics and Pastoral Theology,

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary; and Minister in A.M.E.Zion


78.Rev. Tom Andrews, St. Paul's United Methodist Church

79.Annette Andrews-Lux, lay leader, Catholic

80.Robert C. Andringa, Ph.D, President, Council for Christian Colleges &


81.Ludwika Andrszejewska

82.Leonard Angel, Philosophical counselor

83.Barbara Angle, Presbyterian USA

84.Jennifer Angyal, Roman Catholic

85.Anne Selden Annab, Episcopalian

86.Samuel Appel, Retired Presbyterian Clergy, West Jersey Presbytery,

Presbyterian Church USA

87.Daniel S. Appleyard, Rector, Christ Episcopal Church

88.Dennis Apuan, Business Adminstrator, Broadmoor Community Church UCC

89.Alexis Aquaviva

90.Edward Araiza, Our Lady of Perptual Help Parish, Indio CA

91.Catherine Arata, Coordinator JPIC Network, School Sistersof Notre Dame

92.Verne E. Arens, Little River United Church of Christ

93.Thomas Arey, Pastor, Holy Trinity United Church of Christ, Willingboro,


94.Rev. A. David Argo, Kensington St. Paul's United Methodist Church

95.Gail Arias

96.Jamie Arias

97.Chara Armon, graduate student in history of medival Christianity, Trinity

Episcopal, Swarthmore, PA

98.Rev. Deana M. Armstrong, Pastor, Alderson and Mount Pleasant Presbyterian


99.Rev. George Armstrong, Presbytery of the Pines; Contemplative Outreach,


100.Lindsay P. Armstrong, Pastor, Rock Spring Presbyterian Church

101.Ann Arnett, Resource Center Dir., United Methodist

102.Ed Arnold, Unitarian Universalist Congreation

103.Martin Arnold, Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland

104.David Arond, Tufts University, Boston, MA, Jewish / Buddhist

105.Robert Aronson, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

106.Sr. Irene Arsenault, DW, Wisdom's Center

107.Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Dean, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies,

University of Judaism

108.Elizabeth Ashbrook, Unity

109.H. Mark Ashworth, Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Monticello, FL

110.Assisi Community, Washington DC

111.James E. and Roxanna M. Atwood, retired, Presbyterian Church, USA

112.John Auer, First United Methodist EarthChurch

113.Ron and Chris Auer, St.Bernard, Catholic Church

114.Charles Ausherman, RCA Missionary,retired, Reformed Church In America

115.Dorothy A. Austin, Associate Minister in the Memorial Church, Harvard


116.Lynne Austin, Senior Pastor, United Methodist

117.Patti Austin, Catholic

118.Steve and Michelle Avolio, members, St. Barbara Church

119.Wesley Avram, Clement-Muehl Assistant Professor of Communication, Yale

Divinity School

120.Ogundara Ayoka, Ifa Educator, Yoruba

121.Gerry Ayotte, Regional Chaplain, Correctional Service of Canada

(Pacific), Roman Catholic

122.Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian, Dean of Religious Life, Mt. Holyoke College

123.Mark Babb, Director of Music Ministries, United Methodist Church

124.Robert Babb, Wilmington United Methodist Church

125.Susan Babb, Chaplain Resident, Lutheran Hospital of Indiana, United

Methodist Church

126.Marie Bacchiocchi, Minister of CE, Arnold Mills UMC

127.Rabbi Larry Bach, Temple Mount Sinai

128.Rev. Marty Bacher, Minister, United Life Church

129.Ed Bacon, Rector, All Saints Church

130.Dennis Bade, Pastor, Hollowell United Methodist Church

131.Michael Badgett, Quaker

132.Robert Badra, Professor of Philosophy, St. Thomas More Catholic Student


133.David Bahr, Pastor, Archwood United Church of Christ

134.Caroline Bail, Pastor, First Congregational Church of Williamstown, MA.


135.MaryAnn Baines, Catholic Medical Center

136.Rev. Steven Baines, Senior Organizer for Religious Affairs, People For

the American Way

137.Bue Bak, Ortopaedic Surgeon, Christian

138.barbara baker, catholic

139.Corinne Baker, Interim Pastor, , United Evangelical United Church of


140.Jonathan Baker, Aldersgate United Methodist Church

141.Rev. Kathleen R. Baker, Metropolitan Community Church of Charlottesville

142.Richard Baker, Episcopal

143.Robert Baker, IT Consultant, College Community Congregational Church

144.Alicia Baldridge, Follower of Christ

145.Gary Baldridge, Co-coordinator, Global Missions, Cooperative Baptist


146.Anthony Baldwin, New London Friends Meeting-Religious Society of Friends

147.Marilyn Ballard, Crescent United Church of Canada

148.Rev. Stephen H. Bancroft, Dean, Cathedral Church of St. Paul (Episcopal)

149.Siddhartha Banerjee, Pacem in Terris

150.Tina Banfill, Pastor, Orland Federated Church

151.Nathan Baniaga, student/lay person, Christian Missionary Alliance

152.Kathryn Bannister, President, World Council of Churches, United

Methodist Pastor

153.James Baraz, Teacher, Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Buddhist)

154.Rev. David A. Barber, Pastor, First Congregational Church

155.Peter Barclay, Chaplain, UCC

156.Mark Baridon, Central Presbyterian Church

157.Catherine Barker, Senior Minister, Magnolia United Church of Christ

158.Hazel Barkham, CoChair CCND, Convenor URC Peace Fellowship, United

Reformed Church

159.Ralph Barlow, Pastor, First United Methodist Church of West Los Angeles

160.Chris Barnard, Student, Catholic

161.Rev. William W. Barnard, Jr., Interim Associate Pastor, First

Presbyterian Church

162.Rev. Lisa Raylene Barnes, Good Hope Lutheran Church

163.Mercedes and Richard Barnes, Missionaries to Baja California, Mexico,

American Baptist Churches

164.Rev. Cornel Barnett, Interim Pastor, Old First Presbyterian Church

165.Victoria Barnett, writer, Lutheran

166.Rev. Bill Barney, District Superintendent, United Methodist Church

167.Bob Barnhart, Associate Director, CWSW

168.Virginia Baron, President, International Fellowship of Reconciliation

169.Jason Barr, Student, University of Evansville

170.Douglas Barram, Pastor, Presbyterian Church

171.Clina Barrette, Registered Nurse, Unity of Kenosha and Racine

172.L. Morgan Barry, Education Consultant, Protestant

173.Nancy Jean Bartelt, United Church of Christ

174.Rev. Barbara L. Barth, St. Michael's Episcopal Church

175.Glenn Barth, Nat'l Facilitator for City/Community Ministries, Mission


176.Rt. Rev. Allen Bartlett, Assisting Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of


177.Genevieve Bartol, Professor Emeritus /Registered Nurse, Roman Catholic

178.Jeffrey Barton, United Church of Christ

179.Lucy Barton, pastor, United Methodist

180.Scott L. Barton, Pastor, First Congregational Church

181.Bob Bartram, Pastor, Masontown (West Virginia) United methodist Church

182.Daniel Barwinski, Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church America

183.Brooke Bassage-Glock, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

184.Jerry Basta, None

185.Antonette ( Bastoni, Member, Call To Action and Pax Christi, Roman


186.Pastor John Batchelor, interim pastor, Argyle Presbyterian Church

187.Richard Bates, Pastor, Reformed Church in Amercia

188.Anne Bathurst Gilson, Associate for Program , Christ Church+Washington

Parish on Capitol Hill

189.Sr. Miriam Bauerlin, OSF

190.Alan Baughcum, M.Div. student, Wesley Theological Seminary

191.Jeanne Baum, Pastor, Old South Haven Presbyterian

192.Mary Kay Baum, Director, Madison-area Urban Ministry

193.Rev. Richard B. Baumann, Pastor, St. Paul's Lutheran Church

194.Thomas Baumgarten, retired engineer and scientist, none

195.Eugene C. Bay, Pastor, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

196.Nicole Bazemore, Atheist

197.Bayard Beach, Chaplain, Finlandia University, ELCA

198.Gene Beach, Community of Christ

199.Jeannette Beach, Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga, TN

200.Moses Beachy

201.Nathan Beachy, M.D., Mennonite/Lee Hts Community Church

202.Rochele Beachy, M.D. Family Practice, MetroHealth Hospital, Lee Heights

Community Church

203.Madeleine Beard, Grace Episcopal Church, Elkridge MD

204.Marvin Beard, Elder, New Providence Presby Church

205.Rev. Bill Beardslee, Pastor and Teacher, The United Church of Jaffrey

206.Robert Beck, Professor, Religious Studies, Loras College

207.Rev. Sarai Schnucker Beck, Executive Director, Ecumenical Ministries of


208.Dieter Becker, Lutheran

209.Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein, Congregation Ahavas Achim

210.Dr. David Beckmann, President, Bread for the World

211. Denise Bedard Ruiz, Associate Director, Roman Catholic

212.Nancy Bedford, Professor of Systematic Theology, ISEDET and Baptist

Seminary (Buenos Aires)

213.Rev. Gene Beerens, Director of Small Groups/Assimilation, Exodus

Correctional Ministries and Bella Vista Church

214.Alyce Behling, Owner / Deer Run Lodge, Lutheran

215.Marianna Beigel, Mother, Catholic

216.Steven Belasco, President, Temple Beth Tikvah

217.Willard Belinowicz, Vice President, Strauss Discount Auto

218.Denis Bell, Evangelical Missionary Youth,Canada East

219.John Bell, Lay monk, Order of Interbeing, Buddhist, Thich Nhat Hanh

220.Lucy Bell, Spiritual Director, First Congregational Church UCC

221.Daniel Bell, Jr., Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics, Lutheran

Theological Southern Seminary

222.Darrin W. Belousek, Asst. Prof. of Philosophy, Goshen College

223.Moshe ben Asher, Kehillat Kharakim

224.Dan Ben-David, Member, UUMAN (Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta


225.Jim Bender, First Christian Church, Falls Church Virginia

226.Sarah Bender, First Congregational Church of Colorado Springs

227.Margaret Bendroth, Professor of History, Calvin College

228.Norman Bendroth, Interim Minister, St. John's United Church of Christ

229.Bruce Benedict, Panhandle Peace Fellowship

230.Margaret Benefiel, Adjunct Faculty, Andover Newton Theological School,


231.Ron Benefiel, President, Nazarene Theological Seminary

232.Kay A. Bengston, Assistant Director - Domestic Policy, Lutheran Office

for Governmental Affairs, ELCA

233.Cathy Bennett, Oasis Center for Spiritual Enrichment

234.Denise Bennett, Christian Educator, United Methodist

235.James Bennett, Rabbi, Temple Beth El (UAHC)

236.Rabbi Jim Bennett, Temple Beth El

237.Bruce Benson, College Pastor, St. Olaf College

238.Randy Benson, NONE

239.Philip J. Bentley , Honorary President , Jewish Peace Fellowship

240.Mark Beresford, Christian

241.Virginia Bergfalk, retired pastor, United Church of Christ

242.Carol Berglund, Member, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ

243.R. Louise Berglund, Plymouth Cong. UCC

244.Claudia Bergmann, ELCA

245.Rabbi H. Philip Berkowitz

246.Rabbi Donald R. Berlin, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Oheb Shalom

247.Rev. Mark D Bernecker, Christ (Mertz) Lutheran Church

248.Nancy J. Berneking, Editor, Re-Imagining

249.Charles Bernstein

250.Bob Berry, Christian

251.Christopher Berry, Lutheran Campus Pastor, Lutheran Campus Ministry at

Western Washington University, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

252.John Berry, Member, an American Baptist Church

253.Gabrielle Bershen, Meditation Teacher, Buddhist: Shambhala Center,


254.Rachel Berube, Technical Secretary, Roman Catholic

255.Frank Beville, Deacon, Roman Catholic

256.Frank J. Bevvino, Deacon, St. John Vianney Parish, West Haven CT

257.Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Founder and Spiritual Director, Kashi Ashram

258.Maire Bhreatnach, Mercy Convent

259.Rabbi Jonathan Biatch, Beth El Hebrew Congregation

260.Amy Bigman

261.Rev. John N. Billings, Region Minister, Community of Christ

262.Denise Bingham, Mortgage Operations Manager, none

263.Bruce Birchard, General Secretary, Friends General Conference

264.Rev. Dr. Nancy R. Birdsong, Associate Pastor, The Presbyterian Church in


265.James Jr. Birkitt, Director of Communications, Universal Fellowship of

Metropolitan Community Churches

266.Rachelle Birnbaum, Rector, All Saints Episcopal Church - Sharon Chapel

267.Rev. Sherman A. Bishop, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

268.Rev. Leonard B. Bjorkman, Co-Moderator , Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

269.Greg Bjornstad, Chaplain, ELCA, Luther Manor Nursing Home

270.Cynthia Black, Episcopal Church, Cathedral of Christ the King,

Kalamazoo, Michigan

271.Marcia Black, Psychologist

272.Robert Black, President, Chicago Sunday Evening Club

273.Burt Blackburn, School Administrator, Episcopal

274.Patricia Blacker, Roman Catholic

275.Todd Blackley, Kenmore United Church of Christ

276.Rick Blackwell, teacher, Roman Catholic

277.Jeff Blain, Pastor, Ascension Lutheran Church - ELCA

278.Gary Blaine, Senior Minister, First Unitarian Church of Toledo

279.Ann Blair, Pastor, Skinners Eddy United Methodist Church

280.Brent Blake, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

281.Max Blalock, College Minister, United Methodist/Union College

282.Rebecca Blank, Dean, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University

of Michigan

283.Rev. Cheryl Blankenship, United Methodist Pastor

284.Nancy Blasch, Roman Catholic

285.Darcy Blauvelt, Episcopal

286.Michael Blevins, Pastor, Decorah Covenant Church

287.Rachael Bliss, Catholic

288.Stephen Blomberg, Roman Catholic

289.Rabbi Marc S. Blumenthal

290.Sandra Bly

291.Christine Boardman, Interim Conference Minister, United Church of Christ

Washington N. Idaho Conference

292.Ian Bockus, Retired, Episcopal

293.Peronne Boddaert, USA Representative IARF Program Development,

International Association For Religious freedom

294.Lynn Carman Bodden, Interim Minister, Community Christian Church


295.Glynden Bode, Minister of Education and Discipleship, John Wesley United

Methodist Church

296.Chris Boerger, Bishop, Northwest Washington Synod, ELCA

297.Joshua Boettiger, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

298.Rev. Dr. William E. Bogholtz, Pastor, Our Saviour Lutheran Church

299.Steve Bohlert, Pastor, Comstock Park Congregational UCC

300.Mark Bohner, Seventh-Day Adventist

301.Deborah Bollin, Community of Christ

302.Barbara Bolsen, Pastor, United Church of Christ

303.Elizabeth Bolton, Congregation Beit Tikvah

304.Karen Bolz, United Methodist

305.Dr. Leigh E. Bond, Beargrass Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

306.Margaret E. Bonds, Department of Spanish, The University of the South

307.Rev. Linda Bonfiglio, Pastor, St. Paul's Lutheran Church

308.Bruce BonFleur, Promotions/PR, Wesleyan Native American Ministries

309.Alexi Bonifield, Marketing consultant, Catholic

310.Pastor Connie Bonner, Chaplain

311.Mervin Bontrager LSCSW, Clinical Social Worker, Mennonite

312.Christina Book

313.Rabbi Terry A. Bookman, Temple Beth Am

314.Rev. John Boonstra, Executive Minister, Washington Association of


315.William R. Booth, UCC

316.Lee Boothby, President, International Commision on Freedom of Conscience

317.Judy and Henry Borchardt, Co-Pastors, Northminster Presbyterian Church

318.Laetitia Bordes, Educator, Society of Helpers

319.Lou Anthony Bordisso OC, Religious, Ecumenical Order of Charity

320.William Bordonaro, Pastor, Our Savior's Rocky River Lutheran

321.Rev. Peter Borgdorff, Executive Director of Ministries, Christian

Reformed Church

322.Byron K. Borger, Hearts & Minds

323.Philip Borkholder, Mennonite/ Church of the Brethren

324.Daniel Bort, General Counsel, The First Church of Christ, Scientist

325.Rabbi Barbara Borts, Rabbinic Director of Lifelong Learning, Temple Beth


326.Johanna Bos, Dora Pierce Professor of Bible, Louisville Presbyterian

Theological Seminary

327.Bruce O. Boston, Wordsmith, INC

328.Vonda Boston Keasler, Community of Christ, Kid's Bible Club Mission

329.Lorne Bostwick, Pastor, Presbyterian Church in Needham

330.Valerie Bouchard-Hall

331.Steven Bouma-Prediger, Professor of Religion, Hope College

332.Deb Bourg, Catholic

333.Teresa Bowden, Deacon, Episcopal Diocese of Hawai'i

334.Rev. Mary Lou Bowen, Executive Director, New York State Community of


335.Roberta Bowen, on my knees praying that my leaders can find wisdom,


336.Richard A. Bower, President, Cristosal Foundation (El Salvador),


337.Susan Hope Bower, Director, Faith and Forests

338.Rob Bowling, Religious Society of Friends

339.Robert Boyar, Pastor, Christ United Presbyterian Church

340.Winton Boyd, Senior Pastor, Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ

341.April Boyden, Deaconess , ELCA

342.Chuck Boyer, Church of the Brethren

343.Joseph Boyett, Whitfield Memorial United Methodist Church

344.Joyce Boyett, member, Whitfield Memorial United Methodist Church

345.Jeri Boyland, Elim Christian Fellowship

346.Cathy Boyle, nurse, Catholic

347.Jim Boylston, Christian

348.Tara Brach, Ph.D., Buddhist Lay Priest, Insight Meditation Community of


349.Wilson Bradburn, Executive Presbyter, Presbytery of Carlisle,

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

350.William Bradbury, St. Monica Catholic Church

351.Kenneth Bradsell , Director of Policy, Planning and Administration,

Reformed Church in America

352.Lucy Brady, Pastor, St. Mark's United Church of Christ

353.Eugene L. Brand, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

354.Janice Brandal, Lutheran/Emmanuel Lutheran, Moscow, Idaho

355.Mary Bowne Brandt, fulltime volunteer staffperson, Mount Holyoke College

Office of Religious Life

356.Joan F. Brannick, Executive Vice President, The Pension Boards- United

Church of Christ

357.Mark Lau Branson, Associate Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary

358.Kathy Brasseur, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Transfiguration Catholic


359.Dr. Manfred T. Brauch, Maxwell Professor of Biblical Theology, Eastern

Baptist Theological Seminary

360.Charles Brauchler, Senior Pastor , Birmingham United Chuch of Christ

361.Robert L. Brawley, Albert G. McGaw Professor of New Testament, McCormick

Theological Seminary

362.Peter Bredlau, Chaplain, Muhlenberg College

363.Mary Ann Breidenich, O.P.

364.Thomas Breidenthal, John Henry Hobart Professor of Christian Ethics and

Moral Theology, The General Theological Seminary

365.Rev. Jack Bremer, Retired Pastor , United Methodist Church

366.Anita C. Bremner

367.Virgil J Brenneman, Elder Board, Mennonite/Assembly Mennonite

368.William & Jean Brenner, Saint Paul's Lutheran Church

369.Gary M. Bretton-Granatoor, Senior Rabbi, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue

370.James Bretzke, S.J., Assoc. Prof. Christian Ethics/Pastoral Assoc. Our

Lady of Lourdes/Oakland, CA, Roman Catholic, Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

371.S. Dylan Breuer

372.Cynthia Brewer, Editor, The Catholic Lighthouse

373.Rose Brewer, seminary student, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

374.John and Patricia Brewster, Roman Catholic

375.Chloe Breyer, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

376.Larry Brickner-Wood, Chaplain and Executive Director, The United Campus

Ministry to the University of New Hampshire

377.Donna Briesemeister, Southern Baptist (non-member)

378.Leslie Briesemeister, Southern Baptist (non-member)

379.Jo Ann Brimmer, Catholic

380.Tim Brinley, churches of Christ

381.Rev. Dr. John N. Brittain, University Chaplain , The University of


382.Benjamin Broadbent, Parish Minister, United Church of Christ

383.Gary Brock, Pastor, United Methodist Church

384.Bennett A. Brockman, Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Fairfield, CT

385.Sheila Broderick, Immacualte Conception Catholic Church

386.David Brodnax, Sr., United Church of Christ

387.Rabbi Caryn Broitman, Congregation Tzedek V'Shalom

388.Brad Brookins, Lake Edge UCC Madison, WI, USA

389.Charles Brooks, Pastor, Stamping Ground Christian Church (Disciples of


390.Steven R. Brooks, President, Reformed Church in America

391.Leola Browder, Church Of GOD In Christ Jesus

392.Anne Clarke Brown, Diocesan Newspaper Editor, Episcopal Diocese of


393.C. Joan Brown, Society of Friends

394.Cherie R. Brown, National Coalition Building Institute; Break the


395.Cynthia Brown, Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

396.Dana Brown, United Methodist Church, Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference

397.David Brown, Wake Forest Divinity School Student, Ardmore Baptist

398.Frank Burch Brown, Frederick Doyle Kershner Prof., Christian Theological


399.Harryette Brown, member, King of Glory Evangelical Lutheran Church

400.James F. Brown, Roman Catholic

401.Rev. Jeffrey L. Brown, Pastor, Union Baptist Church , Founder, Ten Point


402.Jesse Brown, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Twin Cities

403.Kevin Brown, United Methodist Church

404.Lowell Brown, Retired, United Methodist Church

405.Philip L. Brown, Retired, United Methodist Minister

406.Roland Brown, Retired, American Baptist Churches in the USA

407.Tanya Brown, Elementary Teacher, Buddist beliefs

408.Timothy Brown, Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

409.Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, Director, Department of Religion,

Chautauqua Institution

410.Lisa Brown Roberts, Washington Park UCC, Denver CO

411.Barbara Brown Zikmund, Chair, Inter-Faith Relations Commission, National

Council of Churches of Christ in the USA

412.Nancy Browne, First Church in Oberlin

413.William Brownell, Fair Okas Presbyterian Church

414.Christine Brownlie, Minister, UUFNRV

415.Rev. Mary Brownlow Huessy, Norwich Congregational Church, United Church

of Christ

416.Rev. Anne Broyles, United Methodist Church

417.Pamela K. Brubaker, Co-Chair, Ethics Section, American Academy of

Religion and Associate Professor, Christian Ethics, California Lutheran


418.Verle Brubaker, Pastor, Calvary Mennonite Church

419.Carol Connolly Bruce

420.Connor Bruce

421.Elizabeth Bruce

422.Walter Brueggemann, Professor, Columbia Theological Seminary

423.James Hart Brumm, Pastor, Blooming Grove Reformed Church

424.Kathleen Hart Brumm, Reformed Church in America

425.Dick Brummel, Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, Kansas City, MO

426.Karen Bruno, Wild Rose Congregational Church, United Church of Christ

427.Charles Brush, Episcopalian

428.Jeanne Ann Brush, Mother, Catholic

429.Molly Brush, Catholic

430.Michaela Bruzzese, Catholic

431.Robert Bryan, Roman Catholic

432.Brad Bryant, Pastor, Community of Christ Bloomington/Normal IL Mission

433.Gary D. Bryant, Pastor, United Church of Christ

434.Paul Bryant-Smith, Pastor, Zion United Church of Christ

435.Nancy Buchan, Professor of Business, Lutheran - ELCA

436.John Buchanan, Pastor and Editor The Christian Century, Fourth

Presbyterian Church

437.Kevin Buchanan, Pastor, Presbyterian Church (USA)

438.Richard Buchanan, Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission

439.Scott Buchanan, First Congregational United Church of Christ

440.Cat Garlit Bucher, Dev. Director, Center for Survivors of Torture

441.Julia Bucher, Student of Theology

442.Rev. Dr. Henry H. Bucher, Jr., Chaplain and Associate Professor

Humanities, Austin College, Chair, Grace Presbytery Peacemaking Task Group

443.Nancy Buck-Hynson, UCC

444.Elizabeth A.` Buckley, L'Arche

445.Rev. Kathleen Buckley, University Chaplain, St. Lawrence University

446.William Buckner, Episcopal

447.Dennis Budka, Catholic Priest, Holy Family Catholic Church, Fond du Lac

448.Rev. Dave Buehler, SouthCoast Hospice

449.Rev. John Buehrens, Visiting Professor, Starr King School for the


450.Jim Bump, Trinity Lutheran, ELCA

451.Larry Bunnell, Minister of the Word and Sacrament, Presbyterian Church


452.Susan and Brian Burchfield, Pastors, Central Lutheran Church

453.Amrita Burdick, Muslim, Student of World Religious Traditions

454.Margaret Buresh, School Sisters of Notre Dame

455.Maureen Bureson

456.Margaret Rose Burge, unemployed, Pax Christi Boston

457.Elizabeth Burgert, Christian

458.Paul Burks, Editor Emeritus of EarthLight Magazine and Sequoia

Newsmagazine, United Methodist

459.Colleen Burnet, United Church of Christ

460.Jim Burnett, UCC pastor (retired)

461.Ellen and Richard Burnette, Missionary, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

462.Kevin Burney, Pastor, Rockfield United Methodist Church

463.Beverly Burns, confirmation teacher, St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church,


464.Helen Marie Burns, RSM, Leadership Team, Institute of the Sisters of

Mercy of the Americas

465.Suzanne Burris, Interim Minister, First Congregational Church UCC

466.Linda Burson, Ministry Consultant, West Michigan Conference, United

Methodist Church

467.Rev. Daphne Burt, Associate Dean, The University of Chicago

468.Br. John-Anthony Burtch, OSC, Minister General, Order of Servants of


469.Susanne Burwell, Pastor, Monona United Methodist Church

470.Commissioner John Busby, National Commander, Salvation Army

471.Rabbi Andrew Busch, Beth David Reform Congregation

472.Charles Busch, Congregational United Church of Christ

473.Rev. Robert C. Buschkemper, President, Lutheran Planned Giving Services

474.Michael Bush, Senior Pastor, First Congregational UCC Muskegon

475.Dr. Perry Bush, Professor, Bluffton College

476.Dennis Bushkofsky, Interim Pastor, Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church

477.Kent Busman, Director Fowler Camp and Retreat Center, Reformed Church in


478.Curtis Buthe, pastor, Cedar Hills Baptist Church

479.Philip W. Butin, Pastor (PCUSA Delegate), Shepherd of the Valley

Presbyterian Church

480.A. Hays Butler, Birmingham Monthly Meeting

481.Assumpta Butler

482.Charlotte Butler, Catholic

483.Debbie Butler, Reformed Church of America

484.Donna Butler, Pastoral Associate, Catholic Sister of Providence- St.

Mary of the Woods, IN

485.James Butler, Minister, Presbyterian Church USA

486.Jeff Butler, Community of Christ

487.Judith Butler, Roman Catholic

488.John Buttrey, Parish Minister, United Church of Christ in New Brighton

489.David Buttrick, Emeritus Prof. - Vanderbilt Divinity School, U.C.C.

490.Rev. Geneva M. Butz, Old First Reformed Church, United Church of Christ

491.Todd Buurstra, Pastor of Worship and Witness, North Branch Reformed


492.Sally Buxton

493.Lowell Byall, Presbytery of Grand Canyon

494.Jan Bye, United Campus Minister, United Campus Ministry

495.Rev. J. Daryl Byler, Director, MCC U.S. Washington Office

496.Byron Byrd, Lay Missioner, St. Catherine United Methodist Church and

Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church

497.Holly Cabell, member, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Eugene, OR

498.Richard Cabell, Quality Manager, none

499.Luisa and Patrick Cabello Hansel , New Creation Lutheran Church

500.Chris Cadenhead, pastor, First Baptist Church, Mt. Gilead, NC

501.Bill and Ruth Cadwallader

502.Casey Cain, Pastor, St. Paul Congregational United Church of Christ

503.Rev. Sandra Cain, Downtown United Presbyterian Church

504.Michael Caine, Southeastern N.Y. Regional Conf. Minister, United Church

of Christ

505.Joy Caires, Youth Outreach Worker, Episcopal

506.Dr. Mas'ood Cajee, Muslim Peace Fellowship USA

507.Cindy Caldwell, Development Editor, The United Methodist Publishing

House, United Methodist

508.Eleanor Caldwell

509.John Caldwell, Pastor, DeWitt United Methodist Church, DeWitt, Iowa

510.Rev. Heidi Calhoun, Associate Pastor, Newport Presbyterian Church (USA)

511.Evangeline Lynn Calland, Friends Meeting of Charlottesville (Quakers)

512.Glen & Vivian Campbell, Ministers, Community of Christ

513.James Campbell, The United Methodist Church

514.Kristina Campbell, Associate Conference Staff Social Concerns, Southwest

Conference United Church of Christ

515.Mary Campbell, Psychologist, St. John's Episcopal Church

516.Patricia Campbell Carlson, Community Support Coordinator @ , Sufi Order International

517.Dr. Tony Campolo, Professor of Sociology, Eastern College

518.Cecilia Campoverde, President, Guatemalan Project, Inc.

519.Dave Capone, RC

520.Charles Cappleman Sr., Vice President, CBS Corporation, West Coast


521.Kathy Capps, believer

522.Linnea Nilsen Capshaw, President, Alpha Health Partners

523.Linda Caradori, sales representative, Buddhist

524.Marian H. Carden, Member Presbyterian Church

525.Anne Carey, M.T.S.

526.Katherine Carlile, First United Methodist Church, Redondo Beach

527.Edward Carlos, Professor of Art and Art History

528.Beverly Carlsen, Lutheran

529.Rev. Erling Carlsen, Retired Pastor , Lutheran

530.Bobbie Carlson, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

531.Carole Carlson, Connecticut Conference, UCC

532.Rev. George G. Carlson, Bishop, South-Central Synod of Wisconsin,

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

533.Rev. Dr. J. Bert Carlson, Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church

534.Paul Carlson, Pastor, ELCA: Englsih and St. Olaf Lutheran Churches

535.Roger Carlson, Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Stayton

536.Mary M Carnes, Pastor, Old Davie United Methodist Charge, United


537.Sheila Carney, RSM, Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

538.Rev. William D. Carpe, Pastor, Ludlow (Ky.) Christian Church

539.Patricia Carque, Pastor, First Church of Christ in New Haven

540.Amy Carr, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Western Illinois


541.Becky Carr, Member, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

542.Dr. Ronald Carr, Public Citizen

543.Thomas Carr, Senior Minister, First Baptist Church, West Hartford

544.Lois M. Carr, RSM

545.Charles Carrick, United Methodist Church

546.Alexandra Carr-Malcolm, Buddhist

547.Billie Carroll, United Methodist

548.Dr. Jackson Carroll, William Professor Emeritus of Relgion and Society,

Duke University Divinity School

549.William Carroll, Society of Jesus

550.Richard W Carson, Long Term Care Ombudsman, Anglo-Catholic

551.Rev. Douglas F. Carter, Pastor of the Greenland Community Congregational

Church, United Church of Christ

552.Melaney Carter, Avondale United Methodist Church

553.Theresa Carter, Roman Catholic

554.Rev. Mark S. Caruana, Pastor, Tabernacle Baptist Church

555.Joan Carvell Jones, Chaplain, Emmaus Homes, Inc.

556.Gary Carver, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee

557.Ruth Case, American Baptist

558.Dr. Anna Case-Winters, Professor of Theology, McCormick Seminary

559.Jeff Cassens, Roswell Presbyterian Church

560.Bernard Casserly, Editor Emeritus, Catholic Bulletin

561.Mari Castellanos, Coral Gables Congregational Church (UCC)

562.June Casterton, SFP, Franciscan Sister of the Poor

563.Janet Cater, Treasurer, Frist Presbyterian Church of Siloam Springs

564.B. F. Caviness, Computer Science Professor, Presbyterian

565.Lura Cayton, Pastor, Capitol Hill Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

566.Joseph Cejka, Minister of the Word and Sacraments, Presbytery of San

Joaquin (PCUSA)

567.John Celichowski, OFM Cap., Pastor, St. Benedict the Moor Parish

568.Kay Ceridwen Bachman, practicing Buddhist, lover of Christ

569.Mark Chaffin, Chaplain, ABC/USA

570.Rev. David Chafin, Pastor, Central Christian Church (Disciples of


571.Christine Chakoian, Community Presbyterian Church

572.John Chamberlin, National Coordinator, East Timor Religious Outreach,

Petaluma United Methodist Church

573.Susan Chamberlin Smith, Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ

574.Mark Chambers, St. John's Episcopal Church

575.Rev. Dr. Thelma Chambers-Young, President, Progressive National Baptist

576.Rick Chamiec-Case, MSW, MAR, Executive Director, North American Assoc of

Christians in Social Work

577.Karen Chamis, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Roselle

578.Linda Champanier, Methodist

579.Farook Chandiwala, Chairperson, Human Rights Commission, Birmingham

Islamic Society

580.Dale Chapin, Head of Staff, PC(USA)

581.Elizabeth Chapman, Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Seattle

582.Sherry Chapman, First Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK

583.Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, President and Dean, Episcopal Divinity


584.Rabbi Joshua Chasan, Ohavi Zedek Synagogue

585.Glenn R. Chase, Bethel Lutheran Church

586.Mary Chase-Ziolek, Director of Health Minitsry Programs, North Park


587.Stephanie Chatterjee, United Methodist

588.Stephen Chen, Specialized Minister, Presbyterian Church (USA)

589.Barbara T. Cheney, Rector, The Episcopal Church of St. Paul & St. James

590.Judith Childs, Birmingham Friends School

591.Janet Chisholm, Interim Co-Director, Fellowship of Reconciliation

592.Chris Cho, Jesuit Volunteer Corps

593.Seung K. Choi, General Secretary, Korean Presbyterian Church in America

594.Elizabeth Christensen, Secretary, Catholic

595.Rev. James W. Christensen, Pastor , Trinity United Church of Christ

596.Former Congressman Jon L. Christensen

597.Most Rev. Metropolitan Christopher, President, Episcopal Council of the

Serbian Orthodox Church in the USA and Canada

598.Christopher Chua, PANA Institute, Pacific School of Religion

599.Kathleen Chuman, Christians Empowering for Reconciliation with Justice

600.David Chumney , First Presbyterian Church

601.Debra Church, Pastor, Cornerstone United Methodist Community

602.Jacquie Church Young, Youth Pastor, Church of the Apostles, United

Church of Christ

603.Rev. Jonathan Chute, Rolling Hills United Methodist Church

604.Peggy Clancy, Episcpal Church

605.Rodney Clapp, Editorial Director, Brazos Press

606.Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Clapsis, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology,

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

607.CathyJean Clark, none

608.Rev. Elsa L. Clark, St. Paul's Lutheran Church

609.Dr. Forrest Shelton Clark, Pastor, First United Methodist Church

610.Larry Clark, Executive Director, Toledo Metropolitan Mission

611.Laurie Clark, Associate Pastor, United Methodist Church

612.Linda Showers Clark, Treasurer, Temple Sholom, Eau Claire WI, Jewish:

Temple Sholom, Eau Claire, WI

613.Nancy Clark, minister, Sacred Nature Unity Ministry

614.patty and chrysa clark, catholic

615.Peter Yuichi Clark, Coordinator of Spiritual Care Services, Seton

Medical Center

616.W. Mark Clark, Past Moderator, Southwest Conference, The United Church

of Christ

617.John Clarke, catholic

618.Rita Clarke, Presbyterian

619.Dr. Maxine Clarke Beach, Vice President and Dean, Drew Theological


620.Thomas E. Clarke S.J., Resident, Bethany Retreat House, priest, ,Roman


621.Judith Clark-Upton, Teacher, United Church of Christ

622.Joan Clausen, Member, Grace Lutheran, Loves Park.Il

623.Rev. John A. Clausen, St. John Lutheran Church

624.Mark Clausen, Lutheran

625.Barbara Clawson, New Creation Community Pres. Church

626.Tom Clayton, Member, Unitarian Universalist Church of Greensboro

627.Rev. Dr. David Cleaver-Bartholomew, Ecumenical Theological Seminary

628.Beverly Cleverley, ELCA Lutheran

629.Jim Clifford

630.Steve Clifton, ECUSA

631.Chad Cline, Elder, University Christian Church

632.Sally Cloke, Anglican

633.Rev. Carolyn Close Grohman, Interim Pastor, Fairlawn Presbyterian Church

634.Kay P. Cloud, Public Citizen

635.Dr. Milton J. Coalter, Vice President, Louisville Presbyterian

Theological Seminary

636.David E Cobb, Senior Minister, Community Christian Church

637.Sarah Coburn, Director, United Campus Ministries, Universityk of

Missouri Kansas City

638.Rev. Dr. Helen Baily Cochrane, Executive Director, Greater Bethlehem

Area Council of Churches

639.Ernest W. Cockrell, Rector, Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Saratoga,


640.Brent B. Coffin, Harvard University

641.Rev. Laurie Hays Coffman, Pastor, Calvary United Methodist Church

642.Judy Cofod

643.Rev. William H. Cohea, Presbyterian Minister, Cullencille

644.Charles Cohn, awkward, Jew

645.Rabbi Hillel Cohn, Rabbi Emeritus, Cong. Emanu El

646.Carl Cohrs, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

647.John Patrick Colatch, Chaplain/Campus Pastor, Allegheny College

648.Brian Cole, Lay Vicar, Church of the Advocate, Asheville, North Carolina

649.Ethan Cole, Seminarian, Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

650.Gary W. Cole, United Methodist Church of the Pines, Minocqua, WI

651.Margaret Cole, chaplain, Baptist

652.Rev. Susan Cole, Pastor, Arch Street United Methodist Church

653.Stephen Colecchi, Director, Office of Justice and Peace, Catholic

Diocese of Richmond

654.Joan Coleman, co-chair of Peace and Justice Committee, Congregational

Unitarian Church

655.Larry Coleman, Correctional Chaplain, United Methodist

656.Janice Coles, member, Newtonbrook United Church

657.Rev. Jill Ellen Collict, Pastor, Nativity Evangelical Lutheran Church

658.James M. Collie, Executive Presbyter, Presbytery of Santa Fe

Presbyterian Church (USA)

659.Kathy Collier, Senior Pastor, Presbyterian Church of Palatine

660.Rev. Kathy Sims Collier, The Presbyterian Church, PC (USA)

661.Mitch Collier, Non-denominational

662.Rev. Canon Jeff Colliher, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Episcopal


663.Gary Collins, Pastor, St. Mark Presbyterian Church

664.John Collins, Consultant, United Methodist Church

665.Michael Collins, Church of the Brethren

666.Earl D Collom, MSW, Rivington House Health Care Facility

667.Harry S. Colquhoun, Griggstown Reformed Church

668.Sharon Moore Colquhoun, Griggstown Reformed Church

669.Rene Colson Hudson, Pastor, ABC-USA/First Baptist Church, Moorestown, NJ

670.Rabbi Lawrence M. Colton

671.Steven Compton, founder/partner, Indigeny Mitakuye Oyasin - The Global

Children's Partnership for Intercultural Exploration, Learning and


672.Jeffrey Conklin-Miller, Pastor, Palisades United Methodist Church

673.Brian M. Conn, Broomfield UCC Member

674.I. Mark Conner, Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, United

Methodist Church

675.Matthew Conner, Universal Life Church

676.Wm. Scott Conner, Senior Pastor, Island View Baptist Church

677.Carol Connolly Bruce

678.Paula Maeder Connor, Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA)

679.Lawrence Connors, Roman Catholic

680.Rev. Canice Connors, OFMConv., President, Conference of Major Superiors

of Men

681.Rev. Anne Conroy, Associate Pastor, Brick Presbyterian Church

682.Robert G. Coombe, Pastor, Union United Methodist Church

683.James H. Coons-Torn, Interim Associate, Monatana-Northern Wyoming

Conferance (UCC)

684.Marja Coons-Torn, First Congregational UCC

685.David Jonathan Cooper, Kehilla Community Synagogue

686.Rhonda Cooper, Chaplain, Forsyth Medical Center, NC

687.Rich Cooper, Pastor, United Church of Underhill

688.Kathryn Cooper-Ledesma, Southern California Field Director, California

Council of Churches

689.Rev. Michael L. Cooper-White, President, Lutheran Theological Seminary

at Gettysburg

690.Rev. Dr. Pamela Cooper-White, Lutherian Theological Seminary at


691.John Coover, Methodist

692.Charles Copeland, Crossroads Church

693.Lise Copeland, Crossroads Church

694.M. Shawn Copeland, Associate Professor of Theology, Marquette University

695.John Copenhaver, Prof. of Religon, United Methodist

696.Tom Cordaro, National Council Chairperson, Pax Christi USA

697.Charles F. Cordes, United Methodist Clergy, California Nevada Annual


698.Jack Cornell, Gold Hill/Upper Rogue United Methodist Church

699.Pastor Howard Corry, Lutheran Campus Pastor, University of New Mexico

700.Jim Corson, UMC Pastor (retired)

701.Rev. John E. Corson, California-Nevada Annual Conference of the United

Methodist Church

702.Susan Corson-Finnerty, Publisher and Executive Editor, Friends

Publishing Corporation (Friends Journal)

703.Howard Cort, Pluralistic Monotheism

704.Stanley Corwin, Catholic

705.Carol Q. Cosby, Staff Liaison, Disciples Peace Fellowship

706.Gertrude Cosenke

707.David Cote, Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

708.Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard Couch, Seminario ISEDET de Buenos Aires

709.Dimitrios Couchell, Ecumenical Officer, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of


710.Sherron Courneen, St. Paul United Methodist Church

711.Morris Courtney, Full Gospel Las Vegas Korean Church

712.Father Harry Scott Coverston, Ph.D.

713.James Covington, Minister, Unitarian Universalist

714.Neil Cowling, Pastor, Kirk of Our Savior (PCUSA), Westland, MI

715.Chole, Greg, Regina, and Danny Cox, Benicia Community Congregational


716.Darlene Cox, United Methodist

717.Meg Cox

718.Davida Crabtree, Conference Minister, Connecticut Conference, United

Church of Christ

719.Louise Craft, Presbyterian Elder

720.Ann W. Craig, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

721.Norman G. Craig, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

722.Rev. Jack A. Cramer-Heuerman, Danville United Methodist Cooperative


723.David Crane, Independent

724.MIchael Crane, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church ABCUSA

725.Scott Crane, Minister, Faith Reformed Church

726.Stephen Cranford, Executive Director, Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry

727.Alma Faith Crawford, Pastor/Executive Director, Church of the Open

Door/Open Door Center

728.Rev. James W. Crawford, Senior Minister, The Old South Church in Boston

729.Jerry Crawford, Builders of the Adytum

730.Margaret Crawford, InterimMinister, United Church of Canada

731.R. Lorenzo Crawford, Founder, Walk In The Light Ministries

732.Rev. William P. Crawford, Senior Pastor, Larchmont Avenue Church

733.James Crawley, Moderator, General Conference Cathar Church

734.Sandra Crean, Lutheran

735.Cindy Crebbin, independent writer/journalist, St. Mary's Hales Corners,


736.Jimmy Creech, Chairperson, Board of Directors, Soulforce, Inc.

737.Mary S. Creed, member, Roman Catholic

738.Gerry Creedon, Pastor, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

739.Rev. Dr. Ted Creen, Senior Minister, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

740.Elizabeth Cremer, Methodist

741.Louie Crew, Member of Executive Council, The Episcopal Church USA

742.Rena Crispin, editor, Mt. Zion Baptist Church

743.Jeffrey H. Crist, Former Director of Social Responsibility, Unitarian

Universalist Youth Programs

744.Bryan Crittendon, Pastor, Baptist

745.Joy Crocker, Civic & Legislative Chair , Church Women United

746.Robert Crocker, Retired, United Methodist

747.Marion Crombie, Buddhist

748.Rev. Robert J. Cromwell, Pastor, Ruskin Heights Presbyterian Church

749.Ann Crosby, Episcopalian

750.John P. Crossley, Director, School of Religion, University of Southern


751.Dr. Janet Crow, UCSD Department of Pediatrics

752.Rev. Dr. Paul A. Crow Jr., Retired President (or Chief Ecumenical

Officer) of the Council on Christian Unity , Christian Church (Disciples of


753.Linward Crowe, President, Philadelphia Leadership Foundation

754.Robert Crowell, Interim Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Temple

City, CA

755.David Crowley, Pastor, Kingston and Springhill Presbyterian Churches

756.Rev. Cynthia Crowner, Director of Kirkridge Retreat Center

757.Eric H. Crump, Assoc. Prof., Lutheran Theological Seminary-- Gettysbury

758.Rev. Martha M. Cruz, American Baptist Churches/United Church of Ch.

759.Elaine Cullity, Mother, teacher, St. Catherine Community,NH

760.Rev. Sarah Greenfield Culp, Pastor, Community Life and Education,

Irondequoit United Church of Christ

761.Marian Cummins, Roman Catholic

762.Rev. Donald J. Cunningham, United Methodist Church

763.A.C. CUPPY, Retired, Christian Churches - Disciples of Christ

764.George Curcio, United Methodist

765.Charles Cureton, Pastor Emeritus, First Presbyterian Church, Matawan,

New Jersey

766.John Curley, Universal Life Church

767.Barbara Currie, Student Andover Newton School of Theology, United Church

of Christ

768.Chuck Currie, Director of Community Outreach, First United Methodist


769.M. Teresa Cusack, RSM, Sisters of Mercy

770.Cynthia Cuza, Clerk, Los Angeles Meeting, Religious Society of Friends


771.greg czebatol, artist, buddhist

772.Barbara Daavettila, Catholic

773.Joe Dalton, Chaplain, American Baptist Churches, USA/Benefis Healthcare

774.Karen Dalton, Dean of Students, Claremont School of Theology

775.Emily Daly, Pocono Lake United Methodist Church

776.Patricia A. Daly, Executive Director, Tri-State Coalition for

Responsible Investment

777.Sandy Damhof, Associate Pastor, Delmar Reformed Church

778.Megan Daniel

779.Rev. David D. Danneberger, Pastor of the First Moravian Church

780.Sister Mary Lou Daoust, Congregational Leadership Team, Maryknoll


781.Jean Darling, Minister, Unitarian Universalist

782.Rev. Steven L. Darling, UMC retired

783.Kathleen Daugherty, Director, Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania

784.Anne Dauphinais, Lapsed Episcopal

785.Kathryn Davelaar, Minister of Worship and Witness, Hope Church, Reformed

Church in America

786.Rev. Dennis M. Davidson, Unitarian Universalist Peace Fellowship

787.Gail Davidson, Pastor, Bedford Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),

Bedford, Kentucky

788.Susan Davidson, Interim Director Campus Ministry/ Coordinator -Service

Learning and Community Service, Roman Catholic / Mount Mercy College

789.Tony Davidson, Data Management Coordinator, Texas Biotechnology


790.Greg Davidson Laszakovits, Coordinator, Church of the Brethren

Washington Office

791.Rev. Dr. Susan E. Davies, Faith and Order Commission, NCCCUSA; Bangor

Theological Seminary

792.Rev. Dr. Bruce T. Davis, Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church

793.Rev. Clarence W. Davis, Pastor, Martin Luther King Jr. Christian Church

794.Daniel Davis, Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Hampshire

795.Dr. Louisa L. Davis, United Christian Parish

796.E. Julius Davis, Retired, United Methodist Church

797.James Davis, Sr. Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

798.Rev. Dr. Judith A. Davis, Rector, Christ Church Washington Parish


799.Mark Davis, Social Worker, Independent

800.Michael Davis, Cantor, Congregation Bnai Torah (Reform)

801.Richard Davis, Pastor, Peace Mennonite Church-Dallas, TX

802.Walter T. Davis, Jr., Professor Emeritus of the Sociology of Religion,

San Francisco Theological Seminary

803.Rebecca Davison, Jesus Our Savior Catholic Church

804.Rev. Diann Davisson, Pastoral Care Minister, Huntington Beach Religious


805.Brian K. Davy, Interim Director, Ecumenical Community Minitsries

806.Christine Dawkins, Thich Nhat Hanh's Order of Interbeing

807.Jennifer Dawson, Co-pastor, Saron United Church of Christ

808.Kia Dawson, Los Angeles Church of Religious Science

809.Ann B. Day, United Church of Christ

810.Jackson Day, Program Director, Health and Wholeness, United Methodist

General Board of Church and Society

811.William Daylong, Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church

812.Maria Teresa Daza

813.Anthony De Cristofaro, Roman Catholic

814.Susan G. De George, South Presbyterian Church

815.Rev. Harold de Jong, Pastor, Dispatch Christian Reformed Church

816.Jo'Ann De Quattro, SNJM, Sisters of the Holy Names, Conference of Social

Justice Coordinators of Southern California

817.Susan De Simone, Interim Ministry Specialist, United Church of Christ

818.Joyce de Velder, Pastor of Old Saratoga Reformed Church, Reformed Church

in America

819.Rev. Dr. F. Jay Deacon, Minister, Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist


820.Brian Dean, Graduate Student - Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Illinois,


821.Katherine Dean, Member, St. Mark Presbyterian Church

822.Phyllis Jo Dean, Episcopal

823.Stephen Dear, Executive Director, People of Faith Against the Death


824.Rev. Dr. Tim Dearborn, Seattle Pacific University

825.Paul Deats, retired, United Methodist Church

826.Richard Deats, Interim Co-Director, Fellowship of Reconciliation

827.Leo DeBlois, Lecturer, Gordon College

828.Gregg Deehan, Jr., student, Georgetown University, School of Foreign

Service, Union Congregational Church

829.Louis DeFiore, Teacher at Covenant Christian School, Southern Baptist

830.Christopher DeGiovine, Dean of Spiritual Life, The College of Saint

Rose, Roman Catholic

831.linda degraf, teacher, circle community church

832.Rev. Ann J. Deibert, Central Presbyterian Church

833.Laurie Deitrick, Member, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

834.Susan Deitsch, Community Of Christ

835.Elizabeth C. Deitz, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

836.James G. Deitz, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

837.Mary DeJonge-Benishek, Trinity Reformed Church

838.Peter Del Nagro, Presbyterian Church (USA)

839.Dr. Mary Lynnette Delbridge

840.Roberto Delgado, Secretary, National Council of the Churches of Christ

in the USA

841.Gregory and Jade Dell, Pastor, Laywoman, Broadway United Methodist


842.Marc DelMonico, Roman Catholic

843.Rev. Deborah DeMars Conrad, UrbanSpirit, ELCA

844.susan dembowski, roman catholic

845.Deb DeMeester , Associate Executive Presbyter, , Presbytery of the Twin

Cities Area

846.Steve Demetrician, Pastor, Community of Christ

847.Joan Deming, Associate Pastor, First United Methodist Church

848.Murray W. Dempster, President and Professor of Social Ethics, Vanguard

University of Southern California

849.Mary Ellen Denio, Church Women United

850.Marie Dennis, Director, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns;


851.Paulina K. Dennis, Founder Christian , Cadman Memorial Congregational

Church, Founder, Clergy for a Better Understanding of Judaism

852.Douglas Denton, United Methodist

853.Rev. N. Adiel A. DePano, St. Paul's United Methodist Church

854.Linda DeSantis, Director of Domestic Violence Programs, Camden

County,NJ, Unitarian Universalist

855.Jacques & Susan Desrosiers, Team Vicar, Church of England

856.Nancy DeStefano, First United Methodist Church, Plano, TX

857.Roseyn Devlin, High school librarian, Catholic and Mennonite

858.Tim Dewane, Director - Office of Global Justice & Peace, School Sisters

of Notre Dame

859.Art Dewey, professor, Xavier University

860.Dea DeWitt, Seminarian, Princeton Theological Seminary

861.Don DeYoung, Reformed Church in America

862.Robert J. DeYoung, pastor, Christ Community Reformed Church

863.Ismail Dhanani

864.Rebecca Dhondt, Unitarian Universalist

865.Joan Diaz, Reformed Church of Finderne, NJ

866.Rev. Jim Dickerson, Chairman, Manna, Pastor New Community Church

867.Betty J. Dickey, Elder, Northwood Christian Church, Discples of Christ

868.Jordan Dickinson, Associate Pastor, United Church of Christ

869.Nancy S. Dickinson

870.Richard D. N. Dickinson, Former President, Christian Theological


871.Doug and Helen Didyoung, Holy Spirit Lutheran Church of Reading

872.Peter Diebenow, Intentional Interim Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church (LCMS)

873.Howard Diehl, Ginger Creek Community Church

874.Andrew Dietsche, Rector, The Church of The Good Shepherd (Episcopal)

875.Kerry & Beth Dietz, Kerry-Director of Music Ministries, Ebenezer UMC

Newark, DE

876.Ranjit Dighe, Assistant Professor of Economics, Christian

877.Rev. Dr. Walter C. Dilg Jr., Senior Pastor, First United Methodist


878.Irma Dillard, Society of the Sacred Heart

879.Allen Dille

880.Sara Dillinger, Pastor, Smith Center United Methodist Church

881.Alison Dingley, Interim Rector, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Wahiawa,


882.Ralph Dirksen, Pastoral Associate, Chapel By The Sea Presbyterian Church

883.Sonia DiSalvo, retired educator, not formally affiliated

884.Bill Ditewig, Minister of Mission and Mobilization, Trinity United

Presbyterian Church

885.Barbara DiTommaso

886.Katherine Dittoe, House of Mercy UMC, Bethesda, Oh

887.Jane Holmes Dixon, pro tempore , Bishop of Washington

888.Rev. Dan Dixson, Coordinator of Pastoral Care, Community Medical Center

889.Mamadu Djaquite, Director, Churches of Christ Agricultural Project(ICAP)

890.Mike Dobrosky, Rector, Episcopal Church of theMediator

891.Dylan Dodd, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

892.Michael Dodd, Director, Columban Fathers' Justice & Peace Office

893.Michael J. Dodd, Director, Columban Fathers' Justice & Peace Office

894.William Dohman, JCL, Chaplain, RC retired priest Boise Idaho Diocese

895.Ken Donadio, Roman Catholic

896.Dave Donaldson, CEO, We Care America

897.Rev. Dr. Roy A. Donkin, Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church

898.Mike Donnelly, Librarian, Roman Catholic/Holy Redeemer Church, College

Park, MD

899.John Taroanui Doom, former World Council of Churches Secretary for the


900.Rev. John F. C. Dornheim, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Clergy,

Baltimore Regional Initiative Developing Genuine Equality

901.Emily Dossett, UCLA School of Medicine

902.James Dougans, Ministry Coordinator, Indiana Partners for Christian

Unity and Mission

903.E. Scott Dow, Chaplain, Augusta Mental Health Institute, ABC/USA

904.Judy Dowell, Trinity United Methodist Church, Sunnyvale, CA

905.Elizabeth Morris Downie, Rector, St. Jude's Episcopal Church, Fenton MI

906.Edith Downing, organist, hymnwriter, Presbyterian

907.Lloyd Doyle, Waverly (TN) United Methodist Church

908.Rev. Boyd Drake, Rapid City and Area Pastoral Charge, United Church of


909.Paul-Mary Draxler, School Sisters of Notre Dame

910.Linda Dreier, Lutheran

911.Sarah Dreisbach-Penner, Christian

912.Cantor Ellen Dreskin, Associate Dean, Hebrew Union College - Jewish

Institute of Religion

913.Dale Dressler, Director, Merom Conference Center IKC/UCC

914.Louis Drew, First Baptist Church, Plaistow, NH

915.Margaret Driscoll, Librarian, Church of All Nations, and Esperanza


916.Joseph Driskill, Associate Professor of Spirituality, Pacific School of


917.Rev. Dr. Tom F. Driver, The Paul Tillich Professor, Union Theological


918.Gerald V. Drummonds II, Western New York District of the Wesleyan Church

919.Shalini D'Souza, Vice President, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

920.Ray Dubuque, Founder,

921.Kathy Duckett

922.Carl Dudley, Professor of Church and Community, Hartford Institute for

Religion Research

923.Michael Duffy, University of San Francisco

924.Marj and Jorie Dugan

925.Christine and Ralph Dull, National Council Fellowship of Reconciliation

926.Nancy K. Duncan, Programming Chair, Nebraska StoryArts

927.Rudra Vilius Dundzila, Seniunas (Minister), Lithuanian Ethnic Church


928.Angelika Dunker, Australian Home Churches

929.John Dunn, Minister , Uniting Church in Australia - Darwin Memorial

930.Peggy Dunn, Pastor, Berwick United Methodist Church, Berwick, Maine,

Religious Society of Friends

931.Joan Dupnik, Theology teacher, Catholic

932.Rev. Dr. Christopher Duraisingh, Otis Charles Professor in Applied

Theology, Episcopal Divinity School

933.Rev. Laird Duran, Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church

934.Theresa M. DuRapau, RSM, Our Lady of Holy Cross College

935.Coleen Durfey

936.Elsie L. Dursi, Director, Mahoning Valley Association of Churches

937.Frank Dworak, Director , Peace of Christ Ministry

938.Amy Dwyer, United Methodist

939.Rev. Jennifer E. Dyer, Pastor, St. John's Lutheran Church (ELCA)

940.Lynn Dyke, Marshfield United Methodist Church

941.Pamela Dykehouse, Pastor, Lake Shore United Methodist Church

942.David Dykstra, pastor, Faith Community Christian Reformed Church

943.Peter Dziuk, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

944.Mary J. Earnest, La Mesa First United Methodist Church

945.Rev. Timothy R. Eberhart, Chaplain, Dakota Wesleyan University

946.Carter Echols, Canon for Deployment and Congregational Development ,

Episcopal Church

947.Diana L. Eck, Professor of Comparative Religion, Harvard University

948.Stephen Eckert, Pastor of The Reformed Church at Finderne in

Bridgewater, NJ.

949.Don Ecklund, Sociology Professor, First Presbyterian Church of

Springfield, Illinois

950.Dr. Bob Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of the Churches of

Christ in the USA

951.Carol Alice Edman, Pastor, Coal City United Methodist Church

952.Dale K. Edmondson, American Baptist Churches

953.Keith E. Edwards, Pastor, Community Presbyterian Church, Three Rivers,


954.Rabbi Laurence L. Edwards, Associate National Director for

Interreligious Affairs, American Jewish Committee

955.Dr. W. T. Edwards, Stamford University

956.Nancy Egbert, Federated Church (Methodist/Presbyterian)

957.Rev. Janet E. Eggleston, Trinity United Methodist Church

958.Rev. L. Kim Egolf-Fox, FAPC, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Fellow of

the Academy of Parish Clergy

959.Rabbi Irvin S. Ehrlich

960.Lori Eickmann, seminarian, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

961.Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Pastoral Counselor

962.Rev. Shirley Louise Pudney Eilers, Trinity South Emanuel UCC

963.Mitzi N. Eilts , National Coordinator, United Church of Christ Coalition

for Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns

964.Jeffrey Eisele, Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church

965.Rev. Rebecca L. Eisenhart, Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church

966.June Eisley, Pacem in Terris

967.Rev. Donna Faith Eldredge, Guam United Methodist Church

968.Dhru Elerbey, Social Worker, Christian

969.John Elias, Professor, Fordham, University

970.Mehdi Eliefife, Community Outreach, Program Director, ICPC

971.Kristen Elkington, Milford Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), Michigan

972.Todd Elkins, Chair, Missouri Impact, Community of Christ Minister

973.MaryLouise Ellenberger, Retired Pastor/Educator, Presbyterian Church USA

974.Kimberly Elliot, Pastor, Presbyterian

975.Jennifer Elliott, Spiritual leader, Bread of Life Ministry

976.Neil Elliott, Christian

977.Rev. Brian D. Ellison, Parkville Presbyterian Church

978.Mike Ellison, West Hill Friends, Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends

979.Rev. Philip T. Ellmore, Ph.D., Vice President for Advancement, Eastern

Baptist Theological Seminary

980.Linda Ellsworth, Eastside Friends Meeting (Quaker)

981.John Elstad, Pastor, St. Thomas Lutheran Church

982.Peter Elvin, Rector, St. John's Church, Episcopal

983.Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, Pennsylvania Council Regional Director, Union of

American Hebrew Congregations

984.Thomas Ely, Episcopal Bishop of Vermont, Episcopal

985.Jeffrey and Judith Embler, Lutheran (ELCA)

986.Randall Emme, Catholic Mystic

987.David Empfield, Ghost Shirt Foundation

988.James Emrich, Swarthmore Presbyterian Church

989.R. Craig Endicott

990.Jane Endriss, Chaplain, Roman Catholic

991.Gayle Engel, Conference Minister, Missouri Mid-South Conference UCC

992.Mark Engle, Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Marquette, MI

993.Rev. Steve Cannon English, St. Michaels Evangelical Anglican Mission


994.Joanne Elise Engquist, Pastor, University Lutheran Church (ELCA)

995.David Ensign, Interim Associate Pastor, Forest Hills Presbyterian Church

996.Rev. Bruce Epperly, Director, Washington Institute for Spirituality and


997.Rev. Kate Epperly, Pastor, Palisades Community Church

998.Paul Eppinger, Executive Director, Arizona Ecumenical Council

999.Rhabyn Epstein, International Buddhist Meditation Center

1000.Bishop Christopher Epting, Deputy for Ecumenical and Interfaith

Relations, The Episcopal Church

1001.Dan Erdmann, Presbyterian

1002.Fanny Erickson, Minister of Parish Life, The Riverside Church

1003.R.G. Ericson, Senior Minister, Westhampton Christian Church

1004.Stephen Eriksen, Pastor, Shalom United Church of Christ

1005.Majsan Eriksson, Swedish Baptist Union in Södertälje

1006.James E. Erlandson, Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer (ELCA)

1007.Rev. Dr. Maria Erling, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg

1008.Rev. Debra Ernst, Pastor, Salem-Hetzel's Lutheran Church

1009.John R. Ertell, Congregational President, St. John's Evangelical

Lutheran Church

1010.Linda M. Ervin, Japan North America Commission on Cooperative Mission

1011.Rev. David O. Esche, First Presbyterian Church

1012.Glen Esler, pastor, United Methodist

1013.Elaine Espericueta, Coordinator of Adult Formation, St. Charles

Borromeo Catholic Community

1014.Mary-Lu' Esposito, Associate Pastor, The Franklin Federated Church


1015.Lawrence Estey, Vicar, St. Brendan-the-Navigator Episcopal Church

1016.La Nelle Ethridge

1017.Akpanoluo Etteh, Assistant Pastor, Union Baptist Evangelical Church

1018.Helaine Ettinger, Synagogue Outreach Coordinator, MetroWest Jewish

Health and Healing Center

1019.Mark Euritt, Regional Minister, Gulf States Region, Community of Christ

1020.C. Edward Evans, Pastor, First Congregational United Church of Christ

1021.Carol Evans, member, United Methodist Church

1022.Emory S. Evans, social justice activist, Roman Catholic

1023.Irene Evans, Mother, Roman Cathollic

1024.James Evans, Pastor, Crosscreek Baptist Church, Pelham, AL

1025.Mark Evans, Minister, Community of Christ

1026.Richard Evans, Librarian, Roman Catholic

1027.Sarah Evans, Pastor, Midway Locust Grove UMC, Columbia, MO, USA

1028.W. Christopher Evans, Seminarian , Episcopal Church, USA

1029.Burton Everist, Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

1030.Marguerite Fagan, OP, Sparkill Dominican

1031.Rabbi Ted Falcon, Bet Alef Meditational Synagogue

1032.reid alan faley, none/all

1033.Jesse Fallon, Agnostic

1034.Wendy D. Fambro, First Baptist Church

1035.Elmo Familiaran, Director of Missionary Recruitment, International

Ministries, ABCUSA

1036.Rev. John Fanestil, Senior Pastor, Anaheim United Methodist Church

1037.Jeffrey B. Farley, Pastor, Otisville-Mt. Hope Presbyterian Church

1038.Rev. Kevin Farmwald, First Mennonite Church

1039.Virginia Farnan, RSM, Institute of the Sisters of Mercy

1040.Douglas Farrell, Co-Pastor, Millard Community Church

1041.Ed Farrell, Medical Director, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless,

Roman Catholic

1042.Janet Farrell, pastor, United Methodist Church

1043.Tommie Farris, Fellowship Bible Church/Dallas

1044.Jeffrey B. Faust, Community of Christ

1045.Douglas Fauth, UCC Minister and Asssociate Director, The Christian

Association at the University of Pennsylvania

1046.Carol Fay, Pax Christi New jersey

1047.Rev. Msgr. William P. Fay, General Secretary, US Conference of Catholic


1048.Holly Feather, Intern, Davis Lutheran Church, ELCA

1049.Scott Fehrenbacher, President/Chief Executive Officer,

1050.Rabbi Morley T. Feinstein, Temple Beth-El

1051.Mark Feldbush, Pastor of Community Ministries, Worthington Seventh-day

Adventist Church

1052.Victor A. Feliberty-Ruberte, University Chaplain & Instructor of

Religion, Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Ponce Campus (PCUSA


1053.Candida E. Feliu-Gonzalez, Chaplain, Canterbury Irvine, Episcopal

Campus Ministry, University of California, Irvine

1054.David Felton, Western New York Regional Minister, United Church of


1055.Rev. Dr. James Fenimore, Senior Pastor, Christ Church

1056.Liz Fenner, Director, General Board of Global Ministries, UMC

1057.Robert Ferguson, Retired, Baptist

1058.Rev. E. F., S.J. Fernandez, Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley

1059.Mary Jo Fernandez

1060.Lowell Fewster, Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of


1061.Brian Field, Shaarei Shamayim Reconstructionist Community

1062.David Fife, Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Santa Cruz, CA

1063.Max Finberg, Office of Representative Tony Hall, Member of Third St.

Church of God

1064.Morris Finch, Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of

1065.Rev. Raymond J Finch, M.M., Superior General, Maryknoll Fathers and


1066.Cecil Findley, Madison Campus Ministry

1067.Kenneth Fineran, Clergy, retired, United Methodist

1068.Jeanne Torrence Finley, Co-Director, Collegial Communications, Inc.,

United Methodist clergy

1069.William Finley, United Methodist Clergy

1070.Séamus P. Finn, OMI, Missionary Oblates , Justice and Peace/Integrity

of Creation Office

1071.John Spencer Finnell, Member, Unitarian Universalist

1072.Em Finney, United Church of Christ

1073.Dr. Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Krister Stendahl Professor of

Scripture and Interpretation, Harvard University

1074.Rev. John M. Fischer, Secretary-Treasurer, American Baptist Ministers


1075.Rev. Marylee Fithian, United Methodist

1076.jana fitzgerald, united methodist

1077.Richard Fitzgerald, Roman Catholic

1078.Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Abbot, CFR, Ithaca, NY

1079.Jane Fitz-Gibbon, Abbess, CFR, Ithaca, NY

1080.Diane Fitzsimmons, University Lutheran Church (ELCA/Norman, Okla.)

1081.Scott Fizer, Methodist

1082.Raymond Flachmeier, Retired, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

1083.Marta Flanagan, co-minister, South Church (Unitarian Universalist)

1084.Clyde C. Flannery, Retired, United Church of Christ

1085.Robert Fleischer, Catholic

1086.Amelia Fleming, Coordinator - Office of Social Concerns, Catholic


1087.Austin Fleming, Pastor, Our Lady Help of Christians Parish

1088.Rev. Diane R. Fleming, Community of Faith Church, Northside Community


1089.Rev. Thomas A. Fleming, Community of Faith Church, Northside Community


1090.L. Faye Flemister, Deputy for Administration, The Riverside Church

1091.Gray Fletcher, Minister, Carmunnock Parish Church, Glasgow, Church of


1092.Jim Flick, Ministry of Music, Trinity UMC, Sunnyvale, CA

1093.Sally Flick, Former Administrative Council Chairperson, United

Methodist Church of Sunnyvale, CA

1094.Matthew Floding, Director of Formation for Ministry, Western

Theological Seminary (RCA)

1095.Mary Flowers, Chaplain, Catholic

1096.Wayne Whitson Floyd, Canon Theologian, Cathedral Church of St. Stephen

1097.James Flynn, St. Lawrence Catholic Church

1098.Josephe Marie Flynn, S.S.N.D., Director of Adult & Family Ministry, St.

Mary Catholic Parish

1099.Rev. James L. Fogle, St. Mark's Lutheran Church (E.L.C.A.)

1100.Rev. Doug Foglesong, Senior Minister, First Church of Religious Science

1101.Pam Folkers, Michigan Church World Service

1102.Davis Folkerts, Retired , Reformed Church in America

1103.Eunice Folkerts, Retired , Reformed Church in America

1104.Edward H. Folkwein, Pastor, Hardin/Ashland Parish of the UMC

1105.Rev. and Mrs. C. David Follansbee, United Methodist Church

1106.Jerrold Foltz, Pastor, United Church of Christ

1107.Charles Forbes, Stated Clerk, The Presbytery of Baltimore

1108.Gordon Forbes, Moderator, Potomac Assoc. of the UCC

1109.James A. Forbes, Jr., Senior Minister, The Riverside Church

1110.Emily Ford, Retired educator, United Methodist

1111.William Fore, United Methodist

1112.Joseph Forinash, Deacon, Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration

1113.Mark Forrester, Campus Minister, United Methodist

1114.Joy Fors, teacher, Christian

1115.Andrea Forster, American Baptist

1116.Donald P. Fortenberry, Chaplain, Millsaps College

1117.John Foss, North Dakota Director, Family Federation of World Peace - ND

1118.Nick Foster, Pastor, University Baptist Church

1119.Rabbi Steven Foster, Congregation Emanuel

1120.Joern Foth, Pastor, ELCA

1121.Richard E. Fouse, Interim Pastor, Doylestown Presbyterian Church

1122.Terry Fouse, Honorably Retired, Presbyterian Church USA

1123.Rabbi Jeffrey A. Foust, Rabbi, Jewish Advisor to Bentley College,

Temple Beth Israel Waltham

1124.Rev. J. Bruce Fowlkes, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

1125.Jerry Fox, Pastor, St. Paul's United Methodist Church

1126.Rabbi Russell Fox, Rabbi, Temple Beth Or

1127.Lori Fraind, None

1128.George E Frame, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Freeburg, IL

1129.Katherine Franchett, SCL

1130.Stan Franco, Catholic Church

1131.Margaret Franke, Presbyterian Church (USA)

1132.Christian Franklin, President-Board of Directors, Association of

Christian Churches/SD

1133.Dr. Robert Franklin, President, Interdenominational Theological Center

1134.Joe Franko, American Friends Service Committee

1135.Giles Fraser, Vicar of Putney, Lecturer in Philosophy, Wadham College,

Oxford, Church of England

1136.Susan Fraysse, CoChair of Peace & Justice Committee, North Decatur

Presbyterian Church

1137.Robert Fread, Pastor, Community Church of Hudson, IA, International

Council of Community Churches

1138.David Fredrickson, Assistant Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church

1139.D. Jay Freedman

1140.Rabbi Robert Freedman, Rabbi, Israel Congregation

1141.David B. Freeman, Pastor, Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

1142.Todd Freeman, pastor, Bethany Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX

1143.Rev. John L. Freesemann, Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church

1144.Nancy Freund, rabbinical student

1145.Inga and Ronal Freyer-Nicholas, Pastors, Michigan Ave. Baptist Church


1146.Sarajo Frieden, Temple Israel of Hollywood

1147.Barry Friedman , Temple Israel

1148.Susan Friedman, Beth Shalom

1149.Susan Friedrich, Associate in Ministry at Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA)

1150.Gilbert Friend-Jones, Senior Minister, Central Congregational UCC of

Atlanta, GA

1151.Christopher Friesen, Student, Mennonite

1152.Carla Friesen-Martin, layperson, Calvary Church, Williams Lake, BC,


1153.Canon John Frizzell, Episcopal Diocese of Washington

1154.W. Alan Froggatt, Senior Minister, Second Congregational Church, UCC

1155.Rev. Douglas W. Fromm, Pastor, Community Church and Associate for

Ecumenical Relations, Reformed Church in America

1156.Neal Fromm, Mobile Services Coordinator, The Night Ministry

1157.Rev. Gil Fronsdal, Insight Meditation Center

1158.Rev. Michael A. Frost, Pastor, Zion's Stone Church (ELCA & UCC)

1159.Johnna Frredrickson, Professor of Christian Education, United Church of


1160.Vanessa Kay Kipp Fry, musician/poet, Christian Spiritualist

1161.Rev. Cliff Fryda, Grace United Methodist Churches

1162.Yoshiaki Fujitani, President, BDK Sudatta

1163.Robert and Laura Fukada, United Methodist missionaries

1164.Connie Fukudome

1165.Mike Fuller, Senior Pastor, Baptist Union of Great Britain

1166.Millard Fuller, President, Habitat for Humanity International

1167.Dalene Fuller Rogers, chaplain, United Church of Christ/VHA

1168.Rev. Aaron Fulp-Eickstaedt, Co-pastor, Concord Presbyterian Church

1169.Joan Fumetti, Pastor, Peace United Church of Christ

1170.Carolyn Fure-Slocum, College Chaplain, Carleton College

1171.Nancy E. Gable, Diaconal Minister, Associate Dean, Lutheran Theological

Seminary at Gettysburg (ELCA)

1172.James R. Gable Jr., Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church

1173.Anne Marie Gabrielle, St. Edwards Roman Catholic Church

1174.Anne Gabrielle, M.T.S., Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, St.

Edwards Catholic Church

1175.Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, Executive Director, The Interfaith Alliance

1176.William Gafkjen, Christ the King Lutheran Church

1177.Eric Gage, Bahai

1178.John Gage, Associate Minister, United Church on the Green, UCC

1179.Jennifer Gaillard, Christian

1180.Barbara Gajewski, Prayer partner, Roman Cathoic

1181.Rabbi Joyce Galaski, Congregation Ahavas Achim

1182.Chris Gall, Coordinator of Youth Ministries, Roman Catholic

1183.Amy Gall Ritchie, pastor, Florence Church of the Brethren~Mennonite

1184.Rev. Dr. Thomas J. Gallen, Executive Director, Preacher's Aid Society

of New England

1185.Joseph F. Gamarano Jr., Catholic

1186.Betty Gamble, Associate General Secreary, General Commission on

Christian Unity & Interreligious Concerns of The United Methodist Church

1187.Joe Gann, pastor, Grace United Methodist Church

1188.Carolyn Gantner

1189.Alan Gantzhorn, Senior M. Div. Student, Candler School of Theology

1190.Gilbert Garcia, Therapist, United Methodist Church

1191.Freda A. Gardner, Moderator, 211th General Assembly, Presbyterian

Church (USA)

1192.Rabbi Janice Garfunkel

1193.Beth Garnaas-Holmes, Pastor, Shiloh United Methodist Church

1194.Steve Garnaas-Holmes, United Methodist Campus Pastor, Montana State


1195.Bruce Garner, Head Verger, All Saints' Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA

1196.Edith Garner, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

1197.Becky Garrison

1198.Rev. Janet Gasbarro, Pastor, Joy Lutheran Church

1199.Joseph Gastiger, Pastor, United Church of Christ

1200.Russ Gates, Pastor, Union Church of Proctor

1201.Jamie Gates, Ph.D., Director, Center for Justice and Reconciliation,

Department of Sociology and Social Work, Point Loma Nazarene University

1202.Dr. Peter Gathje, Chair, Religion and Philosophy Dept.,Christian

Brothers University

1203.Deborah Gausmann, Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

1204.Rev. Mary D. Gaut, Pastor, Maryland Presbyterian Church

1205.David Gay, Registered Nurse, Truama Nurse Specilist, Quaker

1206.Philip GebbenGreen, Pastor, Rose City Park Presbyterian Church

1207.Francis Geddes, Retired Pastor, United Church of Christ

1208.John Gehring, Reporter, Roman Catholic

1209.Jeanne Geiger-Brown, Religious Society of Friends

1210.Sheryl Geisler, Elder, Presbyterian Church, USA

1211.Glenn Geissinger, Deacon, Faith Mennonite church

1212.Jimmy Gentry, Senior Pastor, Tabernacle Baptist Church

1213.Tonja M. Gerardy, Associate Minister, Northwood Christian Church

1214.Susan Gerber, student, University of Pennsylvania;, Mennonite

1215.Anthony Gerganakis, Presiding Hierarch (Bishop), Greek Orthodox Diocese

of San Francisco

1216.Rev. Barbara Gerlach, Minister, First Congregational United Church of


1217.Rev. W. James Gerling, Pastor, The Presbyterian Church in Geneva

1218.Stanley Gerlock, Pastor, Roman Catholic

1219.Douglas Gershuny, Esq., Jewish

1220.Tom Gerstenlauer, Private Citizen

1221.Amy Gerth, University of Evansville - Neu Chapel

1222.Rev. James Gertmenian, Senior Minister, Plymouth Congregational Church

1223.Rev. Merlin N. Getz, Conference Area Minister, Pennsylvania Southeast

Conference of the United Church of Christ

1224.Deidre Geugasz, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

1225.John Ghormley, inactive Catholic priest, St. Pius Catholic Church,

Portland OR

1226.Amit Ghosh

1227.Ana Ghosh

1228.David Ghosh

1229.Pia Ghosh

1230.Ted Gibboney, Director of Chapel Music, Religion and Arts

Administrator, Christian Theological Seminary

1231.Gale Gibbons, Youth Minister, Roman Catholic

1232.Marcia Gibbons, Student, Western Theological Seminary (RCA)

1233.Rev. Canon Charles P. Gibbs, Executive Director, United Religions


1234.Rev. Wendell N. Jr. Gibbs, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan

1235.Rev. Diana C. Gibson, Presbyterian Pastor-at-Large

1236.Martin Giebel, Pastor, Evangelical Church in Germany & ELCIC

1237.Martin Giesing, Roman Catholic

1238.Rev. J. Christian Giesler, Chaplain, Moravian College and Theological


1239.Gary Paul Gilbert

1240.Judith Gilbert, Order of Interbeing, Salmon's Leap Sangha (Buddhist)

1241.Martha Waas Gilbert, hospital chaplain, Church of the Brethren

1242.Carol Gilbertson, Luther College, Decorah, IA

1243.Chandlee Gill, Stated Clerk , Presbytery of Albany

1244.Charlotte Gillespie, Member,, First Baptist Church

1245.Michael Gillespie, Interfaith Council Representative, St. John's by the

Campus Episcopal Church, Ames, Iowa

1246.Bruce and Winfrey Gillette, Co-pastors, First Presbyterian Chruch

1247.Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, Co-Pastor, First Presbyterian Church in


1248.Sally Gillette, Quaker/West Hills Friends, Portland, Oregon

1249.Michael Gillum, Christian, minister(little , All Saints Episcopal


1250.Rev. Paul E. Gilmore, First Presbyterian Church

1251.Elliot K. Ginsburg, University of Michigan

1252.Albert Girodo, Pastor, Corpus Christi Catholic Church

1253.Gordon Gladstone

1254.Rev. Robert M. Glasgow, Pastor and Chaplain, UCC

1255.Rosanna Gleason, Coordinator, Sinsinawa Dominican

1256.Frank Glenn, East Union Christian Church (Disciples)

1257.Rev. Dr. Max E. Glenn, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

1258.Rabbi Mark Glickman, Rabbi, Temple Beth El

1259.Beth Glick-Rieman, Director, Human Empowerment in Religion and Society

1260.Raymond Glover, Retired, Episcopalian

1261.Rabbi Robert J. Gluck, Skidmore College

1262.Dina Strong Gluckstern, religious editor, Episcopal

1263.Stephen Godsall-Myers, Pastor, Calvary Lutheran Church

1264.Timothy Godshall, Mennonite

1265.Rev. Thomas E. Goellrich, Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church

1266.Philip Goembel, Humanist

1267.Steve Goering, Pastor, Boulder Mennonite Church

1268.Rabbi Neal Gold, Rabbi, Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple

1269.Paula R. Goldberg

1270.Rabbi Dan Goldblatt, Rabbi, Beth Chaim Congregation

1271.Jodi Golden-Lund, ELCA

1272.W. Evan Golder, Editor, United Church News, United Church of Christ

1273.Aaron Goldstein , Student Rabbi, Leo Baeck College

1274.Stephen Goldstein, United Methodist Clergy, United Methodist

1275.Sandy Goldthrite, Catholic

1276.Rev. Canon Jeff Golliher, Canon for Environmental Justice and Community

Development, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

1277.Shawn Goodin, Technology Ministry Leader, All Nations Presbyterian


1278.Joanne Goodman, First Presbyterian Church, Bay City, MI

1279.Paul Goodman, Associate Pastor, Saugatuck Congregational Church UCC

1280.Everett C. Goodwin, Pastor, Scarsdale Community Baptist Church

1281.John Goodwin, Co-Chair, NJ United Methodist task force against Death


1282.Rabbi Samuel Gordon, Rabbi, Congregation Sukkat Shalom

1283.Wayne Gordon, Executive Director, Christian Community Development


1284.Dr. John W. Gordon, III, Chaplain, Baldwin Wallace College

1285.Rev. H. Julian Gordy, Senior Pastor, Christus Victor Church,

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

1286.Karen Gordy-Panhorst, Communications Coordinator, Missouri Area United

Methodist Church

1287.Paul Gorman, National Religious Partnership for the Environment

1288.Kathleen Gorman-Coombs, Co-Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church

1289.Tracy Gorrell, First United Methodist Church

1290.Alan L. Gorrell, M.D., Part-time Local Pastor, United Methodist

Church/Bethel UMC, Blountville, TN

1291.Gwen Goss, Campus Minister, Roman Catholic

1292.Shari Goss, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, ELCA

1293.Robert R. Gottfried, Professor of Economics, The University of the

South, Roman Catholic

1294.Robin Gottfried, Professor of Economics, The University of the South

1295.Burnham Gould, Baptist/Atlantic Shores Baptist Church

1296.Joy Gould, Deacon, First Presbyterian Church

1297.Nancy Gowler Johnson, Pastor, First Christian Church (Disciples of


1298.Eden Grace, Representative of the Religious Society of Friends to the

World Council of Churches

1299.Anne Grady, Catholic

1300.Robert Grady, Co-director, Spartan Theater

1301.Robert Graetz, St. John & St. Paul, ELCA

1302.Rev. Gary Graff, Pastor, Bethany Lutheran Church

1303.Rev. Carolyn N. Graham, Deputy Mayor for Children, Youth & Families

Washington D.C.

1304.Mary Graham, Chaplain, Central State Hosptial/ ICF/MR, PCUSA

1305.Nancy A. Graham, Retired educator, Protestant

1306.Paul Graham, Seminarian, Luthern School of Theology

1307.Richard Graham, Path of Sufism

1308.Rev. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, Reformed Church in America

1309.Rev. C. Franklin Granger, Minister of Education, First Baptist Church

1310.Susan Grant Rosen, Interim Pastor, Norwich (VT) Congregational Church

1311.Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater

1312.JOHN GRAVATT, Minister At Large, Prebyterian Church USA

1313.Estelle Gravel, Catholic

1314.Dr. Virginia Gravel, Pastor, Paris United Methodist Church and Grace

(Madison) United Methodist Church

1315.Carl Gray, Pastor, Fox Valley Presbyterian Church (USA)

1316.Rachel E. Gray, Catholic

1317.Stephen C. Gray, Conference Minister, Indiana-Kentucky Conference

(United Church of Christ)

1318.Sally Grayson, Christian

1319.Rev. Annie Green, SOM Center

1320.Barbara G. Green, Executive Director, The Churches' Center for Theology

and Public Policy

1321.Clifford Green, Professor Emeritus of Theology, Hartford Seminary

1322.Irvin W. Green, Director of Field Education, Lexington Theological


1323.Kathleen Green, M.Div. student, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity


1324.Rev. Anne Greene, Church of Today (Religious Science)

1325.Frederick Greene, Rabbi, Congregation B'nai Israel of Bridgeport, CT

1326.Gary Franklin Greene, University Chaplain, United Methodist

1327.Ronald C. Greene, Spokane Council of Ecumenical Ministries

1328.Evelyn Greene, CHF

1329.Herbert Greenhut, New School University

1330.Rev. Dr. William A. Greenlaw, Rector and Executive Director, Church of

the Holy Apostles, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

1331.Katherine Greenleaf, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of


1332.Laurence Greenwold, Pastor, Jermain Memorial Presbyterian Church

1333.Roberta Greenwood, RSI

1334.Sharon Greenwood, Queen Anne Lutheran Church, ELCA

1335.Anne E. Gregory, Lexington Theological Seminary

1336.Gail Gregory, parishioner, Roman Catholic, Church of the Presentation,


1337.Kay Gregory, Preschool director, Lutheran

1338.Marguerite Gregory, Massachusetts Peacemaker

1339.Susan Grettenberger, United Methodist Church

1340.Diane Greve, Chaplain

1341.George Griener, S.J., Associate Professor, Roman Catholic, Jesuit

School of Theology at Berkeley

1342.Rabbi Suzanne B. Griffel, Rabbi, Congregation Or Chadash

1343.Ron Griffen, pastor, San Luis Obispo United Methodist Church

1344.Ed Griffin, Christian Churches

1345.Pastor Don Griffith, First Lutheran Church

1346.Ted J. Griggs, Church Consultant, Community of Christ

1347.Phillip Grigsby, Urban Agent/Director, Schenectady Inner City Ministry

1348.Janet Grill, Pastor, St. Andrew Lutheran Church

1349.Keith Grill, Pastor, St. Andrew Lutheran Church

1350.Helen Grimes, Church member, First United Methodist Church of San

Diego, CA

1351.Dr. Ronald L. Grimes, Chair, Department of Religion & Culture, Wilfrid

Laurier University

1352.Rt. Rev. Frank T. Griswold, Presiding Bishop, The Episcopal Church

1353.Darrell Grizzle, Episcopal Peace Fellowship Atlanta

1354.Frances R. Grober, St. John's Lutheran Church (ELCA)

1355.George S. Grober, St. John's Lutheran Church (ELCA)

1356.Larry Groff

1357.Michael Grome, Roman Catholic

1358.Rev. Bob Gross, Lake Avenue United Church of Christ

1359.Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer, Loyola Marymount University

1360.Cilde Grover, Executive Secretary, Friends World Committee for

Consultation Section of the Americas

1361.Timothy Groza, Assistant Dean, Eastern Orthodox Christian

1362.Constance Gruen, Evangelical Free Church

1363.Alan Gruizenga, East Congregational UCC

1364.Gloria Guard, People's Emergency Center

1365.Sr. Mona Guerrette, DW, Wisdom's Center

1366.Rev. Dr. J. Bennett Guess, Minister for Communication and Mission

Education, United Church of Christ

1367.Edith Guffey, Associate General Minister, United Church of Christ

1368.Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord, Chief Officer-Office of Ecumenical and

Interreligious Concerns, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community


1369.William Guise, Senior Pastor, First Congregational United Church of


1370.Walter Gulick, Professor of Philosophy, Humanities, Religious Studies,

Montana State University - Billings

1371.Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton, Auxiliary Bishop, Catholic Archdiocese of


1372.Sumi Gupta, psychologist, Hindu society of North Carolina

1373.Ben E. Gurley, First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)

1374.Dr. David P. Gushee, Graves Associate Professor of Moral Philosophy,

Union University

1375.Rev. Sheila C. Gustafson, D. Min., Pastor, First Presbyterian Church

1376.Rev. Henry A. Gustafson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of New Testament

Theology, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

1377.Christine J. Guth

1378.Michael Mary Gutowski, RSM

1379.Judith Guttman, Episcopal Church

1380.Deneka Guyette, A Course in Miracles student

1381.Dorjee Gyaltsen, Hotel Tibet

1382.Eric Hackett, Music Director, Good Shepherd Baptist Church

1383.Brian Hacklander, Pastor, Bethel United Methodist Church

1384.Jeff Hackman, Social Studies Dept Chair, Western Mennonite High School

1385.Lisa Hadler, Pastor and Teacher, United Church of Christ in Eagle Grove

1386.Lisa A. Hadler, Pastor, United Church of Christ in Eagle Grove

1387.Rev. Jacques B. Hadler, Jr., Director of Field Education, Virginia

Theological Seminary

1388.Alvin Hadley, Interim Executive Director, Ecumenical

1389.Rev. Hugh R. B. Haffenreffer, Pastor, St. Paul's Lutheran Church (ELCA)

1390.Deborah Haffner, Director, Center for Community Transformation, Chicago

Theological Seminary

1391.Debra W. Haffnet, Director, Religious Institute for Sexual Morality

1392.Mary Haftmann-Moses, Roman Catholic

1393.A. Woodson Hagge, Universalist and Lutheran Churches

1394.Dorothyanne Haigh, First Presbyterian Church

1395.Mary Jane Haight-Eckert, United Methodist Historian

1396.G. Thomas Halbrooks, President, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity


1397.William Haley, Urban Minister, The Falls Church (Episcopal)

1398.Arlene D. Hall, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

1399.Kev Hall, Catholic peace activist,

1400.William Hall, Quaker, but I go to an Evangelical Lutheran Church

1401.Frances Hall Kieschnick, Assisting Clergy, Episcopal Church of St. Mary

1402.Howard W. Hallman, Chair, Methodists United for Peace with Justice

1403.Stephen Halsted, Sr. Minister, UCC/ Church of the Good Shepherd

1404.Hugh Halverstadt

1405.Betty DuBose Hamilton, Presbyterian

1406.Rev. David J. Hamilton, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

1407.Joy Catherine Hamilton, Christian

1408.Mary Jane Hamilton, Episcopal Peace Fellowship

1409.Stuart Hamilton, Buddhist

1410.Rev. Dr. Richard Hamm, Minister and President, Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

1411.Johan Hammerstrom, New Community Church

1412.Leddy Hammock, Senior Minister, Unity Church of Clearwater

1413.Dr. Donald N. Hammond

1414.Ray Hammond, Pastor, Bethel AME Church

1415.Rev. Sheila Hammond, Santa Fe Presbytery

1416.Trey Hammond, La Mesa Presbyterian Church

1417.Nobuaki Hanaoka, Pastor, United Methodist Church

1418.Sandra Hanawalt, Baptist

1419.Rev. Harold Hand, Jerusalem Lutheran Church

1420.Mary Lou Hand, member, St Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic parish,

Colorado Springs, Colorado

1421.Rev. Raymond J. Hand, Weisenberg Lutheran Church

1422.Rachel Haney, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

1423.Susan Hanley, Roman Catholic

1424.Rev. Dr. Maria Davis Hanlin, Light of Christ United Methodist Church

1425.Judith Hanlon, Pastor, Hadwen Park Congregational Church

1426.Elizabeth Hanna, Pastoral Associate, Cathedral of St. John the


1427.Phyllis Hanniver, Spiritual Pilgrim

1428.Meg Hannon

1429.Rev. Luisa Cabello Hansel, New Creation Lutheran Church

1430.Rev. Patrick Cabello Hansel, New Creation Lutheran Church

1431.Lawrence Hansen, Pastor, Cana House

1432.Maria Hansen, Outreach Committee Chair, St. John's Lutheran Church

1433.Steven Hansen, Outreach Committee Chair, Christ the King Lutheran

Church, Nashua NH

1434.Herbert Hanson, Retired, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

1435.Susan Hanson, Episcopal Campus Ministry, Southwest Texas State


1436.Kim Hardegree, Associate Pastor, National Heights Baptist Church

1437.Jim Hardenbrook, Nampa Church of the Brethren

1438.Sheila Harding, member, College Park Covenant Church (ECC Canada)

1439.Dr. Vincent Harding, Veterans of Hope Project, Iliff School of Theology

1440.Susan Hardman-Zimmerman, United Methodist

1441.Rev. Gary L. Harke, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Council of


1442.Bernard Harkin, Catho;ic

1443.Scott Harlan, Episcopal

1444.William Harman, Chair, Department of Religious Studies, DePauw

University/ University of Tennessee

1445.Herman Harmelink III, Ecumenical Officer, International Council of

Community Churches

1446.Marni Harmony, minister, First Unitarian Church, Orlando, FL, Unitarian


1447.Carrie Harnish, aethist

1448.Ian Harper, Vicar, Anglican Church of England

1449.Mark Harper, Pastor, Presbyterian Church (USA)

1450.Bruce David Harrington, Minister, United Church of Christ

1451.James Harrington, Clerk, Birmingham Friends Meeting

1452.Rev. Kenneth L. Harrington, Minister, Hope United Church of Christ

1453.Dale Harris, Executive Director, Northwest House of Theological

Studies, United Methodist

1454.John Harris, worker, Los Angeles Catholic Worker

1455.Joyce Harris, Ladera Community Church

1456.Kyle T. Harris, Minister of Faith Formation, Torrey Pines Christian


1457.Lorelei Harris, Unitarian Universalist

1458.Patricia Harris

1459.Paula Harris, None

1460.Peggy Harris, pastor, United Church of Christ

1461.Peggy J. Harris, First Congregational Church

1462.Beverly Harrison, Professor of Christian Ethics Emeritus, Union

Theological Seminary

1463.Ircel Harrison, Coordinator, Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

1464.O. I. Cricket Harrison, Visiting Lecturer in Practical Theology,

Lexington Theological Seminary, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

1465.Shana Harrison, Missionary/Pastor, United Methodist Church

1466.Gordon Harrus, Retired, Society of Friends

1467.Harriet Harson

1468.Bristol Hart, student, Episcopal

1469.Holly Hart, Religious Society of Friends

1470.Sharon Hart, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

1471.Joan Hart, SSND, Provincial Council , Baltimore Province

1472.Timothy Hart-Andersen, Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church

1473.Emily Albrink Fowler Hartigan, Professor of Law, St. Mary's U., San


1474.Benjamin L. Hartley, ThD. Canidate, Boston University School of


1475.David Hartnett, Roman Catholic

1476.David Hartsough, San Francisco Friends Meeting and Director of


1477.Janet R. Hartwig, Bahai

1478.Sara Haruyama

1479.Ms Darrell Harvey, United Church of Canada

1480.Paulette Harwood, Pastor, The Church of the Good Shepherd

1481.John Haslam, Campus minister, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/South

Gorham Baptist Church

1482.Rev. Thomas John Hastings, Associate Professor, Tokyo Union Theological


1483.Gary Hauch, Rector, Church of the Ascension (Anglican, Diocese of


1484.Marcia Hauer, Pastor, Estacada United Methodist Church

1485.John Hauf, none

1486.Mary Havstad, Catholic St Joan of Arc Minneapolis MN

1487.Kate Hawkins, librarian, Christian Reformed Church

1488.Lawrence Hawkins, Seminarian, Lutheran Theological Seminary at


1489.Todd and Heather Hawkins, student, Luther Seminary, Evangelical

Lutheran Church in America

1490.Gary R. Hayes, Pastor, Roman Catholic

1491.Michael Hayes, Department of Political Science, Colgate University,

Hamilton Bible Fellowship, Hamilton, New York 13346

1492.Brian Hayward, Project Coordinator at Christian Community Health

Fellowship, Presbyterian

1493.Lisa L. Hazen, Pastor, Beavercreek Church of the Brethren

1494.Holly Hearon, Christian Theological Seminary

1495.Light Heart,

1496.Terrance Heath, Buddhist

1497.Tina Heck, Site Director, Westminster Retreat Center

1498.Jane Heckles, Conference Minister, Southern California Nevada

Conference of the United Church of Christ

1499.Susan Hedahl, Associate Professor of Homiletics, Evangelical Lutheran

Church in America

1500.Kathryn M. Hedberg

1501.Mary Ann Hedges, Layperson , First United Methodist Church of Moweaqua,


1502.Tim Hegedus, Assistant Professor of New Testament Theology, Evangelical

Lutheran Church in Canada

1503.Donald Hegeman, Pastor, Rockville United Methodist Church, CT

1504.Tom Heger, Presbyterian Pastor, St. John's Presbyterian Church

1505.Carol Hegland, Interim Rector, St. Luke's Episcopal Church

1506.Muriel Heide

1507.Pat and Fred Heifert, Holy Spirit Lutheran Church

1508.Jon Heiliger, Lord of Life Lutheran Church

1509.Carol Heilman, Roman Catholic

1510.Valerie Heinonen, OSU, Ursulines of Tildonk for Justice and Peace

1511.Irvin Heishman, Co-pastor, First Church of the Brethren

1512.Rev. Carlan Helgeson, First United Church of Christ

1513.Jennifer Heller, Christian (Mennonite)

1514.Shane Helmer, Covenant Church - Houston, Texas

1515.Berttina Helmers

1516.Earl Helmers

1517.Margaret Helming, Community of Hope UCC, Madison, WI

1518.Thelma Helmke, CSC, Community of Christ

1519.Annemarie E. Helml, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

1520.Mary Jo Heman, OP, Sparkill Dominican

1521.Wendell Hendershott, Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church

1522.Charles Henderson, Executive Director, Association for Religion and

Intellectual Life

1523.Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson, Executive Vice President, Auburn Seminary

1524.Rev. Mark Henderson, United Methodist

1525.David K. Hendricks, pastor, Prince of Peace Church of the Brethren

1526.Ron henely, Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.

1527.Scott Henley, Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Rushville IL

1528.David Henry, Baptist Chaplain, Childhelp,Tyler Village

1529.John Henry, pastor, United Methodist Church

1530.Dennis D. Hensley, Pastor, Fairmount United Methodist Church

1531.Catherine McAuley Hentges, Catholic

1532.David Hepler, English Teacher and Bridal Chaplain, Okayama Grace

Church, Japan

1533.Rev. Melinda R. Heppe, St. Johns' Lutheran

1534.Julia Craig Herdt, Presbyterian Church (USA)

1535.Anne Herman, Christian Peacemaker Teams

1536.Kathy Herning, social worker, Roman Catholic

1537.Anthony Herold, Pastor, Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace Catholic Church

1538.Carolyn Herring, Graduate Student in Religious Ethics, Southern

Methodist University

1539.Glen N. Herrington-Hall, Pastor, United Church of Christ in New

Brighton, MN

1540.Andy Herron-Sweet, Mission Hills United Methodist Church

1541.Susannah Heschel, Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth


1542.Carol Lakey Hess, Interim Pastor, First Presbyterian, Blackwood NJ

1543.Charles Hesselink, Chaplain, Reformed Church In America

1544.Budd Hetrick, Deacon, Church of the Holy Nativity

1545.Al Heystek, Specialized Ministry, Reformed Church in America

1546.Carter Heyward, Professor of Theology, Episcopal Divinity School

1547.Betty Hibbard

1548.Richard Hibbert, Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church

1549.E. Elaine and William J. Hickerson, Christian Church

1550.Dr. Douglas A. Hicks, Assistant Professor, Jepson School of Leadership

Studies, University of Religion

1551.Nanci Hicks, United Methodist Clergy, United Methodist

1552.Rev. Dr. H Beecher Hicks, Jr., Senior Minister and Pastor, Metropolitan

Baptist Church

1553.Dr. John E. Hiemstra, The Council of Churches of the City of New York

1554.Elice Higginbotham, Interim Association Minister, Southwest Ohio

Northern Kentucky Association, United Church of Christ

1555.Louise Higginbotham, Senior Pastor, United Church on the Green, UCC

1556.Linda Higgins, pastor, First UCC, Andover CT

1557.Joel High, Unitarian Universalist

1558.Dr. David A. Highfield, Westminster United Methodist Church

1559.Rev. Linda M. Highthall, NBA Ramsey Home

1560.John C. Hildner, Chaplain, ELCA-Metropolitan Chicago Synod

1561.Barbara Hildt, Religious Society of Friends

1562.Karl & Judy Hilgert, Parkside Community UCC (Sacramento)

1563.Adam Hill, nondenominational

1564.Charlotte Hill, First United Methodist Church, Keller, TX

1565.Rev. Douglas A. Hill, Celebration Lutheran Church

1566.Jack Hill, Retired, Reformed Church in America

1567.Keith Hill, Spiritual Thinker, God

1568.L'Anni Hill, Reformed Church in America

1569.Bob Hillenbrand, Pastor, United Presbyterian Church

1570.Pastor Michael T. Hiller, Associate Pastor for Community and Liturgical

Life, Saint Francis Lutheran Church

1571.Adrian Hilliard, Student of Life, Unitarian-Universalist

1572.Argye Hillis, Seventh Baptist Church, Waco, TX

1573.David M. Hindman, Wesley Foundation at The College of William and Mary

1574.Caroline Hines, Episcopal

1575.Carolyn Sights Hinshaw, Pastor, St. Mark's United Methodist Church

1576.James R. Hipkins, United Methodist Minister, retired

1577.Marcia Hirschmann, Christian

1578.Luke Hirschy, Christian

1579.Alissa Hirshfeld-Flores, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Jewish


1580.Larry W. Hixon, Minister of Resource Management, Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

1581.Lucy Hixon, Presbyterian Elder

1582.Rev. Norman A. Hjelm, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

1583.Suzanne Hoban, Roman Catholic

1584.Roy Hoch, Lutheran Pastor (ret.), Lutheran

1585.Cara Hochhalter, Christian Education Director, United Church of Christ

1586.Katie Hochstedler, student, Mennonite

1587.Clair Hochstetler, Chaplain, Mennonite Church

1588.F. William Hodge, Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Chruch

1589.Doug Hodges, Pastor, Lemasters/Upton United Church of Christ Charge

1590.Rev. Houston Hodges, former editor of "Monday Morning" magazine,

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

1591.David Hodgson, Pastor, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, ELCA

1592.Glo Hoeft, Senior Minister, Positive Living Center

1593.Mark Hoekman

1594.Robert Hoeksema, Retired, Reformed Church in America

1595.Rev. Daphne Hoff, Associate Pastor, Calvary Lutheran Church

1596.Marvin D. Hoff, Executive Director, Foundation for Theological


1597.Charles Hoffacker, Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

1598.Stephen Hoffman, Co-Pastor, Parkview Congregational Church, UCC

1599.Cecil Hoffman, Jr., Presbyterian

1600.Len Hoffmann, LSS New England

1601.Stephen Hoffmann, Professor, Taylor University

1602.Rev. Dr. John F. Hoffmeyer, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at


1603.Leanne Skooglund Hofford, Editor, The Source, The Church Council of

Greater Seattle

1604.Jack Hogsten, Asbury United Methodist Church, Arnold ,MD `

1605.Phil Hohulin, Associate Pastor, The Church of the Hills Presbyterian


1606.Carole Hoke, Co-Pastor, New Church United Church of Christ

1607.A.Anne Holcomb, Seminary student, Meadville Lombard Unitarian

Universalist Theological School

1608.Alice Holdiman, 1st United Methodist Church, Decorah, Iowa

1609.Michelle Holdsworth, Denison University

1610.E. Brooks Holifield, Charles Howard Candler Professor of American

Church History, United Methodist Church, Emory University

1611.Rabbi Elliot J. Holin, Congregation Kol Ami

1612.J. Carr Holland, Rector, Grace Church in Newark

1613.David Hollenbach, S.J., Professor of Theology, Boston College, Roman


1614.Rev. Nick Holler, Deacon, The United Methodist Church

1615.Zeb Holler, Hon.Ret. PC(U.S.A.), Beloved Community Center

1616.C.C. Holloman, Executive Director, Call to Renewal

1617.Cecilia E. Holloman, Executive Director, Call to Renewal, True

Deliverance Temple

1618.Joyce Hollyday, Associate Conference Minister, Southeast Conference,


1619.Mary Holm, Retired Pastor, United Methodist

1620.Richard Holm, Pastor, Bethany Lutheran Church

1621.Dorothy Holmes

1622.Rev. E. Frederick Holst, Retired, Hope Lutheran Church

1623.Virginia Holstrom, Executive Director, American Baptist Women's


1624.Jeanette Holt, Associate Director, Alliance of Baptists

1625.William Mayes Holt, St. James Episcopal Church

1626.Rev. Robert Holum, Senior Pastor, Luther Place Memorial Church

1627.Margaret Nary Hone

1628.Rev. Frank G. Honeycutt, Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church

1629.Daniel Hood, Adjunct Asst. Professor of Sociology, Yeshiva

University/John Jay College of Criminal Justice

1630.Steven Hoogerwerf, Assistant Professor of Religion, Hope College

1631.Lavina Hoogeveen, layperson, Reformed Church of America

1632.Toby Hoover, Director, Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence

1633.Edward Hoover Jr., St. Rose Church Peace and Justice

1634.Robert Hopcke, Most Holy Redeemer, San Francisco

1635.Gloria Hopewell, Pastor, Christ Church of Chicago, U.C.C.

1636.Christine Hopkins, Congregational UCC

1637.H. James Hopkins, Pastor, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church

1638.Johnny Hopkins, United Methodist Church

1639.Valerie Horlacher, Pastor , Zion Lutheran Church, Ridgefield, N.J.

1640.Marilyn Sophie Hormann, Episcopal Peace Fellowship

1641.Ann Horn, Elder, Trinity Church

1642.Kersten Horn, ULC of Austin

1643.David Horner, President, North Park University

1644.Douglas Horner, Minister of Missions and Family Life, Newman

Congregational Church, UCC

1645.Rev. L. Steve Horswill-Johnston, Associate General Secretary, United

Methodist Communications

1646.Laura Horton, Seminarian, Meadville/Lombard Theological School,

Unitarian Universalist

1647.Robert N. Hosack, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Baker Book House

1648.Dr. Joseph C. Hough Jr., President, Union Theological Seminary

1649.Kim Houk, Buddhist

1650.Spruce Houser, Hope Mountain Center for Non-Violence

1651.Amanda Howard, Minister, Unity Church of Martin County

1652.Gregory B. Howard, Senior Mechanical Designer, Baha'i Faith

1653.Joanna Howard, No affiliation

1654.Margaret Howard, English Instructor and Artist, Child of God

1655.Robert R. Howard, Visiting Professor of Homiletics, Lexington

Theological Seminary

1656.Roy H. Howard, Pastor

1657.Bonnie Howe, Rockridge United Methodist Church

1658.Karen Howe, Christian

1659.Larry Howe-Kerr, Catholic Diocese of Pueblo

1660.John Howes

1661.Robert C. Howes, Church of the Brethren

1662.Lin Howie, NZ Anglican

1663.Deborah Howland, Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ

1664.Rev. George Philip Hoy, Associate Pastor, First Ebenezer Baptist Church

1665.Mary Ann Hoy, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Newcastle, Maine

1666.Connie Hoyle, Retired Teacher, St. Mark's Interdenominational

1667.Lee Hoyt, Network Archetech, Presbyterian

1668.Robert Hrasna, Deacon, Presbyterian

1669.Debbie Hubbard, Stewardship Network from the Alberta and Northwest

Conference United Church of Canada

1670.Sarah Hubinsky, Vice-Chair, Board of Church & Society,

California-Nevada Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

1671.Bob Hudak, Vicar, The Episcopal Church of the Nativity

1672.Rev. Dr. James Hudnut-Beumler, Dean, Vanderbilt University Divinity


1673.Betty Hudson, Rector, Grace Episcopal Church

1674.Jocelyn Hudson, Lutheran Peace Fellowship, Central Lutheran Church

1675.Simon and Hazel Hudson, Church of England St. Stephens with St. Julians

St. Albans Hertfordshire

1676.David Huffnagle, Pastor, United Methodist Pastor

1677.Rev. Marvin A. Huggins, Associate Director, The Lutheran Church--

Missouri Synod

1678.Brenda Hughes, Director, Bradley Initiative for Church & Community

1679.John Hughes, Priest, Episcopal

1680.Rev. Tracy L. Hughes, Trinity United Chuch of Christ

1681.Sr. Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ, Provincial, Religious of the Sacred Heart


1682.C. Nolan Huizenga, First Presbyterian Church, Portland, OR

1683.James Hukari, Founding Pastor, Sierra Vista Community Church, Carson

City, NV

1684.John Hulden, Associate Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA)

1685.Blair Hull, minister, Congregational Church of Deerfield, UCC

1686.Rev. Nancy S. Hull, East Ohio Conference, UMC

1687.Rev. Dr. John H. Hull Jr., Minister of Faith Development, Beargrass

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

1688.Charles & Harriet Hulsether, Retired Clergy and Spouse, , ELCA

1689.Ruth Hultman, Quaker, San Jose Friends Meeting

1690.Angela Hume, DRE, Catholic

1691.Richard Hume, Jr., Associate Pastor, Los Angeles First Church of the


1692.Keith Humphrey, Minister, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church,

Presbyterian Church in Canada

1693.Robert F. Humphrey, Grace Lutheran Church (ELCA)

1694.Art Hunkins, Roman Catholic

1695.Susan Hunn, United Methodist Church, El Dorado Co. Federated, CA

1696.Pastor Dave Hunsberger, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

1697.S. C. Hunsicker, unaffiliated

1698.George Hunsinger, Professor , PCUSA

1699.Linda Lawrence Hunt, Associate Professor of English/Whitworth College,

First Presbyterian Church/ Spokane

1700.Raymon E. Hunt, Secretary/Treasurer, CED/AME Zion, Raymond E. Hunt,

General Church

1701.Connie Hunter, Public Citizen

1702.Melinda M. Hunter, Evangelical Covenant Church

1703.Wanda Hunter, United Church of Christ

1704.Sr. Maureen Hurley, DW, Wisdom's Center

1705.Rev. Colleen Hurley-Bates

1706.Rabbi Mark Hurvitz, Congregation Etz Chaim

1707.Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin, Temple Beth Israel

1708.Saima Hussain, Muslima

1709.Gabrielle Husson

1710.Elenie Huszagh, Incoming President, National Council of the Churches of

Christ in the USA

1711.Carol Hutcheson

1712.Mary Beth Hutchinson, Interim Pastor, Congregational Church of South

Hero, VT

1713.Larry Hutchison, Minister, Unitarian Universalist

1714.Nancy Hutchison, Unitarian Universalist

1715.Rev. Dr. Elizabeth F. Huwiler, Professor, Lutheran Theological Seminary

at Philadelphia

1716.Kimberly Hyatt, Interim Pastor, Peace Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)

1717.Rev. Dr. Karen Sue Hybertsen, Ridgeview Community Church (PCUSA)

1718.Liam Hylan, Family Counselor, Roman Catholic

1719.Rose Ilich, Social Concerns, St. Peter the Fisherman Parish

1720.Rev. William C. Imes, President, Bangor Theological Seminary

1721.Curtis Inoue, St. Ann's Church for the Deaf

1722.Scott Inoue, Christian

1723.Carrie Inverno, Christian

1724.William Ipema, Vice President, Council of Leadership Foundations

1725.Lee Ireland, Interim Pastor, Congregational Church of N. Stonington, CT

1726.Rev. Susan Augusta Gayle Irons, Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church


1727.Andrew Irwin, St. Mary's Catholic Church

1728.Donna Irwin, Pacem in Terris

1729.Rabbi Daniel J. Isaak, Congregation Neveh Shalom

1730.Sara Isabell, Seminary Student, Garrett-Evangelical Theological


1731.Sara Isbell, Seminary Student, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

1732.Rabbi Shaya Isenberg, Chairman, Department of Religion, University of


1733.Richard Israel, Associate Director, Lutheran Chaplaincy Service

1734.Elenora Giddings Ivory, Director, Washington Office, Presbyterian

Church (USA)

1735.Rabbi Lisa Izes, Temple Sinai

1736.Rev. Dana Izzo, Pastor, St. Paul's Lutheran Church

1737.Diane Jackson, United Methodist

1738.Kelly Jackson, Administrative Assistant, Protestant Christian

1739.Dr. Randon H. Jackson, Senior Pastor, St. Andrew (PCUSA)

1740.Skip Jackson, Senior Pastor, Indianola Presbyterian Church,


1741.Gregory Jacobs, Canon for Mission & Ministry, Trinity Episcopal


1742.Mark X. Jacobs, Executive Director, Coalition on the Environment and

Jewish Life

1743.Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs, Temple Kol Tikvah

1744.David Schnasa Jacobsen, Associate Professor of Homiletics, Waterloo

Lutheran Seminary (Ontario, Canada)

1745.Rev. Justin Jacobson, Universal Life Church and Legion of Dynamic

1746.Larry James, Executive Director, Central Dallas Ministries

1747.Susan Jamison, Clergy, United Methodist

1748.Jan Jamroz, Pastoral Minister, Parish Social Ministry, St. Mary's R.C.


1749.Rev. Dr. Gary Janka, Executive Director, Peacemaker Community

1750.Allan Janssen, Pastor, Community Church of Glen Rock

1751.Rabbi Beth Janus

1752.Susan Janzen, New Hope Mennonite Church

1753.Adam Jarrell, Protestant

1754.Fr. Emmett Jarrett, TSSF, St. Francis House

1755.Mark J. Jaufmann, Pastor, St. Andrew & St. Paul Ecumenical Old Catholic


1756.Ike Jeanes, Quaker

1757.Thomas H. Jeavons, General Secretary, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of

the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

1758.Rev. Peggy L.W. Jeffries, Monroe City United Methodist Church

1759.David Jenkins, teacher, Candler School of Theology

1760.Donnell Jenkins, Retired, United Methodist Church

1761.J. Todd Jenkins, First Presbyterian Church

1762.Tony Jenkins, Teachers College Peace Education Office

1763.Phillip E. Jenks, Communications Officer, US Offfice, World Council of


1764.Bill Jenney, St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Parish

1765.Ann Mensendick Jensen, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

1766.Laura Jensen, Citizen, Shepard of the Valley Lutheran Church

1767.Rev. Laura R. Jervis, WSFSSH/Rutgers Presbyterian Church

1768.Roger N. Jespersen, Minister, United Methodist Campus Ministry

1769.Inga Johannesen, Unitarian Universalist

1770.Ingrid Johansson, multimedia designer, non-denominational

1771.Pastor Daniel L. Johns, United in Christ Lutheran Church

1772.Rev. Steven L. Johns-Boehme, Associate Regional Minister, Christian

Church in Indiana and Kentucky

1773.Jana L. Johnsen, Ecumenical Affiliate, Grace Episcopal Cathedral

1774.Andrea Johnson

1775.Very Rev. Arthur M. Johnson, Minister General, Franciscan Friars of the




1777.Donald Johnson, Assistant Professor, Episcopalian

1778.Drew Johnson, Software Engineer (Firewalls), Evangelical Free

1779.Emily Johnson, Catholic, Notre Dame Mission Volunteers--AmeriCorps


1780.J Johnson, citizen, Buddhist

1781.Jack Johnson, UMC

1782.Joseph Johnson, Pastor, Presbyterian Church (USA)

1783.Kathryn L. Johnson, Professor of Church History, Louisville

Presbyterian Theological Seminary

1784.Larry Johnson, St. Matthew's Episcopal

1785.Marlyce Johnson, Catholic

1786.Rev. Nils Johnson

1787.R. Burke Johnson, President, Moravian Church Northern Province

1788.Richard Johnson, Retired Pastor, United Church of Christ

1789.Richard Johnson, Assistant Professor of Religion, Charleston Southern


1790.Sally S. Johnson, Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church

1791.Susan Johnson, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

1792.Pastor Walter F. Johnson

1793.Roland Johnson, Jr., senior pastor, Phillips Temple Christian Methodist


1794.Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre, Professor of Religion, Luther College,

American Baptist Churches, USA

1795.Kei Jokura, International Student, Japan Baptist Convention

1796.H. Lynn Jondahl, United Church of Christ

1797.Rev. Alan Jones, President, San Francisco Interfaith Council and

Executive Director,San Francisco United Methodist Mission

1798.Barbara Jones, None

1799.Beverly Jones, Diocesan Council, Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio

1800.David Jones, Pastor, Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church, PCUSA

1801.Rev. Donna Lawrence Jones, Pastor, Cookman United Methodist Church

1802.Henry and Vi Jones, Trustees, Claremont School of Theology

1803.Rev. Jason Jones, First Christian Church

1804.Kandice Jones, UUC

1805.Rev. Karl W. Jr. Jones, Senior Pastor, St Mark's United Church of


1806.Laurie Jones, Pastor , Ballard First Lutheran Church, ELCA

1807.Robert Jones, Servant Leader, Catholic/St. Paul The Apostle (Seneca SC)

1808.Sarah Dan Jones, Director of Music, Ga. Mountains Unitarian

Universalist Church

1809.Dr. Stanton Jones, Provost, Wheaton College

1810.Steve Jones, Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church, USA

1811.Dr. Thomas Jones

1812.Van Jones, St. John's Baptist Church

1813.Verity Jones, Senior Minister, Central Christian Church (Disciples of


1814.Stephen & Patricia Jones Blessman, St. Sabina

1815.Peggy Jones Nowling, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lafayette, Indiana

1816.Ho-Yeong Jong, Assistant Pastor/Christian education, United Methodist


1817.David Jongewaard, Pastor, Southminster Presbyterian Church

1818.Carl Jordan, member, Religious Society of Friends

1819.Kimberly A. Jordan, Our Redeemer Lutheran

1820.Linda Jordan, Director, Unicorn Bereavement Center of Triangle Hospice

1821.Rev. Lindsay Paul Jordan, Halfway Creek Lutheran

1822.Lois Jordan, member, Friends

1823.Lynn Jordan, Buddhist

1824.William H. Jordan, Interim Executive Presbyter, Presbytery of Monmouth,

Presbyterian Church (USA)

1825.Sharon Joseph, Pastor, Church of the Manger UCC

1826.Eleanor Joyce, PBVM

1827.Rev. Dr. Afrie Songco Joye, Harris Memorial College

1828.Mary Jozwiak, St. Bonaface Catholic Church member

1829.Dae Jung, Pastor, Palisades Presbyterian Church

1830.Robin Junker, United Church of Christ

1831.Laurel Jurecki, Pastoral Associate, Ascension Catholic Church

1832.Nancy Jurecki, Pastoral Worker, Roman Catholic/Adrian Dominican Sister

1833.Mark J. Justad, Assistant to the Chancellor, Sr. Lecturer, Religion &


1834.Christine Justice, Christian

1835.Rabbi Bruce Kadden, Rabbi, Temple Beth El

1836.Pastor Thomas and Lois Kadel, Christ Lutheran Church

1837.Elizabeth Kaeton, Canon Missioner, Episcopal Diocese of Newark (NJ)

1838.Allen Kahler, Church of the Brethren

1839.christopher kaiser, professor of theology, RCA

1840.Pastor Robert G. Kaltenbaugh, Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy


1841.Lynne Kalustian, Little Flower Parish

1842.Teresita Kambeitz, General Superior, Ursulines of Prelate, SK, Canada

1843.Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky, Beth Samuel Jewish Center

1844.Norman J. Kansfield, President, New Brunswick Theological Seminary

1845.Ursula Kaplowitz, Prespyterian

1846.Brian Karafin, Professor of Religion, Ithaca College

1847.John Karle, Pastor, Christ the King Lutheran Church

1848.John Karrer, Pastor, St. John United Church of Christ, Reading, Ohio.

1849.Sean Kassim, Roman Catholic

1850.Mary Lou Kator, Rector, St. Peter's Episcopal Church

1851.Pearl Kauble

1852.Richard A. Kauffman, pastor, Toledo Mennonite Church

1853.Rev. Art Kaufman, Minister/Teacher, Old Parish Church, UCC

1854.Rev. Joy K. Kaufman, Director for Public Advocacy, Pennsylvania Council

of Churches and Moderator, The Presbytery of Carlisle, Presbyterian Church


1855.Laurie Kaufman-de la Garza, Memorial United Methodist Church

1856.Jean Kay, past Moderator, Northern Colorado Church of the Brethren

1857.Patricia Kearney, RSM, Sisters of Mercy

1858.Deborah Kearns, Vedanta Society

1859.Patricia Keefe, Adm. Nonviolent Peaceforce, Franciscan

1860.Robert A. Keefer, Pastor, Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church

1861.Larry Keene, Messiah Lutheran Church, Cypress, TX

1862.Craig Keener, Professor of New Testament, Eastern Baptist Seminary

1863.Rev. Thomas J. Keener, Zion Lutheran Church

1864.David Keesey, Chairman Witness Ministry, Long Neck U.M. Church

1865.Glen Kehrein, Executive Director, Circle Urban Ministries

1866.Mary Nelson Keithahn, United Church of Christ

1867.Marti Keller, MInister, Georgia Mountains Unitarian Universalist Church

1868.Fred & Jeannette Kelley, Catholic/Oblates of St. Benedict

1869.Irma M. Kelly, Ascension Lutheran Church

1870.Raegan Kelly, none

1871.Sharon Kelly

1872.Andrew Kelsay, Program Director, Christ Unity Church

1873.Curtis Kemmerer, Pastor, St. John's United Church of Christ, Whitehall,


1874.Rev. Dr. Nancy Jo Kemper, Executive Director, Kentucky Council of


1875.Venerable Michael S. Kendall, Episcopal Diocese of New York

1876.Margaret Kendel, Roman Catholic

1877.Scott Kennedy, Chair, Fellowship of Reconciliation National Council

1878.Jim Kenney, Global Director, Council for a Parliament of the World's


1879.Ben Kerns, President, Klamath County Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

1880.Rev. Nancy Karolyn Kerr, Presbyterian Church

1881.Lucy Kert, University Chaplain, Roman Catholic

1882.Diane C. Kessler, Executive Director, Massachusetts Council of Churches

1883.Thomas J. Kessler, Pastor, St. Joseph and St. Martin Catholic Churches

1884.Donald Kestle, Parishioner, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Medina, WA

1885.Rev. Dr. Kevin W. Mannoia, Former President, National Association of


1886.David Key, Director of Baptist Studies, Emory University's Candler

School of Theology

1887.Masoud Khan, Executive, Islam

1888.Al-Haaj Ghazi Y. Khankan, Executive Director, The Council on American

Islamic Relations

1889.Rev. Dr. Ray F. Kibler III, Intentional Interim Pastor

1890.Rabbi Mark W. Kiel, Congregation B'nai Israel

1891.Darcie Kileen, Mennonite Brethren

1892.Rev. D. Andrew Kille, St. Philip's Episcopal, Catholic Diocese of San


1893.Daphne Killhour, canon pastor, Episcopal Cathedral of St. Stephen

1894.George Killingsworth, retired, United Church of Christ

1895.Richard Killmer, Director, Environmental Justice, National Council of

Church of Christ in the USA

1896.Maureen Killoran, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville

1897.Rev. Dr. David M. Kilpatrick, Pastor, West Medford Baptist Church

1898.Peter Kim, Senior Special Agent, Immigration and Naturalization Service

1899.Karen Kimbell, member, Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga, TN

1900.Mary Kimberly, Episcopalian

1901.Chaplain Cindy King

1902.Donald King, Pastor, Hope ELCA Lutheran Church

1903.Donald King, Assoc. Professor of Political Studies, Dordt College

1904.Rev. Steven M. King, Pastor, Springdale-Kinards United Methodist


1905.Peggy Kingman, Sacred Heart Parish, Hollister, CA, Roman Catholic

1906.Michael Kinnamon, Professor of Mission, Peace and Ecumenical Studies,

Eden Theological Seminary

1907.George G. Kinney, Interim Pastor, Salem (Belleman's) Union Church

1908.Margaret Kinney, Our Saviours Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN

1909.Brendan Kinsella, Roman Catholic

1910.Antonios Kireopoulos, Executive Director, United States Conference of

Religions for Peace

1911.Rollin Kirk, Pastor, North Presbyterian Church

1912.Martha Ann Kirk, Th.D. , Professor, University of the Incarnate Word

1913.Rev. Dr. Clifton Kirkpatrick, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly,

Presbyterian Church (USA)

1914.Bill Kirton , United Methodist

1915.Fr. Leonid Kishkovsky, Ecumenical Officer of the Orthodox Church in

America, Moderator of the U.S. Conference of Religions for Peace

1916.Keely Kitchel-Hoyt, Saint Giles Presbyterian Church

1917.Connie L Kitchen, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

1918.William Barkey Kitchen, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

1919.Marcel Kitissou, Ph.D., Executive Director, Africa Faith & Justice


1920.David Klein, Social Worker -- In-Home Supportive Services,


1921.Lori D. Klein, rabbinical student, Aleph Smicha Program

1922.Rabbi Stephen A. Klein, Scarsdale Synagogue - Tremont Temple

1923.Susan Klein, HM, Catholic

1924.Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Senior Rabbi, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah

1925.Rabbi David L. Kline, B'nai Israel

1926.Scott Kline, Faculty Lecturer in Ethics, McGill University

1927.Larry Klinker, ELCA

1928.Rodney Klinzing, pastor, Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA)

1929.Rabbi Myriam Klotz

1930.Brenda Lynn Kneece, Executive Minister, SC Christian Action Council

1931.Russell L. Knight Jr., President, Chicago Urban Reconciliation


1932.Peter S. Knobel

1933.James Knutsen, Rector, St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church

1934.Rev. W.J. Mark Knutson, Augustana Lutheran Church

1935.Rev. Jed H. Koball, Associate Pastor, Larchmont Avenue Presbyterian


1936.Rev. Dale Koehneke, Church of All Nations, Lutheran

1937.Alice Koenig

1938.Mark Koenig, Associate for Antiracism Program, Presbyterian Church


1939.Rev. Tricia Dykers Koenig, Presbyterian Church (USA)

1940.David S. Koetje, Associate Professor of Biology, Calvin College

1941.Erik Kolbell, Writer, United Church of Christ

1942.Ruth Kolber, Pacem in Terris

1943.Kathi Kolosieke, St. John's United Church of Christ

1944.R. Paul Koons, Minister, United Church of Bernardston

1945.Rodney Koopmans, Pastor, St. Croix Reformed Church, RCA

1946.Jacoba Koppert, Pastor, Plattsburg United Church of Christ

1947.Tony Korec, Theology Teacher, Catholic

1948.Kyle Korzenowski, Bethel United Methodist Church

1949.Tony Kosloski, Taoist

1950.Mina Kost

1951.Mark Kraai, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, New Brunswick

Theological Seminary

1952.Nancy Kraft, member of Immanual Lutheran, LCMS, Lawrence, KS

1953.Oscar H. Kraft, Senior Pastor, Our Savior's Lutheran

1954.Rev. Mary L. Krahn, St. Mark Lutheran Church

1955.Lucie Kramer, Pastor, The Reformed Church in America

1956.Alfred Krass, United Church of Christ

1957.James G. Krauser, Secretary, Metropolitan NY Synod, ELCA

1958.Larry Krauser, Grade School Trecher, Episcopal / Catholic

1959.Marjorie Krell, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

1960.Robert P. Kreps, Colonel, USAF-Ret., Director- Stewardship,

Development, Technology, St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church

1961.Rick Kress, Pastor, Providence Community Church

1962.Brother Kevin Kriso, OFM Assistant Director, Holy Name College Seminar

1963.Rabbi Ron Kronish

1964.Virgil Kroontje, Elder, Refromed Church in America

1965.Sue Krosky, Catholic

1966.Robert B. Kruschwitz, Director, The Center for Christian Ethics at

Baylor University

1967.Ralph Kuehner, Secretary for Social Concerns, Archdiocese of Washington

1968.Georgiana Kugle, Pastor, New Life Presbyterian Church

1969.Diane Kuknyo, St. Thomas Aquinas Church

1970.Rabbi Clifford M. Kulwin, Temple B'nai Abraham

1971.Kevin Kummer, First Mennonite Church

1972.Rev. Marcia Kump, Assistant Professor, Culver-Stockton College

1973.Wendy Kunz, Elder, Deacon, PCUSA / Ashland Presbyterian Church

1974.Charles Kutz-Marks, Pastor, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

1975.Jan Kwiatkowski, Postulant for the Deaconate, Episcopal Diocese of


1976.Rev. Dr. Damon D. Laaker, Assistant to the Bishop, Nebraska Synod

1977.Rev. Matthew Laarson, Lutheran-Presbyterian Parish

1978.Janet Lafferty, Parish Social Ministry, Catholic Charities

1979.Jeanne Laich, Montclair United Methodist Church

1980.Lance Laird, Faculty, Comparative Religion, The Evergreen State College

1981.Sr. Mary Lalemant Pelikan, RSM, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

1982.William Lally, Federation of Christian Ministies

1983.Rick Lamb, College Place First Presbyterian Church

1984.Robert Lambert, Director of Pastoral Service, McGill University Health

Centre, Montreal QC, United Church of Christ (Massachusetts)

1985.Laura Lambrix, St. Louis Cathedral Basilica

1986.Christina Lamothe, Church of jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

1987.Ann Lamoureux, Presbyterian

1988.Lori Landoll, Roman Catholic

1989.Rev. Wallis Landrum, Coates Street Presbyterian Church

1990.Stewart Lane, Retired, ECUSA

1991.Linda Lane-Bortell, Co-Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Dupage

1992.Tim Lane-Bortell, Co-Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Dupage

1993.Margaret Lanen, SND

1994.Andy Lang, Office of General Ministries, United Church of Christ

1995.Rev. Paul H. Lang, Peace Presbyterian Church

1996.Timothy Lang, unaffiliated Lutheran, follower of Christ

1997.Rebecca Langdon, Lay Minister, Church of the Nazarene

1998.Werner Lange, Pastor, United Church of Christ

1999.Kristin Lapinski, nurse, Catholic

2000.Daniel Larsen, Minister, Cong, Unitarian Church, Woodstock, Illinois

2001.Cheri Larsen Hoeckley, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

2002.Anne Larson, Langley Hill Friends

2003.Jean Larson-Hurd, Lutheran Campus Pastor, University of Montana,

Missoula, ELCA

2004.Doreen LaRue, A Child of God

2005.Rev. Benjamin Larzelere, III, Christ Lutheran Chruch

2006.Rev. Vernon F. LaSala, Chaplain, Ohio Northern University

2007.William Lasher, Pastor, United Methodist Church

2008.Celeste Lasich, Associate Pastor , First Presbyterian Church Tracy CA


2009.Susan Latourette, Associate Pastor, Congregational Church

2010.Dale Lature, Web Developer- United Methodist Publishing House, United


2011.Phlox Laucher, Parish Minister, Unitarian Universalist

2012.Rev. James E. Laurence, Pastor, First Lutheran Church

2013.Jennifer Laurienzo, Roman Catholic

2014.Cecelia Lavan, Coordinator of Social Jutice Ministry, Sisters of St.

Dominic, Blauvelt, NY

2015.Annina Lavee, writer, filmmaker, teacher, Zen Buddhism, Zen Desert


2016.Minister E. Terri LaVelle, Program Director, The Faith & Politics


2017.Joy Lawler, United Methodist

2018.Lanny Lawler, Senior Minister, First Christian Church (Disciples of


2019.Myrl Lawrence, Elder/Inquirer, Presbyterian

2020.Rev. Richard L. Lawrence, United Church of Christ

2021.Steven Lawrence, President, Metropolitan Christian Council of


2022.Kirby Lawrence Hill, Pastor, Presbyterian Church of the Resurrection

2023.David Lawton, Pastor, St. Thomas United Church of Christ, Reading, PA

2024.Ian Lawton, Vicar St Matthew in the City Auckland NZ, Anglican

2025.Harold Lay, Pastor, Ponds Reformed Church, Reformed Church in America

2026.Abraham Layon, Professor of Anesthesiology, Surgery & Medicine, Medical

Director Gainesville Fire Rescue Service, University of Florida College of


2027.Brent Laytham, Assistant Professor of Theology, North Park Theological


2028.Speed Leas, The Alban Institute, Pacific School of Religion

2029.Richard Leaver, pastor, seminary adjunct, United Methodist

2030.Eric M. LeCompte, Pax Christi USA National Council

2031.Gregory Harris Ledbetter, Pastor, Shell Ridge Community Church/American


2032.Jeffrey Lee, Rector, St. Thomas Episcopal Church

2033.Susan M Lee, Benedictine Sisters of Erie

2034.Kathryn A. Lee, Ph.D., J.D., Chair, Department of History and Political

Science, Eastern College

2035.Patricia Leegan-Hillenbrand

2036.Patricia A. Leegan-Hillenbrand, Graduate Student, Seton Hall University

2037.Louise Leger, Catholic

2038.Barb Legere, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Roman Catholic

2039.Paul Leggett, Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church

2040.Paul Lehto, Attorney, Plymouth Congregational Church

2041.Paul D. Leichty, The Goldenrod Community

2042.Blake Leighton, Parish Administrator, St. Michael and All Angels

Episcopal Church

2043.Dawn Leighton, Member-Sacred Heart Church Congregation, Roman Catholic,

Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho

2044.Rabbi David J. Leipziger

2045.Mark Leitson, nondenominational

2046.Margaret Lemberg

2047.Christy Lenham, Annapolis Evangelical Presbytrian Church

2048.Rabbi Michele Lenke, Temple Chayai Shalom

2049.William Lennox, Quaker

2050.John William Lentz, Jr., Wesley United Methodist Church, Bethlehem, PA

2051.Charles Leonard, Pastor/Professor, Evang. Lutheran Church in America

2052.Sam Leonard, United Methodist

2053.Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor, TIKKUN Magazine

2054.David Leslie, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

2055.Rabbi Joshua Lesser, Congregation Bet Haverim

2056.Ron Letnes, Parish Pastor, Cross of Glory Lutheran Church-ELCA

2057.Elizabeth A. Letzler

2058.Rabbi Sarra Lev

2059.Sr. Beth LeValley, President, The Greater Rochester Community of


2060.Rabbi Stan Levy, Congregation B'nai Horin - Children of Freedom

2061.ann e lewis, ucc

2062.Beverly Lewis, Pastor, Christ Congregational United Church of Christ

2063.martin t lewis, ucc

2064.Robert Lewis, Chair, Certification Committee, National Institute of

Business and Industrial Chaplains

2065.Joseph Liang, Associate Pastor, The United Church of Christ

2066.Joey Libolt, Student, Protestant

2067.Mark Lichty, Advisory Board Member, Business Leaders for Sensible


2068.David M. Liddle, Jr., Pastor, Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church

2069.Rev. Joyce Lieberman, Co-Pastor, Immanuel Presbyterian Church

2070.Margo Liebers, Protestant

2071.Doris Liebert, Professor, Whitworth College, Whitworth Presbyterian


2072.Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, The Shefa Fund

2073.Sarah Lien, Director of Christian Education, Ridglea Presbyterian


2074.Dace Liepins, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Rapid City, SD

2075.Rabbi Rebecca Lillian, Jewish Peace Forum

2076.Amy Lin, baptist, M.Div. student

2077.Timothy Lincoln, ELCA

2078.Gary Lind, Elder, Delmar Presbyterian Church

2079.Tracey Lind, Dean, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

2080.Joan Lindell, Roman Catholic/Mary Queen of Peace

2081.Jeffrey Lindgren, Co-Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church

2082.Kristofer Lindh, Society of Quaker Friends

2083.Rick Lindholtz, Evangelical Covenant Church

2084.Rev. Dr. Eileen W. Lindner, Deputy General Secretary for Research and

Planning, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA

2085.Barbara Lindsey, Social Worker, Episcopalian

2086.Laurie Line, Family Life Pastor, Ascension Lutheran Church

2087.Nathaniel Linsey, Senior Bishop, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

2088.Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, Kolot Chayeinu / Voices of Our Lives

2089.Dr. Duane Litfin, President, Wheaton College

2090.Mark Little, Pastor, Zion Lutheran / ELCA

2091.Phillip P. Little, Religious Education teacher, Marshal McLuhan

Catholic School

2092.Beth Littleford, Episcopal Church

2093.Rev. Dorlores E. Littleton, Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church

2094.Rev. James H. Littrell, Episcopal Chaplain, The University of


2095.Glyn Livermore, engineer, None

2096.Michael E. Livingston, International Council of Community Churches

2097.Robert L. Livingston, Interim Ministry Specialist, United

Congregational Church,United Church of Christ, Worcester, MA

2098.Anne Llewellyn Barstow, Editor

2099.Katherine Loban, Evangelical Covenant Church

2100.Rev. Clark Lobenstine, Executive Director, Interfaith Conference of

Metropolitan Washington

2101.Diane Loberger, Pastor, Our Savior Lutheran Church

2102.Rev. William Locke, Rector, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

2103.Lia Lockert, Orthodox

2104.Rev. Odette Lockwood-Stewart, Program Director of Contextual Education,

Pacific School of Religion

2105.Dr. Michael Lodahl, Professor of Theology, Point Loma Nazarene


2106.Rev. Ted Loder, former Pastor, Germantown United Methodist Church

2107.Hedwig N. Lodwick, Presbyterian Church (USA)

2108.Robert C. Lodwick, Presbyterian Church (USA)

2109.Rev. George W. Loewer, Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church (ELCA)

2110.Marcus C. Lohrmann, Northwestern Ohio Synod, Evangelical Lutheran

Church in America

2111.Sandy Londa, Chaplain Resident, Methodist Hospital

2112.betty long, associate rector, st john's episcopal church

2113.D. Stephen Long, Associate Professor of Theology, Garrett-Evangelical

Theological Seminary

2114.Daniel Long, Associate Pastor, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

2115.Rev. Douglas S Long, North Raleigh United Church, USS

2116.Tom Long, Head Pastor, Methodist

2117.Rev. Janet Looby, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church (USA)

2118.Thomas Looney, Associate Professor of Theology, Roman Catholic

2119.Victoria Loorz, Pastor, Home Sanctuary

2120.Max Lopez-Cepero, Director of Compassion and Justice Ministries,

Evangelical Covenant Church

2121.John Loppnow, Youth Pastor (JDSN), Fuller Seminary Student

2122.C. Harvey Lord, Minister Emeritus, University Church, Chicago, IL

2123.Lois Ann Lorentzen, Professor - Religious Studies, Episcopalian

2124.Lori Lorenz

2125.Marilyn Lorenz-Weinkauff, Associate, Religious of the Sacred Heart, St.

Cronan's Church Community

2126.D. Jay Losher, Pastor, John Calvin Presbyterian Church

2127.Robin Lostetter, Assoc. Pastor, Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church


2128.Joan Lotz, Elder, Presbyterian Church, USA

2129.Clara Lovatt, Early Childhood Educator, distant Unitarian

2130.Nancy S. Lovejoy, Episcopal

2131.Kyle Ann Lovett, Director, Christian Education & Youth Ministries,

Arlington Community Church UCC

2132.Marguerite Lovett, Minister, Unitarian Universalist

2133.The Rev. Peter A. Lovett, Minister, First Parish Church of Westwood

2134.Jim Lowder, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity San Francisco

2135.J. Fletcher Lowe, Jr., Executive Director, Virginia Interfaith Center

for Public Policy

2136.Mikael Lowegren, Priest, Church of Sweden

2137.Penny Lowes, Pastor, United Church of Christ

2138.David Loy, Professor, Bunkyo University, Japan

2139.Angela Lubert

2140.Rev. Robert E. Lucas, Executive Presbyter (Retired), Presbytery of the

Twin Cities Area - Presbyterian Church (USA)

2141.Gregory Luce, Publishing, Episcopal

2142.Jacqueline Luck , SKSM/ Berkeley

2143.Rev. Mary Simpson Luckey

2144.Katherine Lucot

2145.Barbara Lugger, Teacher, Truro Episcopal Church

2146.Mark J. Lukens, Pastor, Bethany Congregational Church United Church of


2147.David J. Lull, Professor of New Testament, Wartburg Theological


2148.Carolyn Lumbard, Canon for congregational Development and

Communications, Diocese of Rochester, ECUSA

2149.Priscilla Dean Lunsford, Member, Capitol Hill Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

2150.Terri E.C. Luper, Pastor, King of Kings Lutheran Church (ELCA)

2151.Rev. Alexandra S. Lusak, First United Presbyterian Church

2152.Christena Lutz, Seminarian, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

2153.Brian Lyke, Interim Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church

2154.Amy Lyman, Co-clerk Children's Religious Education Committee, Sanf

Francisco Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

2155.Christine Lyman, Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur

2156.Ian Lynch, Student Minister, Tabernacle Congregational Church, Salem,


2157.Kathleen Lynch, Pacem in Terris

2158.Brynolf Lyon, Professor, Christian Theological Seminary

2159.Dr. JoAnne Lyon, Executive Director, World Hope International

2160.Stephen Mabee, Interim Minister , Grace United Church brampton Ontario

United Church of Canada

2161.Bernard C. Macdonald, Society of Friends (Quaker)

2162.Hugh R. L. MacDonald, minister, United Church of Canada

2163.Wayne MacDonald, Mennonite

2164.John H. Mack, First Congregational Church

2165.Jon Mack, Associate Pastor, Church of St. Andrew

2166.Ron MacKenzie, Ministry Intern, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2167.Rachel MacNair, Religious Society of Friends

2168.Toni Macon, Pastor, Church of the Saviour, RCA

2169.Joan MacPherson, Pastor, Federated Church of Marlborough, United Church

of Christ

2170.John Madsen-Bibeau, United Church of Christ

2171.Michelle Madsen-Bibeau, Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church of

Willimantic Connecticut

2172.Otto Maduro, Professor of World Christianity, Roman Catholic

2173.Sandra Magee, Reformed

2174.Lisa Mages, Episcopalian

2175.Greg Makar, Christian

2176.Joe Malayang

2177.Rev. Timothy D. Malek, Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church

2178.John E.D.P. Malin, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer,

Informatica Corporation

2179.Elias D. Mallon, Interim Dean, Director of Center for Multifaith

Education, Auburn Theological Seminary, New York, NY

2180.Michael J Malloy, Certified Puclic Acccoutant, President Big Oak Flat

2181.Sharon Malloy, Teacher, Roman Catholic

2182.Joan Malone, Faculty, Permanent Diaconate Program, Christ the King

Seminary, RC Diocese of Buffalo, NY

2183.Rev. Kerry A. Maloney, Chaplain, Bates College

2184.Rev. Dr. Kevin R. Maly, Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church

2185.paul mandell, Roman Catholic

2186.Kevin Maness, Quaker

2187.Ruthmary Mangan, Roman Catholic

2188.Michelle Manicke, Associate Pastor, St. James Lutheran Church, ELCA

2189.Andrew Manis, Professor of History, Macon State College

2190.Randy Mann, Community of Christ/ Mesa Branch

2191.Marie Manning, Co-President, Heights Interfaith Council; Pastoral

Associate, St. Louis Church, Roman Catholic; Sisters of Notre Dame

2192.Jim Mannoia, President, Greenville College

2193.J. Michael Mansfield, Pastor, Mt. Holly United Methodist Church

2194.John Manzo, St. Paul United Church of Christ

2195.W. Eugene March, A.B. Rhodes Professor of Old Testament, Louisville

Presbyterian Theological Seminary

2196.Carolyn Margueritte, Human being, I believe in God

2197.Bonnie Margulis, Director of Clergy Programming, Religious Coalition

for Reproductive Choice

2198.Joseph Mariani, Roman Catholic

2199.Angela Marie, pagan

2200.Rabbi Jeffrey Marker

2201.DonnaMarie Marlow, Education Programs Manager, Roman Catholic

2202.Lachlan Marsh, Principal, The John Flynn College (Uniting Church and

Lutheran Affiliation)

2203.Rev. Dr. Marvin A. Marsh, First Baptist Church

2204.Emily Marsick, Graduate Student in Psychology, None

2205.Jean Martensen, Director for Studies and Leadership Dev. , ELCA

Commission for Women

2206.Thomas Marti, MM, Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers

2207.Elizabeth Martin, United Church of Christ

2208.Rev. Dr. Joan M. Martin, Faculty, Episcopal Divinity School

2209.Rev. Marni Martin, Independent Religious Science Minister

2210.Robert Martin, Mennonite/East Chestnut Street

2211.Robert Martin, Pastor, United Church of Christ

2212.Sara Martin, Grace University Lutheran Church

2213.Stephen Martin, Christian Reformed Chaplaincy, Dalhousie University

2214.Rev. Alice Martin Adkins, Pastor, Washington City Church of the


2215.Larry Martinsen, Stated Clerk, Reformed Church in America in the

Pacific Northwest

2216.Pepper Marts, Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande

2217.Rebecca Martz, Prince of Peace Catholic Church

2218.Dario Maso, Vice-Provincial Superior, Xaverian Missionaries

2219.Alice J. Mason, Deacon, St. David's Episcopal Church

2220.Rev. Dr. George Mason, Pastor, Wilshire Baptist Church

2221.Moses Mason, M.Div Student - Chicago Theological Seminary, Chicago

Theological Seminary, Member: Progressive Baptist Church

2222.Victoria Masotta, Environmental Justice Coordinator, New England

Conference, United Methodist Church

2223.David Massey, Chaplain, Linfield College

2224.Elva Mast, Walnut Hill Mennonite

2225.LeRoy Mast, Pastor, Pleasant Valley Mennonite Church

2226.Mark Mast, Sr. Pastor, Reformed Church in America/Trinity Reformed


2227.Rev. Michael A. Mata, Professor of Urban Ministry and Director of the

Urban Leadership Institute, Claremont School of Theology

2228.Michael-Ray Mathews, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church

2229.Ronald J.R. Mathies, Executive Director, Mennonite Central Committee

2230.Fumitaka Matsuoka, Professor of Theology, Executive Director, PANA

Institute, Pacific School of Religion

2231.Erin Matteson, Local Church PAstor, Faith Church of the BRethren

2232.Rev. Carol Matteson Cox, District Superintendent, Metropolitan North


2233.Judy Matthews, Church musician; counselor; writer, United Methodist


2234.Karen S. Matthias-Long, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Reading

2235.Chris P. Matthy, St. paul's Lutheran Church

2236.Bill Mattia, School Counselor, Pax Christi -Catholic Peace Movement

2237.Taryn Mattice, Chaplain, Protestant Cooperative Ministry at Cornell


2238.Candita B. Mattos, Minister for Hispanic Relations, United Church of


2239.Rick Mawson, Associate in Ministry, United Church of Christ

2240.David Maxfield, Associate Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA)

2241.Bob and Liz Maxwell, Catholic

2242.Rev. Elizabeth G. Maxwell, Church of the Holy Apostles

2243.Rev. Charles D. May, Pastor, First Lutheran Church

2244.Rev. Dr. Felton Edwin May, Bishop, Washington Episcopal Area, The

United Methodist Church

2245.K. L. May, chaplain, UCC

2246.Joan Maynard, FUMC-Madison, WI

2247.Spyrie Mays, Physician, Methodist

2248.Susan Mazzara, Elder, Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian

2249.Linda McAlpine, Citizen, Roman Catholic

2250.Dennis A. McAndrew, President, Lutheran Service Society of Western


2251.Brad McBride, Teacher, Mustard Seed Community Church

2252.Gordon McBride, Rector, Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church

2253.Susan McBride, United Methodist Church

2254.Dr. Kendall K McCabe, Academic Dean, United Theological Seminary

2255.Kim McCall, Presbyterian

2256.Eileen McCarthy, Religious Education Teacher, School Sisters of Notre


2257.Jane McCarthy, Catholic

2258.Rita McCarthy, priest, Community of Christ

2259.John McClain, Temple Of Yeshuah

2260.Lynn McClard, Human being

2261.John S. McClure, Professor of Preaching and Worship, Louisville

Presbyterian Theological Seminary

2262.Patricia McClurg, Executive Presbyter, New Castle Presbytery,

Presbyterian Church (USA)

2263.Rev. Robert McCluskey, Pastor, The New Church (Swedenborgian)

2264.Don McCormick, Pastor, Prairie View United Methodist Church

2265.Rev. John L. McCullough, Executive Director, Church World Service

2266.Retha McCutchen, General Secretary, Friends United Meeting

2267.Bill T. McDaniel, PC(USA) Interim Pastor

2268.Darryl McDaniel, Pastor, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2269.Patricia McDermott, RSM, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Leadership


2270.Rev. James L. McDonald, Vice President of Policy and Programs, Bread

for the World

2271.Mary Jo McDonald, Pastoral Assistant, Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

2272.Sandy McDonald-O'Lear, RN, St Andrew Catholic

2273.Malcolm McDowell, Dean, Episcopal Cathedral of St. Stephen

2274.Elizabeth McElhill, Roman Catholic

2275.Christie McElhinney, Senior Communications Officer, The Colorado Trust

2276.Chris McElroy

2277.John McEntyre, Director of Christian Education and Pastoral Care, First

Presbyterian Church, San Luis Obispo CA, PCUSA

2278.Stephen McFadden, Co-Chair , Social & Economic Justice Committee,

Church of the Holy Apostles

2279.Bryan McFarland, Presbyterian Campus Minister ~ University of North

Carolina, Greensboro, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

2280.Diane McFarland, Westminster Presbyterian Church

2281.David J. McFarlane, The Presbyterian Church, Sewickley

2282.Deborah W. and Larry McFatter

2283.Rev. Dr. John G. McFayden, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church

2284.Rev. Susan C. McGhee, First Presbyterian Church

2285.Townley McGiffert, Sr. Resident Chaplain, Emory Healthcare

2286.Most Rev. Finian McGinn, OFM, Provincial Minister, Franciscan Friars

St. Barbara Province

2287.Jim McGinnis, Director, Institute for Peace and Justice

2288.Kathy McGinnis, Director, Institute for Peace and Justice

2289.Christie McGoodwin

2290.Robert McGowan, Trinity United Methodist Church

2291.Cathleen McGowan-Taylor, priestess, Free Spirit Alliance

2292.Judith McGrath, President, Calgary Inter-Faith Community Action


2293.Lester McGrath, President, Puerto Rico Council of Churches

2294.Lester McGrath-Andino, President, Evangelical Council of Puerto Rico

2295.Weltha McGraw, St. Albans Episcopal Church

2296.Allen McGrew, Witness Coordinator, Beavercreek Church of the Brethren

2297.Eileen McGuinness, First Church of Christ Congregational

2298.Rev. Delano M. McIntosh, Director, Wesley Foundation, University of


2299.Mary E. McKay, President, The Dunamis Peace Institute

2300.Paul T. McKay, Executive Director, Ecumenical Project for International


2301.Anne McKee, Campus Minister, Maryville College, Presbyterian Church


2302.Elsie McKee, Princeton Theological Seminary

2303.Diana McKeever, Religious Society of Friends

2304.Sr. Evelyn McKenna, SND, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

2305.Danny McKenzie, Associate Editor, NE Mississippi Daily Journal

2306.David McKenzie, Pastor, North Rome United Methodist Church

2307.Kimberly McKerley, Pastor, Pilgrim United Church of Christ

2308.Rev. Dr. Bob McKibben, Pine Forest United Methodist

2309.John McKiernan, Christian -- University View Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

2310.Deirdre McKiernan Hetzler, Campus Minister, St. John Fisher College

2311.Beth Ellen McKinney, Teacher, Catholic

2312.Bishop George D. McKinney, Charismatic Churches of North America

2313.Rev. William McKinney, President, Pacific School of Religion

2314.Robert McLean, Chairperson, Youngstown District UMC, East Ohio

Conference United Methodist Church

2315.Doug McLemore, Pastor, United Church of Christ

2316.Tom McLoughlin, Roman Catholic

2317.Beth McMahon, Concerned Christian

2318.Martie McMane, Senior Minister, First Congregational UCC, Boulder, CO

2319.Rev. Michael L. McMillan, Pastor, Victoria Seventh Day Adventist Church

2320.Faine McMullen

2321.W. Grant McMurray, President, Community of Christ

2322.Rev. Linda McNamar, Harmony Center for Spiritual Living

2323.Alan McNamara, Pastor, Chapel Hills United Church of Christ

2324.Rosemary Bray McNatt, Minister, The Fourth Universalist Society,

Unitarian Universalist

2325.Shelly McNaughton-Lawrence, Senior Pastor, United Methodist Church

2326.J. E. McNeil, Executive Director, Center on Conscience and War

2327.Curt McPhail, Presbyterian

2328.Jim R. Jr., Lois, Kelley, Danielle, Stacy, Allen and Katie McQuaide

2329.Lucia Ann McSpadden, Senior Research Fellow/Adjunct Professor, Life &

Peace Institute/Pacific School of Religion, UMC

2330.Buddy Meacham, Southern Baptist

2331.Marilyn Mecham, Executive, Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska

2332.Ralph Mecklenburger, Beth-El Congregation

2333.Dorothy Medeiros, Pacem in Terris

2334.Esther Megill

2335.Pamela Meidell, Chair, Disarmament Task Force, Fellowship of


2336.Rev. Judith A. Meier, First United Church of Christ

2337.Priscilla Meier

2338.Hauke Meinhold, Pastor, Evangelical Churches Oppin and Brachstedt

2339.Russell Melby, Iowa Regional Director/Church World Service, Evangelical

Lutheran Church in America

2340.Ralph Melcher, Builders of the Adytum

2341.Gus Melito, Pastor of St. Bernard Catholic Church-Dallas, Roman


2342.Melinda Melone, Greenbelt Church of Christ

2343.Glenda Melson, Cumberland Presbyterian Chaplain,, St. John's Breech

Medical Center

2344.Scott Mendez-Andrews, Flame of Faith United Methodist Church

2345.Richard Meneau, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

2346.Carl Menger, Solitary Wiccan

2347.Nina Mercer-Bonner, None

2348.Sandra Merchant, Graduate Student, Phillips Theological Seminary,

Member, St. Benedict Roman Catholic Parish

2349.Robert Merikangas, St John the Baptist Catholic Church

2350.Cynthia Merten, Director of Christian Education, First Presbyterian


2351.Sheila Mesa, Public Citizen

2352.Homer Messamer, Modesto Church of the Brethren

2353.Linda Messamore, Bellevue Community Church/Interdenominational

2354.Rev. Susanna E. Metz, Director, Exective Director, Contextual

Education, Center for Ministry in Small Churches

2355.Dr. Paul Meyendorff, Co-Chair NCCC Faith and Order, St. Vladimir's

Orthodox Theological Seminary

2356.Lee Meyer, Campus Pastor, Arizona State University, Alleluia Lutheran

Student Ministry

2357.Rabbi Margaret J. Meyer, Congregation B'nai Israel

2358.Mark D. Meyer, Christ Episcopal Church

2359.Patricia Meyer, Chrsitian Educator, Community Presbyterian Church

2360.Pastor Phil Meyer, Campus Minister, University of Missouri Columbia

2361.Russell Meyer, Senior Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church ELCA

2362.Howard Meyers, American citizen

2363.Julia Micciche

2364.Rev. Richard F. Michael, Trinity Lutheran Church

2365.Mark Michaelson, Christian

2366.Betty and Peter Michelozzi, Habitat for Humanity Volunteers

2367.Mark L. Middleton, non-stipendiary priest, St, Alban's Episcopal

Church, Chicago

2368.Gregory Migirditch, Blooming Grove Reformed Church

2369.Debra Mihal, None

2370.Christine Mihevc, North Park Covenant Chuch

2371.Mary Mikhael, Near East School of Theology

2372.Sally Milbury-Steen, Pacem in Terris

2373.walt miler, retired, presbyterian

2374.Glen Miles, Senior Minister, Sandy Springs Christian Church

2375.Audrey A. Miller, Executive Director, Pilgrim Press & United Church of

Christ Resourc.

2376.Barbara Miller

2377.Beth Miller, Church of the Brethren, graduate student at Bethany

Theological Seminary

2378.Chris Miller, Hospital Chaplain, The United Church of Canada

2379.Curtis Miller, Pastor, Congregational United Church of Christ

2380.Cynthia Howell Miller, Mennonite

2381.David A. Miller, Licensed Psychologist, Midwest Christian Counseling


2382.Bishop Freeman J. Miller, Mennonite Churches of Philadelphia

2383.Rev. Glenn D. Miller, Sr. Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church

2384.Helen Miller, Lee Heights Community Church Mennonite

2385.John Miller, Senior Minister, First Congregational Church

2386.Jolene Miller, St. Mark's Episcopal Church

2387.Jordan Miller, Non-denominational

2388.Larry Miller, Executive Director, Arizona Call to Renewal, Inc.

2389.Linda Ray Miller

2390.Lynn Miller, Minister, Unity Church of Arlington

2391.Marilyn Miller, Director of Outreach Ministries, Commission on Home

Ministries, General Conference Mennonite Church

2392.Mary Elizabeth Miller, Vice President, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

2393.Mary H. Miller, St. James' Episcopal Church, Baltimore MD

2394.Naomi Miller, Mennonite Churches of Philadelphia

2395.Nathaniel Miller, Pacem in Terris

2396.Roman J. Miller, Professor of Biology, Eastern Mennonite University

2397.Ron Miller, St. Michael's Catholic Church

2398.Tarrel (Terry) Miller, Director, Hutterite Studies Center

2399.Ted Miller, Pastor, First Congregational Church of Evanston, IL

2400.Terri Miller, Mennonite

2401.Vern Miller, Pastor Emertius, Lee Heights Community Church, Mennonite

2402.Wendy Miller Olapade, Senior Pastor, First Congregational Church of

Reading - United Church of Christ

2403.William R. Miller, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, University of New


2404.Maury Millican, Senior Pastor, Bismarck Community Church (RCA)

2405.Ron Millican, Pastor, St. Pius X Catholic Church

2406.Fr. Ronald C. Millican, Pastor, St. Pius X Catholic Church

2407.Dr. Charles and Laura Millikan and their daughters, Kristin and Katy

Millikan, District Superintendent, Palestine District, Texas Annual

Conference of the United Methodist Church

2408.George Millikan, Clerk, Peace and Social Order Committee, Berkeley

Society of Friends (Quakers)

2409.Jane Millikan, Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Baker, MN

2410.Marlon Millner, Minister, Apostle Church of Christ in God; moderator,

Afro-Pentecostal Thought e-Group

2411.josh mills, jewish

2412.Ronald Mills, Founder, Fight The Right Network

2413.Nancy Parsons Millwater, student, UCC

2414.Barbara J. Minton, Pastor, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2415.Thomas D. Minton, Pastor, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2416.Rev. Crystal Minugh-Brutscher, Ministry of Peace and Justice, Riverside

United Methodist Church

2417.Clair E. Mitchell, Retired UM Pastor, United Methodist Church

2418.Douglas Mitchell, Associate Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church

2419.Ineke Mitchell, Interim Senior Pastor, Suquamish United Church of


2420.John Mitchell, Catholic Information center

2421.Ella Mitoraj, Roman Catholic

2422.Rabbi David Mivasair

2423.Rev. Kevin F. Modesto, Pastor, Tapestry: A Church of the Nazarene

2424.JoAnne Moeller

2425.Pamela A. Moeller, Pastor, Valley City Congregational UCC

2426.Blair Moffett, Co-Pastor, First Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) Stamford,


2427.Cris Mogenson, Coordinating Chaplain Broome County Jail, Broome County

Council of Churches @FMCNA

2428.Helen Molanphy, Professor, Episcopal Church

2429.Joseph Mole, Training Consultant, The Salvation Army

2430.Cheryl Molhoek, Minister of Adult Discipleship, Central Reformed

Church, RCA

2431.Edward Moll, Clergy, The United Church of Canada, Cookstown/Thornton

Pastoral Charge

2432.Virginia Mollenkott, Episcopal

2433.Nancy Molteni, mother, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Community

2434.Barbara C. Monroe, Roman Catholic

2435.Stephen V. Monsma, Professor of Political Science, Pepperdine


2436.Lea Monte, Educator, BorderLinks

2437.Joseph Monti, Ph.D., The School of Theology, The University of the


2438.Rev. John R. Moody, Westminster Presbyterian Church

2439.Sharon B. Moon, LCSW-C, Episcopalian (St. Paul's-Waldorf, MD) Society

of Friends (Patuxent Meeting)

2440.Joseph Mooney, Retired Teacher, Roman Catholic

2441.Tanna Moontaro, clerk of adult education, Santa Monica Monthly Meeting,

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

2442.Rev. David Moon-Wainright

2443.David Moore, SUNY Albany

2444.Debra Moore, Commissioned Minister of Christian Education, Christ

Congregational Church, UCC

2445.Rev. Denis Moore, Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church of San Jose

2446.E. Maynard Moore

2447.Elizabeth Moore, Pastor, United Methodist Church/Kingwood and

Frenchtown UMCs

2448.Rev. Gladys G. Moore, Assistant to the Bishop, New Jersey Synod, ELCA

2449.Jane Ann Moore, Retired Pastor, United Church of Christ

2450.Richard O. Moore, retired, United Church of Christ

2451.William Moore, Retired Pastor, United Church of Christ

2452.William R. Moore, Pacem in Terris

2453.Anita Morawski, Roman Catholic

2454.Jennifer Morazes, M. Div Episcopal Divinity School

2455.Raymond Moreland, Executive Director, Maryland Bible Society

2456.Brett Morgan, Interim Pastor, Christ Our Anchor Presbyterian Church

2457.Eileen Peterson Morgan, Deaconess

2458.Joel Morgan, The Flowers Family

2459.Janice Joan Margaret Judith Clare Morgan Sobala Brennan GreeneBrown,

Leadership Team, Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester

2460.Paula Morin, Professional Artist, Oblate, O.S.B.

2461.Gerrie Mikhaela Morisky, Minister, Ecumenical

2462.Bruce Morrill, Asst. Prof. of Theology, Boston College, Roman

Catholic/Society of Jesus

2463.Ann Morris, Presbyterian

2464.Fred Morris, Flordia Council of Churches

2465.Robert Morrison, Rector, The Episcopal Parish of St. James

2466.Bishop Susan M. Morrison, Albany Episcopal Area, United Methodist


2467.Robert Morriss, co-minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne,


2468.John Morse, UMC

2469.Donna T. Morton, United Methodist Church Kentucky Conference

2470.Roscoe Morton, Elder, Covenant Presbyterian Church of West Des Moines

2471.Susan Moseley, Director of Christian Education, First Presbyterian

Church, Rocky Mount, NC

2472.Don Mosley, Jubilee Partners

2473.Rev. Victoria L. Moss, Chaplain, Davis and Elkins College

2474.Claude Mostowik, National Coordinator Justice and Peace Office,

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart [Australia]

2475.Frances Motley, elementary public school teacher,


2476.Melissa Ann Mounce, Celtic Christian Franciscans

2477.Dr. Wayne W. Mouritzen, Evangelical Presbyterian

2478.Martha Moutray, Buddhist / Pacific Zen Institute

2479.Ann Moyer, Pastor, San Diego Mennonite Church

2480.Fred Mueller, Pastor, Reformed Church of Locust Valley

2481.Lois Mueller, Minister, Plymouth United Church of Christ

2482.Mary Ann Mueninghoff, O.P., President, Call To Action

2483.John M. Mulder, President, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

2484.Virginia Mulhern, SND, Site-Director, NotreDame Mission Volunteers

2485.Terry Mulholland, Retired Gynaecologist, Presbyterian Church in Ireland

2486.David G. Mullen, Pastor, Calvary Lutheran Church

2487.Bill Mullette-Bauer, Pastor, Covenant United Methodist Church

2488.Rev. Jim Mulligan, Executive Director, Earth Ministry

2489.Jayne Mullins, Compassionate Secularist

2490.Ibrahim Mumin, Mumin & Associates

2491.Mary Munch

2492.Cathy Mundy, Presbyterian

2493.Jean-Louis Munn, parent

2494.Mary Munton, Pax Christie

2495.Philip Muntzel, King's College, Professor of Theology and Ethics,

Presbyterian ( UPUSA)

2496.Matthew Murdoch

2497.Patrick Murfin, President, Interfaith Council for Social Justice

(McHenry County IL), Congregational Unitarian Church, Woodstock, IL.

2498.Aaron Murillo, President, Student For Christ at UCI

2499.Caroline Murphy, Minister, West Yarmouth Congregational Church (UCC),

West Yarmouth, Mass.

2500.Catherine Murphy, Presbyterian

2501.Frances D. Murphy

2502.Mark Murphy, Community of Christ

2503.Thomas C. Murphy, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, College Park, MD

2504.James Murray, Religious Affairs Editor, The Australian, Anglican

2505.Catherine Murray, OP, Grassroots Program at SHARE, Dominican Sister

2506.Jack and Lucia Murtaugh, Roman Catholic St. Benedict the Moor Parish

2507.Sister Joan Mury, Congregational Leadership Team, Maryknoll Sisters

2508.William Musser, Lutheran

2509.Karen Myer, Self-Realization Fellowship

2510.Carol Myers, Elder, Reformed Church in America

2511.Joy Myers, Interim Associate Pastor, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)/Fox

Valley Presbsyterian

2512.Raisah Myers, WISOMMM, Advisory Board Chair

2513.Randy Myers, Pastor, Davis Memorial Christian Church (Disciples of


2514.Rev. Dr. Richard Myers, Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church

2515.Ronald Myers, Sr. Pastor, Lake Travis United Methodist Church

2516.Bruce Nadin, Minister of Sutton Elms Baptist Church, U.K., Baptist

2517.Jeff, Kathy, Katie and Jason Nagorny

2518.Phil Nancarrow, Pastor and Teacher, Portage Lake United Church

2519.Joe Nangle, Fransican Mission Service

2520.Todd Napoli, Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church, ELCA

2521.Linda Naranjo-Huebl, Evangelical Presbyterian

2522.Linda Naranjo-Huebl, Ph.D., Feminists for Life of Colorado

2523.Simeon Nartoomid, Pastor, Church of the Holy Flame

2524.Peter W. Narum, Pastor, Bethel Lutheran Church (ELCA)

2525.David Nash, Sr. Pastor, Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)

2526.Guy D. Nave, Jr., AME Minister; Associate Professor of Religion, Luther


2527.Richard Neal, pastor, Middlebury and East Middlebury (Vermont) United

Methodist Church

2528.Irene Neale, Post demoninational

2529.Mary Neckuty, Religious Education Coordinator, St. Agnes Parish

2530.Adam Neder, Princeton Theological Seminary

2531.David Neff, Editor, Christianity Today Magazine

2532.Rev. Ron Neff, Unity Christ Church

2533.Helen R. Neinast, Director, Emory United Methodist Campus Ministry

2534.sandra nelken, United Church of Canada

2535.Christine Nelson, Executive Director, Lehigh County Conference of


2536.Eric Marinus Nelson, Principal Minister, First Congregational Church of

Minnesota UCC

2537.Helene Nelson, Christian, Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ

2538.Rev. Holly Nelson, Dean of Students, Eden Theological Seminary

2539.Joan D. Nelson, PN Coordinator, United Methodist

2540.John A. Nelson, Senior Pastor, The Dover Church

2541.Julie Nelson, Deacon, Anglican Church of Australia

2542.Kathryn Nelson, Pastor, Peace United Church of Christ

2543.Larry K. Nelson, St. Mark's Lutheran Church

2544.Mark T. Nelson, First Presbyterian - Marshfield, WI

2545.Mary Nelson, Bethel New Life

2546.N. Bruce Nelson, Pastor, Berkeley Peace Chapel, Communtity of Christ

2547.Rick Nelson, Catholic

2548.Rudy Nelson, member, First Presbyterian Church

2549.Shirley Nelson, member, First Presbyterian Church

2550.Catherine T. Nerney, SSJ, Religious Studies, Chestnut Hill College

2551.Kaaren Nesmith, Interim Associate Pastor, Longview Community Church

2552.Virginia Nesmith, National Farm Worker Ministry

2553.Rev. Christine M. Nessel, Messiah Lutheran Church

2554.Rev. Scott D. Nessel, St. Andrew By-the-Sea Lutheran Church

2555.Rev. Thomas Nettifee, East Whittier Christian Church (Disciples of


2556.Shari Nettles

2557.Shari, Gary, Maggie, and Jake Nettles

2558.Ulla Neuburger, Buddhist

2559.Dee Neuman, Unitarian Universalist

2560.David Neunuebel, Presbyterian

2561.Ed Newbury, Pastor, St Hilda's Church, Kimball, NE, Episcopal Church

2562.Chris Newcomb, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

2563.Theodore Newcomb III, Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ

2564.Ben and Alta Newcomer

2565.Marcia Newfield, College teacher, Planetary citizen/Earth resident

2566.Jay R. Newlin, OSL, Drexel Hill United Methodist Church

2567.Rita Newton, Executive Director, Oklahoma Conference of Churches

2568.Charles Niblick, D.Min., Assistant Director of Campus Ministry, Saint

Xavier University, Chicago

2569.Angie Nicholas, Psychiatrist, Christian (Church of England)

2570.Stacey Nicholas, Immanuel United Methodist Church

2571.Emilie Nichols, AFSC Denver

2572.Maurine McCahan Nichols, Member of Congregation, Unitarian Universalist

Church of Chattanooga

2573.Tom Nichols, Member, Mountain View Friends Meeting, Denver

2574.Elizabeth Nicks, Associate Minister, Redlands United Church of Christ

2575.Jane Niehaus_Tull, Chair, board of Christian Educatio , Chruch of the

Foothills, UCC

2576.John H. Nieman, Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church

2577.Marcelline Niemann, NOVA Catholic Community

2578.Julie Nieset, Kent Buddhist Temple

2579.J. Kent Nilsson, Ordained Layman, Milwaukee Zen Center / Soto Zen


2580.Weldon Nisly, Pastor, Seattle Mennonite Church

2581.Anne Noble, St. Dorothea's Church

2582.Deb Nofziger-Miller, Mennonite

2583.Leslie W. Norman, Pastor and Teacher, Sanbornton Congregational Church,

United Church of Christ

2584.Dr. Mike Normoyle, Browntown Baptist Church

2585.Rex Anthony Norris, Little Portion Hermitage / Roman Catholic

2586.Laura Norris Buisch, Minister, Shortsville Presbyterian Church

2587.Abigail Norton, Seminary Student, Reformed Church in America

2588.Jim Norton, Walnut Hill Mennonite Church

2589.Laura Norton, St. James Parish

2590.Jamie Norwich McLennan, Pastor, St. Paul United Methodist Church

2591.William J. Nottingham, Retired, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2592.Joann Nowak, O.S.F, St. Ursula Food Pantry and Outreach

2593.Eileen Noyes-Verchereau, Self-Employed, United Methodist

2594.Paul Nulton, Coordinator of RCA Volunteers and Work Groups for N.

America, Reformed Church in America

2595.Rev. Tina H. Nummela

2596.Janet Nunley, The Episcopal Church

2597.Celeste Marie Nuttman, R.S.M.

2598.Dr. Sulayman S. Nyang, Professor, Howard University

2599.Richard Nysse, Luther Seminary

2600.Barbara Ober, Pastor, Live Oak Church

2601.Rev. Charles H. Oberkehr , Shiloh Lutheran Church, ELCA

2602.Tim O'Brien, Teacher, Roman Catholic

2603.Todd O'Brien, Roman Catholic

2604.Peggy O'Bryan, Mile High Church of Religious Science

2605.Jody Ochs

2606.Karen O'Connell, Minister for Children, Youth and Families, Plymouth

Congregational Church

2607.Mark O'Connor, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

2608.John Oda-Burns, Priest Associate, Transfiguration Episcopal Church

2609.Sheila O'Dea, RSM, North American Forum on the Catechumenate

2610.Lynne O'Donnell, Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

2611.Rabbi Drorah O'Donnell Setel, The Kadima Community

2612.Alice O'Donovan, Interim Associate Pastor, Cong'l Church of S.

Glastonbury, UCC

2613.Sr. Ann Oestreich, Congregation Justice Coordinator, Sisters of the

Holy Cross

2614.Paul Offhaus, Pastor, Community of Hope (Macomb, MI), Evangelical

Lutheran Church in America

2615.Daniel Ogden, Senior Pastor, Oradell Reformed Church, Oradell. NJ

2616.George E. Ogle, retired, UMC

2617.Jim O'Hanlon, ELCA

2618.Enkyo O'Hara, Sensei, Village Zendo (Zen Buddhist)

2619.Laura O'Harra, Disciples of Christ

2620.Douglas Oldenburg , Moderator of the 210th General Assembly ,

Presbyterian Church (USA)

2621.Rev. Dr. Mark Oldenburg, Chaplain, Lutheran Theological Seminary at


2622.Leif Oldert, Follower of the way

2623.Stephen Oldham, teacher, St. Joseph's Prep School

2624.Rabbi Dr. David Oler, Congregation Beth Or

2625.Rev. Sandra Olewine, United Methodist Liaison

2626.Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky, Executive Director, Jewish Outreach Institute

2627.John Oliver, Chaplain, Heartland Hospice

2628.Patrick Oliver, spiritual director, Catholic

2629.Chuck Olson, Board member, Evangelicals for Social Action

2630.Dennis Olson, Professor of Old Testament, Princeton Theological


2631.Rev. Phil Olson, Vice President of Church Relations and Director of

Network 9:35, Evangelicals for Social Action

2632.Berwyn Oltman, Pastor, New Covenant Church of the Brethren

2633.Kathleen O'Malley, Hidden Mountain Zen Center

2634.William O'Neill, President, All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of


2635.Donald O'Polka, retired, American Baptist Churches

2636.Scott Opsahl, Pastor, First Memorial Presbyterian Church

2637.Jennifer Orff, Wiccan

2638.Kenneth Ornell, Interim Rector, Christ Episcopal Church

2639.Kevin Oro-Hahn, Area Director, New York City, InterVarsity Christian


2640.Marilyn O'Rourke, Rush University College of Nursing

2641.Mary Orr, Buddhist meditation teacher, Spirit Rock Center

2642.Maria Ortega Kummer, First Mennonite Church

2643.Jose Ortiz, Executive Director, MCC US

2644.Friar Jacek Orzechowski, OFM, Holy Name Province

2645.Mary Anne Osborn, Priest, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

2646.Richard and Sara Osborne, Easton Friends, Religious Society of Friends


2647.Robert Osborne, Senior Priest, Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville

2648.Barbara Osbron, Baptist

2649.Chad O'Shea, Minister, Unity Center of Christianity, Fletcher NC

2650.Thomas Osif, Pastor, Bald Eagle Valley Community Church (United


2651.Rev. Dr. Greg Osterberg, University Protestant Chaplain, University of


2652.Sister Helene O'Sullivan, MM, President, Maryknoll Sisters

2653.Marcellina O'Sullivan, PBVM, Presentation Convent

2654.Rev. Larney Otis, Trinity Episcopal Church

2655.William Owens, Christian

2656.Jeanette Mott Oxford, commissioned minister, Epiphany United Church of

Christ, St. Louis

2657.Eddie Ozols, Member, Alstonville Baptist Church

2658.Rev. John D. Paarlberg, Minister for Social Witness and Worship,

Reformed Church in America

2659.Thomas and Nancy Pabreza, members, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church

2660.David Pacini, Associate Prof. Historical Studies in Theology and

Religion, Candler School of Theology

2661.Thomas Pack, Christ Community Church, Ruston, Louisiana

2662.Judith Packard, Shalom UCC

2663.Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Christian Reformed Church

2664.Carroll Page, Pastor, Boiling Springs Baptist Church

2665.Dr. John Pahl, Associate Professor of American Religious History, The

Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

2666.Margaret Paige, CCGM: Columbiaville United Methodist Church

2667.Roswell Paine, member, Belmont United Methodist Church

2668.Dale Painter, Reformed Church in America

2669.Christine Paintner, Doctoral Student in Christian Spirituality, Roman


2670.Rene Pak, Pastor in charge, United Methodist Church/Wesley Circuit


2671.Glenn R. Palmberg, President, The Evangelical Covenant Church

2672.Archie Palmer, Interim Minister, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Lincoln

Park, NJ

2673.Gill Palmer, New life Christian Community

2674.Jane Palmer, Pacem in Terris

2675.Phillip M. Palmer, Baptist

2676.Marlene Pamer, Catholic/Presbyterian/Episcopalian

2677.Peter B. Panagore, The Congregational Church, UCC, of Boothbay Harbor,


2678.David Pantermuehl, Sr. Pastor, United Church of Christ

2679.Mary Papenfuss, Agnostic

2680.Ron Papenfuss, Secular Humanist

2681.John-Brian Paprock, corepiscopa/pastor, Malankara Orthodox Church

2682.Dr. Robert Parham, Executive Director, Baptist Center for Ethics

2683.Andy Parker, Catholic

2684.Robert Parker, Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

2685.William Parnell, Rector, Christ Church (Episcopal), Hackensack, NJ

2686.Parisa Parsa, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos

2687.Lynn R. Parsons, Sheperd of the Hills Lutheran Church

2688.Beatrice Parwatikar, Pax Christi National Council Member

2689.bonnie passamani, no title, catholic

2690.christopher passonneau, restaurant employee , presbyterian

2691.Carmen Patella, Roman Catholic

2692.Jed Patrick, Pastor, St. Michael Roman Catholic Church

2693.Lynn Patrick Doyle, Lutheran

2694.Jim Patten, Pastor, Calvary Presbyterian Church

2695.Jeff Patterson, Pastor, Aldersgate United Methodist Church

2696.Oliver Patterson, Co-moderator, Commission on Race and Ethnicity,

Reformed Church in America

2697.Stephen J. Patterson, Professor of New Testament, Eden Theological


2698.Wesley'Pat' Pattillo, Associate General Secretarys for Communication,

National Council of Churches, USA

2699.W. P. Suresh Paul, Director, International Student Center

2700.caroline paulson, catholic

2701.Emily Paulson, elder of RCA, Protestant, Recformed Church of America

2702.cindy paulson-schiefelbein, UCC

2703.Amy Plantinga Pauw, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary

2704.Velton Peabody, minister, Community of Christ

2705.Gwendelynn Peace, None...Independent Ecclectic Spiritualist

2706.Mennonite Church Peace and Justice Committee, Mennonite Church USA

2707.Rev. Larry J. Peacock, Malibu United Methodist Church

2708.Mark Pearce, School teacher, Christian

2709.April Pekary

2710.M. Evaristus Pellegrini, RSM

2711.Gary Pence, Professor of Pastoral Theology, Pacific Lutheran

Theological Seminary

2712.Stephen Penner, Associate Pastor, First Mennonite Church, Reedley,


2713.Michael S. Penn-Strah, Interim Minister/Co-Pastor, Allegheny United

Church of Christ/Open Arms Church

2714.Alan Perkins, Organizer, Vermont Faith Communities for a Just Economy

2715.Erma Perkins, Evangelical Covenant

2716.James W. Perkinson, Director/Associate Professor Religious Studies,

Doctor of Ministy Program, Ecumenical Thelogical Seminary/Marygrove College

2717.Ken Perlow, Jewish

2718.William Perman, Co-Pastor, Evangelical United Church of Christ

2719.Beth Perry, McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University

2720.Troy D. Perry, Moderator, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan

Community Churches

2721.Kathryn Jeanne Person, Associate Rector, Grace Church Brooklyn Heights


2722.Karl Pestka, Roman Catholic/St. John's Student Parish

2723.John Peteet, St, James' Episcopal Church

2724.Russell Peterman, Sandy Springs Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),

Atlanta, GA

2725.Rev. James F. Peters, Pastor, Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

2726.Lanny Peters, Pastor, Okhurst Baptist Church

2727.Michael Peters, General Synod delegate, Avon Lake United Church of


2728.Thomas Peters, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church

2729.Jeffrey Peterson, Engineer, Evangelical Christian

2730.Joy Peterson, President, Sisters of the Presentation

2731.Kristin L Peterson, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

2732.Rev. Dr. William D. Peterson, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church

2733.Jeff Peterson-Davis, Parish Associate, Pleasant Hill Presbyterian


2734.Rev. Kerri Peterson-Davis, Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

2735.Charles Petit, Seminarian, University of the South

2736.Dixie Petrey, Chaplain/Pastor, Baptist/Shannondale Retirement Community

2737.Fr. Steve Petrica, SSC, Parish of Christ the King

2738.Lynette Petruska, SSJ, University Chaplain, Gannon University

2739.Aaron Petuchowski, Temple Sholom of Chicago

2740.Barbara Pfeifle, Librarian, Lexington Theological Seminary

2741.Harold Pfister, Roman Catholic

2742.Rev. John C. Pfisterer, Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church, ELCA

2743.Sr. Kathleen Phelan, OP, CFRE, Pax Christi USA National Council

2744.Alden Phillips, Mt. Olive United Methodist Church

2745.Jennifer Phillips, Emmanuel Baptist Church and United Church of Christ

2746.Rev. Larry Phillips, Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist - Friedens United Church

of Christ

2747.Mitchell D. Phillips, Pastor, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, ELCA,

Evansville, IN

2748.Rebecca Phillips, English professor, Unitarian Universalist

2749.Richard Phillips, none

2750.Rev. Br. Francis Andrew Phillips, BSG, Episcopal Church of St. John the


2751.Noel Phillips, D.Min., BCC, Chaplain, Salem Hospital, UCC, Disciples of


2752.Jennifer Picciotto, yoga teacher

2753.Rev. Margot Trusty Pickett, Co-pastor, Pilgrim United Church of Christ

2754.Mark H. Pickett, Co-pastor, Pilgrim United Church of Christ

2755.Rev. Gayle Pickrell, Christ Church United Methodist

2756.Chris Pieper, Social Justice Team -- University Catholic Center

2757.Minister Zina C. Pierre, Washington Linkage Group

2758.Thomas Pietila, Senior Pastor, Central United Methodist Church

2759.Larry Pigg, Sr. Minister, Norwood Christian Church (Disciples of


2760.Roger Piper-Ruth, Mennonite Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship

2761.Donna Pistole, Unitarian Universalist

2762.Michael A. Pitts, Vice President for Spiritual Development and

University Chaplain, Point Loma Nazarene University

2763.Dr. Peter J. Pizor, Churchwright Institute

2764.Rick Plain, St. Andrew's UMC

2765.Mark Plante, Non-denominational

2766.Robert Podzikowski, Pax Christi USA

2767.Rev. David W. Poe, St. Peter's Evangelical UCC

2768.Christel Poelman, Student, Christian Reformed Church

2769.Garland D. Pohl, President, National Association of Diocesan Ecumenical


2770.Vicki Poier, Moderator, First Congregational UCC

2771.Rick Polhamus, Christian Peacemaker Teams & Church of the Brethren

2772.Robert Pollard, Founder and Information Ecologist, Information Habitat:

Where Information Lives

2773.Elizabeth Pond-McPherson, Ner Shalom

2774.Kenneth T. Ponds, Private Citizen

2775.Barbara E. Pontier, Unitarian Universalist

2776.Raymond J Pontier, Retired, Unitarian Universalist Association

2777.Rebecca Pool, Co-director, Spartan Theatre

2778.Rev. Frank H. Poole, Interim Executive Presbyter, Presbytery of Utica,

Presbyterian Church (USA)

2779.Earl A. Pope, Helen H. P. Manson Professor of Bible Emeritus, Lafayette


2780.Gerald Porter, Executive Officer, Episcopal Diocese of Olympia

2781.Don Portwood, Co-pastor, Lyndale United Church of Christ

2782.Valerie Potter, County Ecumenical Officer, Churches Together in Dorset

2783.J. Michael Povey, Rector, St. James's Episcopal, Cambridge,MA

2784.Jayna E. Powell, Director, Volunteers in Mission Homeland Ministries

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2785.Lori Powell, Associate Pastor, North Congregational Church

2786.Marianne Power, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Parish of Monson, MA

2787.Delia Pratt, First Presbyterian Church Santa Rosa

2788.Clare Pratt, RSCJ, Superior General, Society of the Sacred Heart

2789.Rev. Daniel Prechtel, Director, Lamb & Lion Spiritual Guidance


2790.Shanta Premawardhana, Senior Pastor, Ellis Avenue Church

2791.Cecil Prescod, Chair, Commission on Justice, Ainsworth United Church of


2792.Carolyn Presley

2793.Jerrilyn Prestiano, R.N., Catholic

2794.Carlee Preston, Presbyterian

2795.Richard Preston, Hospice Chaplain, Roman Catholic

2796.Betty Preston, MMB

2797.Duane Pribula, pastor, Roman Catholic

2798.chris Price, Patriot for Peace, retired Catholic/aspiring Buddist..

2799.Daniel Price, Parishoner, St. Francis of Assisi Church Centerville,


2800.Debbie Price, Spiritualist

2801.Rev. Peggy Price, Senior Minister, Huntington Beach Church of Religious


2802.Bishop Peter Price, Church of England

2803.Rev. Richard Hammond Price, Prior, The Order of Corpus Christi

2804.Stephen Price, Director, Office of Justice & Peace, Society of African

Missions (Roman Catholic)

2805.Glenda W. Prins, Pastor, Salem United Church of Christ

2806.Alice Prive

2807.James Probert, Presbyterian Church (USA)

2808.Jeff Procter-Murphy, Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church

2809.Laurie Proctor, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort

Wayne, Indiana

2810.Diane Prosser, Minister, Congregational/UCC

2811.John and Jan Protopapas, musicians, Islam/Unitarian Universalist

2812.Dave Pruett, retired - lay helper, Emmanuel Episcopal Church

2813.Kathleen Pruitt, President, Leadership Conference of Women Religious

2814.Mary Puccinelli, Ministry Leader - United Power for Action and Justice,

Holy Family Catholic Community, Inverness, IL

2815.Dr. Jeffrey C. Pugh, Professor of Religious Studies, Elon University

2816.Judi Purcell, Senior Minister, Unity of Gulf Breeze

2817.Fr. Dr. Joy Pyngolil, St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church of South

Florida (Malankara Orthodox Church)

2818.Laura Quass-Ferdinand, United Methodist

2819.Judi Quatrani, Manager, Spiritual Care Departement, St. Joseph's

Hospital and Medical Center

2820.Susan Quayle-Gates, Christian

2821.Kevin Queally, Franciscan Catholic priest

2822.Julie Quesada, Trinity Presbyterian,

2823.Harry V. Quiett, Director of Ecclesiastical and Ecumenical Programs,

Volunteers of America National Office

2824.Thomas Quigley, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2825.David Radcliff, Director of Brethren Witness, Church of the Brethren

General Board

2826.Mark Wm. Radecke, Chaplain , Susquehanna University

2827.Sharon Zimmerman Rader, Bishop, United Methodist Church

2828.Martin Rafanan, Executive Director, The National Conference for

Community and Justice (NCCJ)

2829.Janet E. Raffel, J. E. Raffel & Associates

2830.David W. Ragan, Sr. Minister, Shadow Rock Congregational United Church

of Christ

2831.Sanford Ragins

2832.Prof. J. Paul Rajashekar, Dean, The Lutheran Theological Seminary

2833.Rev. John D. Ralston, Mid-Kentucky Presbytery

2834.Kathleen Ramberg, Elder, First Presbyterian Church San Luis Obispo


2835.Allan Byron Fernando Ramirez Moncayo, Pastor, Brookville Church,

Reformed Church in America

2836.Floyd & Marjorie Ramp, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

2837.Mark Ramseth, President, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, ELCA

2838.Ammon Ramsey, Seminary Student, United Methodist Church

2839.Laurie Anne Ramsey, Department of French, The University of the South

2840.Lee Ramsey, Prof. of Pastoral Care, Memphis Theological Seminary

2841.Dennis Randall, Minister, Airline Drive Church of Christ

2842.Dieter Randolph, Associate Minister, Unity Church of Clearwater

2843.Rev. Ramona Soto Rank, Augustana Lutheran Church

2844.Cynthia Ranke, St. Agnes Catholic Church, Flint Michigan

2845.Margaret Rapp, Roman Catholic

2846.Karyn Ratcliffe, Reformed Church in America

2847.Kathy Rawle, First Parish Unitarian Universalist

2848.Kathryn Rawson, Presbyterian

2849.Marilyn Ray, Clinical Social Worker, School Counselor, Roman Catholic

2850.Peggy Ray

2851.Barbara Raymond, SNJM

2852.Anthony Razel, Council Member, Bethlehem Lutheran, East Hampton, CT

2853.John Reardon, C.S.C., Roman Catholic/Congregation of Holy Cross

2854.Patricia Reckrey, People for Peace

2855.William Reding, Pastor, Ruth Ensor Memorial United Methodist Church

2856.Jane Redmont, Graduate Theological Union

2857.James R. Reed, President Emeritus, Christian Church Foundation,

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2858.Rev. Walter Reed, Senior Minister, Palm Lake Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

2859.David A. Reed-Brown, Pastor, The American Baptist Churches, U.S.A.

2860.Rev. James Foster Reese, Executive Presbyter of the New York City

Presbytery, Presbyterian Church USA

2861.Diane Reese, SNDdN, Team Coordinator, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

2862.Rev. Justus Y. Reeves, Director of Development, Progressive National

Baptist Convention, INC.

2863.Rev. George F. Regas, Progressive Religious Partnership

2864.David Reger, United Methodist

2865.Richard Reichert, Retired teacher, Roman Catholic

2866.Carol Reid, Presbyterian

2867.Robert Reid, Chair of the Dept. of Communication and Director of the

Graduate Program in Communication, University of Dubuque

2868.Jill Reimer, Community of Christ

2869.Judy Mills Reimer, General Secretary, Church of the Brethren General


2870.Dorothy Reinert, Retired, Roman Catholic

2871.Holly Reinhart-Marean, Senior Pastor, Sierra Madre United Methodist


2872.Tom Reinhart-Marean, Minister of Visitation, Pasadena First United

Methodist Church

2873.Jonathan W. Reitman, Adult Education Chair, Congregation Bet Ha'am

2874.Kevin Renaud, Human Being, May Memorial Unitarian Universalists Society

2875.Tim Renneberg, Roman Catholic

2876.Ernie Reyes, Administrative Pastor, Los Angeles Filipino American

United Church of Christ

2877.Jeanne Reynolds, Pastoral Therapist, PC/USA

2878.Kathy Reynolds, Church of the Brethren

2879.Kathy Reynolds, Roman Catholic

2880.Roy Reynolds, Consulting Minister, Unitarian Universalist

2881.Tim Reynolds, Pastor, Hendersonville (TN) First Presbyterian Church

2882.James Reynolds III, Pastoral Associate, St. Ann's/St. Cyril's Parishes

2883.Gerald Rhoades, Director of Brethren Community Ministries, Church of

the Brethren

2884.Judith Rhoades, Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church

2885.Vicki Rhoades, The Religious Society of Friends, Patuxent Friends

Monthly Meeting

2886.Lynn Rhodes, Associate Professor, Pacific School of Religion

2887.Rev. Schuyler Rhodes, Temple United Methodist Church

2888.Rev. Dr. Sharon Rhodes-Wickett, Westwood United Methodist Church

2889.Thomas Rhomberg, Retired Priest, Catholic Archdiocese of Dubuque

2890.Carolyn Ribas, United Methodist Church

2891.Denise Ribera Luxton, Riverside Church

2892.Steven Rice, Chaplain at Riverside, Grant

2893.Thomas Rice, Associate Pastor, Grosse Pointe Memorial Church

2894.Blair P. Richaards, United Methodist

2895.Mary Richard, St. Mark's Cathedral, Episcopal, Shreveport, LA

2896.Joan Richards, First Unitarian Church, Providence

2897.Margaret Richards , Roman Catholic

2898.Rev. Canon Saundra D. Richardson, Asst. to the Bishop, Episcopal

Diocese of Michigan

2899.Jeff Richey, Public Citizen

2900.Rabbi Leah Richman, Oheb Zedeck Synagogue

2901.Rev. Dr. John Rickard, Executive Presbyter, North Alabama Presbytery,


2902.Dr. Judy Ridlen, Pastor, Northside Christian Church (Disciples of


2903.maria rieke, christian

2904.David Riffe, Retired Pastor, United Methodist Church

2905.Rick Rigdon, Ruach Hamidbar - Spirit of the Desert

2906.Ginger Riley, Gettysburg United Methodist Church

2907.Meg Riley, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

2908.Heidi Ripke, Methodist

2909.Barbara Rippy, Elder, Orange Grove Presbyterian Church, Gulfport, MS

2910.Scott Ritchey, Pastor, Scottsdale United Methodist

2911.Gary Riter

2912.Jeffrey Rively, Public Citizen, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

2913.Bob Rixon, Editor, Wesley Lake Journal

2914.Carrie Roach, campus minister, catholic

2915.Tim F. Roach, Minister, Christ Presbyterian Church - Camp Hill, PA

2916.Rev. Dr. Bruce Robbins, General Secretary, General Commission on

Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns of the United Methodist Church

2917.William Lance Roberds, Executive Director, The Human Growth Center,

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2918.Rev. Dr. F. Morgan Roberts, Field Education, Louisville Presbyterian

Theological Seminary

2919.Mark E. Roberts, Director, Holy Spirit Research Center, Oral Roberts


2920.Nancy Roberts, Methodist

2921.Rev. Dr. Robert H. Roberts, Interim General Secretary, American Baptist

Churches USA

2922.Webster & Jeanne Roberts, Unitarian

2923.William Roberts, Episcopal Church

2924.Amanda Robinson, Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church

2925.Cynthia Robinson, on leave of absence, United Church of Christ

2926.Rev. Daniel Robinson, Pastor, Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church

2927.Dave Robinson, National Coordinator, Pax Christi USA

2928.Erin Robinson, Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church

2929.James L. Robinson, Pastor, Desert Southwest Conference (United

Methodist Church)

2930.JJ Robinson

2931.Karin Robinson, Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church

2932.Linda Robinson, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Englishtown

2933.James Robison, President and Founder, LIFE Outreach International

2934.isabelle robitaille, Église de l'ACM de Sainte-Foy

2935.Nancy and Phillip Roca/Schneider, retired, none

2936.Janna J. Roche

2937.Daniel Rocheleau, Pastor, Our Lady of Mercy RC Church

2938.Deborah Rockford, Crossroads Church

2939.Diann & Jim Rockwood, Circle of Peace Coordinators, Living Rock

Ministries - Community of Christ

2940.Daniel Rodgers, Princeton University

2941.Scott Rodin, President, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

2942.John Rodkey, Pastor, Erin Chuch, Presbyterian Church USA

2943.William Rodriguez, Religious Ethics Instructor, The Florida State


2944.Edgar Rogalski, Mennonite, Hamilton Mennonite Church

2945.Frederick Rogers, Pastor, Hope United Church of Christ, Wind Gap, PA

2946.Richard Rogers, Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church

2947.Rev. Sheryl Rogers, Center of Light Church

2948.Susan Rogers

2949.Thomas Rogers, theology teacher, Salpointe Catholic HS

2950.Cally Rogers-Witte, Conference Minister, Soutwest Conference, United

Church of Christ

2951.Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

2952.Rev. Brooke J. Rolston, Campus Christian Ministry, University of


2953.Gene Roman, Jesuit Advocacy Network

2954.Rabbi Norman T. Roman, Temple Kol Ami

2955.Gertrude Rompre, pastoral associate, Roman Catholic

2956.Katrina Rooney, General Councillor, Sisters of St Joseph of Hamilton,

Canada (RC)

2957.Prof. Michael Root, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

2958.Rev. Rita M. Root, United Campus Ministries at the Canterbury Episcopal

Center and Wesley Foundation

2959.Delvin Roper, Retired Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church

2960.Rev. Carolyn Roper-Fowlkes, Associate Ecumenical Officer, Council on

Christian Unity, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2961.Liland Brajant Ros', translator/hymnist, Kristana Esperantista Ligo


2962.Rev. Peter H. Rosa, U.S. Navy Chaplain, Evangelical Lutheran Church in


2963.Nitza Rosario, Pastor/Developer, De Colores (Many Colors) Lutheran


2964.Rabbi David Rosen, International Director of Interreligious Affairs,

The American Jewish Committee

2965.Bruce Rosenberger, Pastor, Greenville Church of the Brethren

2966.Dale Rosenberger, Senior Minisgter, First Congregational Church of


2967.Fred Rosenberger, University of Maryland

2968.Rabbi David Rosenn, Executive Director, AVODAH: The Jewish Service


2969.Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, Hillel, Columbia University and Barnard College

2970.Rev. Anne Roser and Rev. Timothy Roser, The Lutheran Church of the


2971.Craig Roshaven, Pastor, First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

2972.Rev. Patrice Rosner, Ministries in Christian Education, National

Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA

2973.Barbara Ross, Director, Social Concerns Office , Catholic Diocese of

Jefferson City

2974.Eugene Ross, United Church of Christ

2975.Hyim Jacob Ross, Leadership Council Member, Oakland Peace Educators

2976.Tim Ross, Elder, Community of Christ

2977.Beth Rossano, Catholic school teacher

2978.Rabbi Donald B. Rossoff, Rabbi, Temple B'nai Or

2979.Franklin E. Rothfuss, Pastor, St. Luke's Lutheran Church

2980.Marguerite Rourke, Chaplain, ELCA

2981.Rev. David R. Rowe, Friedens Lutheran

2982.Edwin Rowe, Pastor, Central United Methodist Detroit

2983.Rodolph Rowe, pastor, United Methodist

2984.Janice McClary Rowell, pastor, Scotia United Methodist Church

2985.Lorrie Rowland-Skinner, Presbyerian

2986.Claude Roxborough, Catholic

2987.Arlin Roy, Director, Northeast Counseling Center of F.R.M.H., Unitarian


2988.Richard M. Royalty

2989.D. David Royster, Pastor, Way of Life Christian Centre

2990.Joseph Rozansky, Director, Holy Name College

2991.Michael Rozumalski, Pastor, West Denmark Lutheran Church, ELCA

2992.Marcia Rucker, Bethesda, MD

2993.Rev. Peter Ruggere, Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns

2994.Debbie Ruisard, Rockaway Reformed Church

2995.Craig W. Rule, Pastor, The Presbyterian Church at Tenafly

2996.Michael Rumley-Wells, Wenatchee Fellowship

2997.Mike Rush, campus worker, Central Arkansas University Ministries

2998.Marilynn Rushton, Pastor, United Methodist

2999.Karen Russ,

3000.David Russell, pastor, First Baptist Church of Ames, Iowa

3001.Rev. Dr. Horace O. Russell, Professor of Historical Theology and

Ecumenics, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

3002.Joseph Russell, Canon for Faith Development, Trinity Episcopal


3003.Rollin Russell, Distinguished Professor, Lancaster Theological Seminary

3004.John & Millicent Rutherford, First Unitarian Universalist Society of


3005.Frances Ruthven, Interim Pastor, First Church of Deerfield,


3006.Charles N. Rutledge, Independent Christian

3007.Rev. Dr. Mark Rutledge, UCC Campus Minister, Duke University

3008.Danya Ruttenberg, Editor, YENTL'S REVENGE: THE NEXT WAVE OF JEWISH


3009.Janet Ryan, Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science, Golden Gate

Center for Spiritual Living

3010.Sharon Ryan, Lay Healing Minister in Training, St. Philip's Episcopal


3011.Susannah Ryan, human race

3012.Sr. Patricia Ryan, M.M., Vice President , Maryknoll Sisters

3013.Frances Ryder, Elder, Marbletown Reformed Church

3014.Robert Ryder, New Covenant Community, Normal, IL

3015.Susan Ryder, New Covenant Community, Normal, IL

3016.Kathryn Rykken, student, Evangelical Lutheran

3017.Paul Rykken , Teacher, ELCA

3018.Thor Rykken, ELCA

3019.Scott C. Sabin, Executive Director, Floresta USA

3020.J. Elvin Sadler, Executive Director, Faith Empowerment Community


3021.Timothy Safford, Christ Church, Philadelphia

3022.Rabbi Douglas Sagal, KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation

3023.Bishop Roger Sainsbury

3024.Joan M. Sakalas, Ph.D.

3025.Dr. Jonathan Salgado, Global Initiatives

3026.Rev. Maggie Salgado, Church of the Nazarene

3027.Most Rev. Philip Saliba, Antiochian Orthodox Church Archdiocese of

North America

3028.Gary Salmon, pastor, St. James Lutheran Church

3029.William Salyers, Pastor, Kings Creek Baptist Church (ABC-USA)

3030.Matt Samson, Parish Associate, First Presbyterian Church

3031.Bill Samuel, Internet Ministries Coordinator, Friends in Christ

3032.Dora Ann Sanchez-Mead, Roman Catholic

3033.Rabbi Martin I. Sandberg, Rabbi, Suburban Jewish Cummunity Center -

Bnai Aaron

3034.Garreth Sanders, Christian

3035.Rod Sanders, Curate, St. John's Church, Cove, UK, Church of England

3036.Rebecca Sanderson

3037.Sherri Sandoz, Minister, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

3038.Gail Sands, Jewish

3039.Tracy Sangare, teacher, Catholic

3040.Richard Sanger, Episcopalian

3041.Rev. Daniel Saperstein, Presbyterian Church of Pullman

3042.Rabbi David Saperstein, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

3043.Lawrence Sapp, Pastor, United Methodist Parish- Brashear MO Circuit

3044.Rabbi Marna Sapsowitz, Temple Beth Hatfiloh

3045.Jodie Sargent, Program Director, Project Children

3046.Mark Saucier, National Coordinator, Peru Peace Network

3047.Susan Vig Saucier, RN, MS, Unitarian Universalist

3048.Rev. Matthew L. Sauer, Congregation of Christ Presbyterian Church

(U.S.A.) of Crown Point

3049.Rev. William P. Saum, Executive Presbyter, Newton Presbytery (New

Jewsey) PCUSA

3050.William C. Saunders, Co-Minister, South Church, Unitarian Universalist

3051.Fr. Samuel G. Sawitski, St. Luke's Church

3052.Peter Sawtell, Executive Director, Eco-Justice Ministries

3053.Rev. Blythe Sawyer, Pastor, First Congregational United Church of


3054.Harriet Sawyer, Methodist Church

3055.Robert E. Sawyer, President, Provincial Elders Conference Moravian Ch.

in Am

3056.Rochelle Sax, Temple Beth Sholom

3057.Joellen Sbrissa, Sisters of St. Joseph of La Grange

3058.Charles Scalise, Associate Professor of Church History, Fuller

Theological Seminary

3059.Paul Scarbrough, Call to Action

3060.Sherry Schacht, Pastor and Teacher, St. James United Church of Christ

3061.Stan Schacht, Methodist

3062.Leah D. Schade, Associate Pastor, Reformation Lutheran Church

3063.Gregory Schaefer, St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

3064.Jame Schaefer, Theology Department, Marquette University

3065.Sr. M. Geraldo Schaefer, RSM

3066.Jill Schaeffer, New York City Presbytery coordination, disaster relief

project, Presbyterian Church, USA

3067.David Schafer, Pastor, St. John's Lutheran Church

3068.Alan Schaffmeyer, Intentional Interim Minister, East Central Synod of

WI - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

3069.David Schattschneider, Professor, Moravian Theological Seminary

3070.Rev. Yvonne V. Schaudt, UCC, Host of WRKO's "Talking Religion"

3071.Sr. Helen Scheel, M.M., Justice Coordinator, Maryknoll Sisters Eastern

USA Region

3072.Donald Schell, Rector, St. Gregory's Episcopal Church

3073.Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, Co-Chair, Religious Witness for the Earth

3074.Sarah Scherschligt, Lutheran MDIV student, Yale University

3075.Eldon Schertz, retired farmer, Mennonite Church

3076.Patricia Schetter, Member, Paulist Center Community

3077.Frank Schiavone

3078.David Schilling, Program Director, Interfaith Center on Corporate


3079.Gerald Schlabach, Asssociate Professor of Theology, University of St.


3080.Fr. Stuart A. Schlegel, Calvary Episcopal Church

3081.Andrew Schleicher, Student, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

3082.Mark Schlessman, Minister, First Christian Church, La Grande, OR

3083.Ellen Schloemer, Director of Social Ministries, St. Raphael Catholic


3084.Judy Schlueter, Manager, Spiritual Care Services, Sinai-Grace Hospital

3085.Timothy Schmaltz, Director of Policy and Program Development, Roman

Catholic -Catholic Charities Agency

3086.Clinton R. Schmidt, Mennonite Church USA

3087.David Schmidt, CoPastor, Shalom UCC, UCC

3088.Rev. George A. Schmidt, Way of Life Unity Center

3089.Margaret Schmidt, United Church of Christ

3090.Margie Schmidt, Parish Administrator, Catholic Church

3091.Rev. Stephen R. Schmidt, Pastor, St. Luke Lutheran Church

3092.Ted Schmidt, Editor, Catholic New Times, Canada

3093.John J. Schmitt, Associate Professor, Biblical Studies, Roman Catholic

3094.Rev. K. Robert Schmitt, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

3095.A. Gregory Schneider, Professor of Behavioral Science, Pacific Union


3096.Eric Schneider, Founder, Santa Fe SChool of Forgiveness

3097.Stephen Schneider, Rector, Grace Memorial Episcopal Church

3098.Pfarrer Paul Schneiss, Deutsche Ostasienmission

3099.Mary Sue Schnell, University Lutheran Church and Student Center

3100.David Schneyer, Cantor, Am Kolel

3101.Deborah Schnitzer, Director of Youth and Family Ministries, Niagara

Community Church

3102.Jana Schofield, Pastor of College and Young Adult Ministry, Mt. Carmel

Lutheran Church

3103.Joseph Scholtes, Pastor, St. Paul's Lutheran Church

3104.Myke Scholtes, Director of Education, St. Andrew's Lutheran Church

3105.Marcellus Schooler, Christian

3106.Michael Schreiner, St Louis University Campus Ministry

3107.Carmen and Luke Schrock-Hurst, co-pastors, Pittsburgh Mennonite Church

3108.Todd Schuett, writer, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

3109.Denise Schuette, United Church of Christ

3110.David G. Schultenover, S.J., Professor of Historical Theology,

Marquette University, Roman Catholic

3111.Gary Schulz, Holy Trinity Ev. Lutheran Chruch

3112.James Schulz, Grace United Church of Christ, Wausau, WI

3113.Bruce Schuman, Coordinator, World Interfaith Congress

3114.Larry Schuyler, Coordinator, Classis of Holland, Reformed Church in


3115.Christopher Schwab, evangelical Christian

3116.Rev. Gary A. Schwab, Pastor, Newport Presbyterian Church

3117.Tom Schwanda, professor of spiritual formation, RCA

3118.Ann Schwartz, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church

3119.Rev. Donald J. Schwartz, Grace Lutheran Church

3120.Dr. Edward Schwartz, President, Institute for the Study of Civic Values

3121.Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Founder/President, The Washington Institute for

Jewish Leadership and Values

3122.Carl Schwarzenberg, United Methodist Pastor - Retired, The United

Methodist Church

3123.Daniel Schweissing, Missionary, American Baptist International

Ministries (Nassau, Bahamas)

3124.Estela Schweissing, Missionary, American Baptist International

Ministries (Nassau, Bahamas)

3125.Dan Schwick, Director, Lutheran Advocacy Network/Illinois

3126.Rev. John Schwiebert, Pastor, Metanoia Peace Community United Methodist


3127.Adrian Scott, Roman Catholic

3128.Leslie Scott, Roman Catholic

3129.Peter Scott, Church of England

3130.Terry Scott, Self

3131.Lewis Scudder, Missionary, Reformed Church in America

3132.Nancy Scudder, Reformed Church in America

3133.Mary Ann Seagren, human race

3134.Mark Seal, Executive Vice President, Jewish Reconstructionist


3135.Christopher Seamon, missionary, Evangelical

3136.Simon Seamount, Jewish-Christian-Muslim-Wiccan Istarian

3137.Mary Searle-Chatterjee, University lecturer in Religious Studies, none

3138.Leroy Seat, Chancellor, Seinan Gakuin Educational Foundation

3139.Richard Seaver, pastor, United Church of Christ in Sullivan

3140.Rev. Magdalyn Sebastian, Poestenkill Christian Church (Disciples of


3141.Rick and Cheryl Seelhoff, Editors, Gentle Spirit Magazine

3142.Rev. Ken Sehested, Executive Director , Baptist Peace Fellowship of

North America

3143.Mark Seifried, Minister, United Church of Christ

3144.Nancy A. Sell, Director of Pastoral Formation, Saint Francis Seminary

3145.Rev. Serena S. Sellers, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

3146.Charles Selner, Pastoral Counselor, United Church of Christ

3147.Larry Robert Semark, Wellness Volunteer, Former Assistant Professor at

Western New Mexico University

3148.David Semrad, Director, San Antonio United Methodist Campus Ministry

3149.Gillian Sender, Independent Jewish Thinker

3150.Eugene Richard SENSENIG-DABBOUS, Adjunct Professor, political science

and cultural studies, Mennonite/Christian

3151.Jay Serafin, Pastor, St. John's Lutheran Church, Ringtown, PA

3152.Rabbi Gerry Serotta

3153.Willis O. Serr II, Executive Director, Lutheran Social Services of the

Miami Valley

3154.Stephanie Serrano, Clay artist, pagan

3155.Mike Sersch, Catholic Worker/Homeless Advocate, Roman Catholic

3156.Joel Setterholm, Nativity Lutheran Church

3157.Sue M. Setzer, ELCA Diaconal Minister

3158.Mary J. Sewell

3159.Marguerite Sexton, Founder and President, Journeys of the Heart

Non-Denominational Ministry Service

3160.David M. Seymour, Interim minister, United Church of Christ /

Presbyterian Church USA

3161.Janice Seymour, Director of Spiritual Care Northridge Hosp. M. C.,

Disciples of Christ

3162.Sharyn Seymour, Teacher ( American in Australia), fcj associate

3163.Sylvia B. Seymour, Retired Catholic Teacher , Catholic

3164.James Shaefer, Theology Department Marquette University

3165.Dianna Marie Shaffer

3166.David A. Shaheed, Imam

3167.Omar Shaheed, Masjid Al-Salaam

3168.Polly Shamy, pastor, United Church of Christ

3169.Duane Shank, The Community of Christ: An Ecumenical Congregation

3170.Rev. Elizabeth D. Shank, Pastor, St. James Lutheran Church

3171.Rev. Luke J. Shank, Retired Pastor, Mennonite Church USA

3172.Steve Shanks, Episcopalian

3173.Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Simply Jewish Foundation

3174.John Sharp, Director, Historical Committee & Archives, Mennonite Church

USA, Mennonite

3175.Todd Sharp, Advertising, United Church of Christ

3176.Rev. Cass L. Shaw, General Presbyter, Albany Presbytery, PCUSA

3177.Stephen Shaw, Professor of Political Science; Dean, Arts, Humanities

and Soc. Sciences, Northwest Nazarene University

3178.Stuart R. Shaw, Retired Pastor--Oregon-Idaho Conference of the, United

Methodist Church

3179.William and Marina Shaw, Crosscurrents International Institute

3180.Tobin Miller Shearer, E. Chestnut St. Mennonite Church

3181.Patricia Shechter

3182.Barbara Sheehan, Director, ACTS Urban CPE

3183.Michael Sheehan, Our Lady Queen of Peace

3184.Ms.Shamshad Sheikh, Advisor to Muslim students and Chaplain to the

college, Mt Holyoke college

3185.Rev. J. Thomas Shelley, STS, Pastor, Zion (Shaffer's) United Lutheran


3186.David G. Shephard, Pastor, Christian Churchn (Disciples of Christ)

3187.Sandy Shepherd, Buddhist

3188.Thomas W. Shepherd, Senior Minister, Sunrise Unity Church

3189.Sandra Sheppard, Reformed Church in America

3190.Dorri Sherrill, First Congregational UCC

3191.Katie Sherrod, Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, TX

3192.Rev. Dr. Paul H. Sherry, former President, United Church of Christ

3193.Rabbi John M. Sherwood, Chair of the Oxnard-Port Hueneme and Ventura,

California Ministerial Associations

3194.David Sherwood, Ph.D, Editor, Social Work & Christianity, North

American Assoc of Christians in Social Work

3195.Carleen Shetler, Pastor, Community of Christ, Kirtland Congregation

3196.Rev. Frank Shields, Oregon State Senator

3197.Pastor W. Stevens Shipman, First Evangelical Lutheran Church

3198.Deborah Shipp, Pastor, Washington Park UMC

3199.Rev. Dr. Ted Shipp, Gateway Community UMC

3200.Anne Shirk, St. Alban's Parish

3201.Madison Shockley II, Board of Directors, Justice and Witness

Ministries, United Church of Christ

3202.Lorna Shoemaker, Presbyterian (USA)

3203.Bob Sholis, Pastor, St. Andrew United Methodist Church

3204.Anne Shore, Professor, Assumption University

3205.Cecilia Shore, Oxford OH Friends Meeting (Quaker)

3206.Amy Short, Executive Director, Brethren-Mennonite Council for Lesbian

and Gay Concerns

3207.Rev. Mike and Linda Short

3208.Richard Shoup, Minister and Certified Counselor, Fellowship of

Spiritual Ministry

3209.Lynda Shows, Baptist

3210.Carol M. Shreck, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

3211.Donald W. Shriver, President Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary in

New York

3212.Peggy L. Shriver, Former Assistant General Secretary for Research,

Evaluation and Planning, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the


3213.Rev. John A. Shuck, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church

3214.Geoffrey Shuey , Member, Green Party of Santa Cruz County

3215.Bonnie Shullenberger, Assisting Priest, Trinity Episcopal Church

3216.Joel Shuman, Assistant Profesor of Theology, King's College

3217.Dr. Ron Sider, President, Evangelicals for Social Action

3218.Michael Sider-Rose, Program Associate, Chicago Metropolitan Center

3219.Randi Sider-Rose, M.Div. Candidate, University of Chicago

3220.Rabbi Paul Sidlofsky, Shaarei-Beth El Congregation

3221.Stephen J. Sidorak, Jr., Executive Director, Christian Conference of


3222.Larry Sidwell, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

3223.Graeme Sieber, Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.

3224.Mildred B. Sieber, elder, Northside Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, TN

3225.Rabbi Daniel Siegel, Rabbinic Director, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish


3226.Harriet Siegel

3227.Jon Siegel, Unitarian Church of Evanston, IL

3228.David Sieplinga, Pastor, Maple Avenue Ministries, Reformed Church in


3229.William Siiss, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

3230.Mark Siler, Baptist

3231.Russell Siler Jones, Pastoral Counselor, American Association of

Pastoral Counselors

3232.David L. Simms, Chair, Opportunity International, U.S.

3233.Donna Simon, pastor, Abiding Peace Lutheran Church

3234.Rev. John-David Simpson, Manager of Pastoral Care, Bozeman Deaconess

Health Services

3235.Patrick Simpson

3236.Annette Marie Sinagra, OP, Corporate Responsibility Analyst, Adrian

Dominican Sisters

3237.Simran Singh, Sikh Students Association at University of California


3238.Jon Singletary, Pastor, Richmond Mennonite Fellowship

3239.Iris Singleton, Aldersgate Methodist Church

3240.Rev. William Sinkford, President, Unitarian Universalist Association

3241.Dr. Anneliese Sinnott, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean,

Ecumenical Theological Seminary

3242.Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Sinnott, Christ the Servant Lutheran Church (ELCA)

3243.John Sippola, Pastor, Gloria Dei Lutheran (ELCA)

3244.Ron Sisk, Senior Minister, Crescent Hill Baptist Church

3245.Deborah Sisson, Church of Christ Uniting

3246.Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis Province

3247.Thinagar Sitther, Pastor, Mennonite/Leading A Non-Denominational Church

3248.Sherman Skinner, Presbyterian

3249.Rev. Jennifer Slade, Senior Minister, The Greenville Unitarian

Universalist Fellowship

3250.Rabbi Jonathan P. Slater

3251.Dr. Helene Slessarev-Jamir, Urban Studies Director, Associate Professor

of Politics and International Relations, Wheaton College

3252.Rabbi Arnie Sleutelbegr, Congregation Shir Tikvah

3253.Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg, Cong. Shir Tikvah

3254.Rev. William Sliss, Pastor, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

3255.Michael Slupinski, Associate Pastor, Community of Christ

3256.Rabbi Amy Small, Congregation Beth Hatikvah

3257.Anna Small, Associate Pastor, Evergreen Presbyterian Church

3258.Rev. Fred Small, Co-chair, Religious Witness for the Earth

3259.Margaret Small, Roman Catholic

3260.Michael Small, Pastor, Union Congregational United Church of Christ

3261.Phil Small, Roman Catholic

3262.Brooks Smith, Pastor, Watchung Avenue Presbyterian Church

3263.Bryan Smith, pastor, Geneva Presbyterian Church

3264.Daniel Smith, Associate Minister, Hancock United Church of Christ

3265.David Smith, Director, Justice and Peace Studies, University of Saint

Thomas, MN

3266.Donald Smith, Pastor, Community of Faith Presbyterian Church

3267.Ellen Smith, Director of Communications, Sisters of Mercy

3268.H. Donald Smith, Senior Minister, The United Church (UCC &UMC)

3269.Harold Smith, Missionary, Methodist Church, Milan Italy

3270.Jack Smith, Transition Minister, Lordship Community Church, United

Church of Christ

3271.Jeff Smith, Director - Internal Communications, Northwest Airlines,

United Methodist

3272.Jennie Smith, Chair, Dept of Sociology and Anthropology, Berry College

3273.Rev. Jerry Alan Smith, Pastor, First Trinitarian Congregational Church


3274.Kathleen Smith, Pastor, United Methodist Church

3275.Lee Smith, Ruling Elder, Brentwood Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles

3276.Lori Waas Smith, Teacher, Church of the Brethren

3277.Marilyn Smith, Spiritualist, N.S.A.C.

3278.Robert Smith, Professor of New Testament, ELCA Clergy, Pacific Lutheran

Theological Seminary

3279.Ruth Ann Smith, Member, Kittamaqundi Community

3280.Sally Smith, Pastor Emerita, United Church of Christ

3281.Shirley Smith, Anona United Methodist

3282.Steven A. Smith, Clerk , Southern California Quarterly Meeting of

Pacific Yearly Meeting,

3283.T. Randall Smith, Chairperson, TX Conference Commission on Christian

Unity & Interreligious Concerns, United Methodist

3284.Rev. Barbara Smith Jang, Missionary asssigned to South Korea, United


3285.Gifford Smith, Jr., Founding Minister, Interfaith Fellowship

3286.Mary Ann Smith, MM

3287.Donald Smucker, Mennonite

3288.Stephen B. Snider, Rector, Church of the Holy Apostles (Episcopal)

3289.John Sniegocki, professor of theology, Xavier University

3290.Eric Snyder, Retired, Episcopal

3291.Herbert Snyder, Pastor, Drexel Hill United Methodist Church

3292.Mark Sobel, Rabbi, Temple Beth Emet of Burbank,California

3293.Doug Soderstrom, Instructor of Psychology, Wharton County Junior


3294.Myra Soifer, RAbbi, Temple Sinai, Reno, NV - Reform Judaism

3295.Elaine Sollenberger, Church of the Brethren

3296.Ra y Sollenberger, Church of the Brethren

3297.Dale Sollom-Brotherton, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

3298.Jan Sollom-Brotherton, ELCA

3299.Rav Soloff

3300.Bruce Solomon, Associate Professor, Indiana University

3301.Rabbi Eric M. Solomon, Congregation Tehillah

3302.Fr. Daniel F. Soltys, St. Patrick Catholic Church

3303.Ben Somerville, Rector, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

3304.James Somes, Ecumenical Ministries Coordinator, Community of Christ -

Graceland University

3305.David Sommer, Retired YMCA Director, licensed minister, United Church

of Christ

3306.Sarah Sommers, United Methodist

3307.Bonnie Sondrol, Member, Christian/Christ Lutheran Church

3308.Owen Sondrol, Lutheran ELCA

3309.Patricia Sonnino, Buddhist

3310.Wendy Sopkovich, Parishioner, St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

3311.Alan Sorem, South Frankfort Presbyterian Church

3312.Herb Sorensen, member, Columbia Ridge Community Church

3313.Rev. Juan J. Sosa, Roman Catholic Pastor

3314.Barbara Sosbe, Senior Pastor, Leesburg United Methodist

3315.Dale Southorn, Pastor, Calvin Presbyterian Church

3316.Win Southworth, Unitarian-Universalist

3317.David Sparks, Senior Pastor, Hollywood Church of the Nazarene

3318.Richard Sparrow, United Church of Christ

3319.Thomas G. Speers, III, Pastor, Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church,

Baltimore, MD

3320.Carol Spencer, ELCA

3321.Daniel Spencer, Associate Professor of Religion & Ethics, Drake


3322.Ben Spicer, retired, Buddhist

3323.Michael Spicer, Catholic

3324.Richard Spittel, St. Mark's Lutheran Church

3325.Toba Spitzer, Congregation Dorshei Tzedek

3326.Andre L. Spivey, WCC Steward, Pleasant Balley African Methodist

Episcopal Ch.

3327.Rev. Richard L. Spleth, Regional Minister, Christian Church (Disciples

of Christ)

3328.Agnes Springer, Sisters of St. Joseph of LaGrange

3329.Kathryn Spry, United Methodist Communications and Hillcrest UMC

3330.Eleanor St. Clair, Pastor, Community of Christ

3331.Jeff St. Clair, Peace Lutheran Church

3332.Michael St. Jacques, R.N. , Roman Catholic, (Claretians)

3333.Rev. Janet St.Cyr, Interim Pastor, Trumbull Congregational Church

3334.Max L. Stackhouse, Project on Public Theology, Princeton Theological


3335.Martha Stacy, First Church in Oberlin

3336.Glen Stadler, Bethany Lutheran Church

3337.Penny Stafford, Coordinator, Spiritualist

3338.Linda Stahl, Rosewood Ref. Church of America

3339.John Stahl-Wert, President, Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation

3340.F. M. Stallings, Non-profit Foundation Director, Episcopal

3341.Steven Stam, Senior Minister, Third Reformed Church, Reformed Church in


3342.Mary Stanco, Sisters of the Humility of Mary (H.M.)

3343.Matthew Staniz, Seminarian, ELCA

3344.Jim Stanley, Free-Lance Writer // Member, Social Justice Commission,

Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana, Episcopal

3345.Nancy Stanley, New Brunswick Theological Seminary

3346.Sheila Stanley, Episcopal Diocese of Olympia

3347.Sheri Stanley, High Priestess, Compass Coven (eclectic Wiccan


3348.Stephen Stanley, Pastor, Church of God (Anderson, IN)

3349.Leslie Stansbery, Parish Associate, Eastminster Presbyterian Church


3350.Amy R. Stapleton, field organizer, MFSA

3351.Alice Jo Star, Roman Catholic

3352.Denise Starkey, OP, Coordinator, Religious Employers' Project, National

Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice

3353.Deanna Starr-Orr, Esq., Unitarian-Universalist

3354.Glen Stassen, Fuller Theological Seminary

3355.Linda Staudinger, St. Mary Parish, Castle Rock, WA

3356.Brian Stauffer, Meteorologist, Buddhist

3357.Suzanne Stauffer

3358.Joan Steadman, United Church of Religious Science

3359.Richard Stearns, President, World Vision US

3360.E. Ann Stedman, United Church of Christ

3361.Alice Steedle, parishioner, St.John Nepomucene RC Church

3362.Erica Steele, Self-Realization Fellowship Temple

3363.Glenda Joan STEELE, SCHOOL TEACHER, catholic

3364.Todd Steele, Deacon, Maplewood Mennonite Church

3365.Dr. Lloyd Steffen, University Chaplain, Lehigh University

3366.Rev. Dave Steffenson, Ph.D., State Coordinator, Wisconsin Interfaith

Climate Change Campaign

3367.Amanda Stein, Christian

3368.Rev. Randy Steinman, Redeemer Lutheran Church

3369.Bruce A. Steinway, Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church

3370.John Steitz, pastor, St. Paul's United Church of Christ

3371.Catherine Stentzel, Pastor, United Church of Christ

3372.Harvard Stephens, Jr., Lutheran Campus Pastor, Howard University

3373.Eric Sterling, Member, Bethesda Friends Meeting, Religious Society of


3374.Mark Flory Steury, District Executive Minister, Southern Ohio District

Church of the Brethren

3375.Marti Steussy, MacAllister-Petticrew Associate Professor of Biblical

Interpretation, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis

3376.Deborah Stevens, Howard United Methodist Church

3377.Margaret Stevens, Episcopal Diocese of PA

3378.Rev. Don R. Stevenson, Senior Minister, Christ's Reformed Church

3379.Rev. Imagene Stewart, National President, African American Women's

Clergy Association

3380.Imagene B. Stewart, National President, African American Women's Clergy


3381.John Stewart, Minister, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

3382.Marc Ian Stewart, Associate Conference Minister, South Dakota

Conference United Church of Christ

3383.Rev. Richard Stewart, Associate Professor, Lutheran Theological


3384.Robert J. Stewart, Interim Rector, St. Edward's Episcopal Church,

Joliet, IL

3385.Roberta Stewart, Member in the Presbyterian Community

3386.Rosemary E Stewart, Resgistered Professional Nurse, Healthy Families

3387.Karen Steyskal, Christian

3388.Robert and Janet Stickney, Retired UCC clergy, UCC

3389.Jennifer H. Stiefel, Episcopal deacon, Christ Church, Portsmouth NH

3390.Robert Stiefel, Rector, Episcopal

3391.Eric Stietzel, Buddhist

3392.Laura Stivers, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Pfeiffer


3393.Jennifer Stock, Dances of Universal Peace/Sufi/Buddhist/Unity

3394.Jon Stock, Pastor, Church of the Servant King

3395.Sonya Stockklausner, Canadian Baptist

3396.Rev. R.J. Stohler, Parshall UCC

3397.Rev. Eric A. Stone, Central United Methodist Church

3398.Martha Koenig Stone, Minister of Christian Education, Salem United

Church of Christ

3399.Pablo Stone, Retired Missionary Latin America, Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

3400.Martha Stoneburner, Director of Educational Ministries, Cargill United

Methodist Church

3401.John Stonecypher, Pastor, Worldwide Church of God

3402.John K Stoner, Coordinator, New Call to Peacemaking/Every Church A

Peace Church

3403.Margaret Stoner, Retired, Troy Area United Ministries

3404.Rev. William C. Stooksbury, Pastor, St. Luke's United Methodist Church

3405.Sue Storm, Kansas House of Representatives

3406.Jack Stotts, Presidenet Emeritus, Austin Seminary, PCUSA

3407.J.F. Stover, Presbyterian

3408.John Stowe, Pastor, Roman Catholic; Conventual Franciscan

3409.Gerry Straatemeier, Science of Mind of Tucson AZ

3410.Jim Strader, Divinity School Student, Episcopal - Cathedral of the

Incarnation - Baltimore, MD

3411.Jason Stradley, Gamers for Christ

3412.Rev. Gary Straughan, Director of Pastoral Ministries, Moravian Church

3413.David Strawn, Associate Provost for International Studies

3414.Pr. Bill Strehlow, Lutheran Church of Geneva

3415.Craig Strobel, Pastor, Heppner United Methodist Church

3416.Nelson T. Strobert, Professor of Religious Education, Lutheran

Theological Seminary

3417.Aune Strom, Interim Coordinator of Christian Formation, St. Thomas

Episcopal Church

3418.betty strombom, member, Transfiguration Episcopal Church/san mateo

3419.Bruce Strotman, Pastor, St. Luke's United Church of Christ

3420.Ann (Buz) Stuart, National Chairperson for Ecumenical Action/Global

Concerns , Church Women United

3421.Jon Stubbs, pacifist

3422.Deborah and Robert A. Stucklen, Friends

3423.Rev. Elwood Sturtevant, Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church

3424.Arthur Sudler , Director, Historical Society , African Episcopal Church

of St. Thomas

3425.Patricia Suggs, Pastor, Marvin United Methodist Church, United


3426.Rev. Jessica Sullivan, ULC of Eris

3427.John Sullivan, Chair, English and Literature, Roman Catholic

3428.Kathryn Sullivan, RSCJ

3429.Loma Sullivan, Minister, Pennsylvania Ave. Christian Ch/Disciples of


3430.Melanie Morel Sullivan, minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of

Chattanooga, TN

3431.Walter Sullivan, Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Richmond

3432.Bishop Walter F. Sullivan, Biship, Catholic Diocese of Richmond

3433.Joseph Summers, Vicar, The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation

3434.Marcia Summers, United Methodist Church

3435.Max B. Surjadinata, Interim Pastor, United Church of South Vienna

3436.Rabbi Brooks R. Susman, Temple Shaari Emeth

3437.Billie Sutter, Christian Educator, PC(USA)

3438.William and Ruth Sutterlin, retired, American Baptist, Grace Baptist

Church, San Jose, CA

3439.Kenneth Sutton, Senior Editor, Friends Journal

3440.Joel Swadesh, PCUSA

3441.Don Swartwout, Highlands Presbyterian Church

3442.Sheldon Swartz, Siloam Mennonite Fellowship

3443.Margaret Swedish, Director, Religious Task Force on Central America &


3444.John Sweeley, Priest, The Church of Antioch of the Malabar Rite

3445.Helen Sweeney

3446.Rev. Jennifer L. Sweitzer, Atonement Lutheran Church

3447.Leslie R. Swenson, Pastor, St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

3448.Susan M. Swider, Ph.D., Rush University

3449.Dr. David W. Swink, Associate Professor of Church Leadership,

Ecumenical Theological Seminary

3450.Dr. Sayyid M Syeed, Secretary General, The Islamic Society of North


3451.Joy Ann Szopinski, FCA Ministry (RC)

3452.Jason Takagi, Peer Ministry Chair , United Methodist Student Fellowship

at UCI

3453.Bishop Melvin G. Talbert, United Methodist Church

3454.Roger Talbott, Pastor, North Olmsted United Methodist Church

3455.Rev. Jo Taliaferro

3456.James Tanis, Valley Forge Presbyterian Church

3457.Justin Tanis, Director of Clergy Development, Metropolitan Community


3458.Beth Tanner, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, New Brunswick

Theological Seminary

3459.Rev. David Tatgenhorst, Pastor, St. Luke United Methodist Church

3460.Claire Tauscher, Roman Catholic

3461.Hal Taussig, Pastor/Graduate Faculty, Chestnut Hill United Methodist

Church/Union Theological Seminary/Chestnut Hill College/Reconstructionist

Rabbinical College

3462.Christi Taylor, Associate Minister to Children and Youth, Baptist

3463.Patricia Taylor Edmisten

3464.Jennye Taylor Johnson, Secular Franciscan Order (SFO)

3465.Viki Teague, Webmistress, FUMC

3466.Miguel Tejada-Coll, United Anglican Church

3467.Norman Tellier, Coordinator of Gift Planning, Reformed Church in


3468.Paul Tellstrom, Pastor, Mt. Hollywood Congregational Church, U.C.C.

3469.Nicholas Temple, Pastor, Christ Church (United Church of Christ)

3470.Patricia Templeton, Interim Rector, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

3471.Arvin Ten Brink, Reformed Church in America

3472.Jim Tennyson, Program Staff Support, Presbytery of San Jose

3473.Karen Terada, Presbyterian Church (USA)

3474.Joann Terranova, Catholic

3475.Tom Terrell, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Chicago

3476.Rev. Cynthia A. Terry, Associate University Chaplain, Yale University

3477.Rev. Paul A. Terry, Faith Presbyterian Church

3478.Rabbi David A. Teutsch, President, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

3479.Glen Thamert, Lutheran Minster, St. Paul Lutheran Church

3480.M. Thomas Thangarj, Professor of World Christianity, Candler School of


3481.Ellen Tharp, Elder, Presbyterian Church PC(USA)

3482.Nelson Tharp, Elder, Presbyterian Church PC(USA)- Catonsville

Presbyterian Church, Catonsville, MD

3483.Eilene Theilig, Lay Leader, First Christian Church, Pasadena

3484.Rev. Frederick L. Thelen, Pastor, Cristo Rey Catholic Church

3485.Nancy Theoharis, Micah 6

3486.Bishop Zacharias Mar Theophilus, Diocesan Bishop, The Diocese of North

America and Europe of the Mar Thoma Church

3487.Sr. Agnes Therrien, S.S.Ch., Emmaus Spiritual Life Center

3488.Bruce Theunissen, , retired ecumenical and interfaith agency executive

3489.Dr. Ronald F. Thiemann, Professor of Theology, Harvard University

3490.Rev. Matt A. Thiringer, Pastor, Gethsemane Lutheran Church

3491.Maureen and Carl Thitchener, Co-Ministers, Unitarian Universalist

Church of Amherst, NY

3492.Andreas Thode, Pastor, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (ELCA)

3493.Rev. Dr. Arnold Isidore Thomas, Conference Minister, Vermont Conference

of the United Church of Christ

3494.Rev. Candace D. Thomas, Zion United Church of Christ

3495.Carl Thomas, Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church

3496.Edward Thomas, physician, Methodist

3497.Rev. John H. Thomas, General Minister and President, United Church of


3498.Stephen Thomas, Minister, Reformed Church in America

3499.Susan Thomas, Chaplain, Deaconess Billings Clinic, Billings, MT,

Presbyterian Church, USA

3500.Robert T. Thomason, Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor,

National Campus Ministry, retired clergy UMC

3501.Ann Thompson, Objn, Order of Julianof Norwich

3502.Rev. Bart R. Thompson, Pastor, Bethesda United Methodist Church

3503.Dorothea L. Thompson, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

3504.Janis G. Thompson, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

3505.Jayne M. Thompson, Lutheran Campus Pastor, Lutheran Campus Ministry,

Kansas State University

3506.Jim Thompson, Pastor, New Vision Fellowship

3507.William Thompson, First Church in Oberlin

3508.John Thomson, Buddhist

3509.Rev. Timothy Thomson-Hohl, Executive Director, Asbury Protestant

Ministry of the Wesley Foundation of Philadelphia, Drexel University

3510.Amy Thoren, Theological Student, Lutheran Christian

3511.Kathy Thornton, RSM, NETWORK a National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

3512.Sharon G. Thorton, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, Andover

Newton Theological School

3513.Kenneth Thurow, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

3514.Roberta Thurstin

3515.Kathleen Tice, Pastor, Stelton Baptist Church

3516.Mary Anne Tierney, First Congregational Church of Christ

3517.Helen R. Tieszen

3518.Rev. Robert W. Tiller, Director of Government Relations, Bread for the


3519.Dana Tilley, Catholic Church of Annunciation

3520.Suzannah Tilton, Wicca

3521.Don Timmerman

3522.Joan Tirak, Coordinator, Pax Christi Michigan

3523.Robin Titterington, Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish

3524.John Titus, Elder/ Seminarian , Waverly Presbyterian, PC (USA)

3525.Rev. Charles E. Tobias, Pastor, Canal Fulton United Methodist Church

3526.John Tobin, Pacem in Terris

3527.Martin Tobin, Redemptorist

3528.Robert W. Tobin, Rector, Christ Church Cambridge - Episcopal

3529.Mary Todd, President, Lutheran Historical Conference

3530.Mary Ann Tolbert, George Atkinson Professor of Biblical Studies and

Executive Director, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, Pacific School of


3531.Rev. Rebecca J. Tollefson, Executive Director, Ohio Council of Churches

3532.Diane Tollick, Volunteer-Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps., St. John the

Evangelist Roman Catholic Congregation

3533.Leslie Tomandl Hartman

3534.Carol Tompkins, Pastor, First Presbyterian, Idabel, OK

3535.SaraJane Tompkins, Librarian, Methodists

3536.Dr. Michele Tooley, Associate Professor of Religion, Belmont University

3537.Raymond Torres, First United Methodist Church of Germantown

3538.Daniel Toutant Sr., Roman Catholic

3539.Loren Townsend, Professor of Pastoral Care, Louisville Presbyterian

Theological Seminary; ABCUSA

3540.Judith Townsend Seime, Private citizen

3541.Ann Toynbee, Methodist

3542.Danny Trapp, Elder, Presbyterian Church (USA)

3543.Benton J. Trawick, Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, High Point, NC

3544.Randall Tremba, Senior Pastor, Shepherdstown Presbyterian (PCUSA)

3545.Larry W. Trent, Director of Christian Education, Christ Church United


3546.Jean Trimble, Immaculate Conception, Milwaukee, WI

3547.Saul Trinidad, Pastor, United Methodist Church

3548.Susan M. Troccolo, Roman Catholic

3549.Deborah Troillett, RSM, President, Mount St. Mary Academy

3550.Dean Trulear, Center for Urban Theological Studies

3551.Martin Truscott, Ministerial Training Officer, United Reformed Church

UK (North Western Synod)

3552.James C. Tschudy, Pulaski Congregational UCC - NY

3553.Tenzing Tsewang, Buddhist

3554.D.A. Tubman, Elder,Union Presbyterian Church,Scottsville,NY

3555.Fr. Stanley T. Tuchalski, Student, Catholic University

3556.Tim Tucker

3557.Rev. Curtis Tufts, Minister of the 4 Town Pastoral Charge, The United

Church Canada

3558.Patricia Tull, Assoc. Prof. of Old Testament, Louisville Presbyterian

Seminary, Presbyterian Church (USA)

3559.Patricia Tummino, minister, Unitarian Universalist Society of


3560.Rev. Leslie Copeland Tune, Associate Minister, Metropolitan Baptist


3561.Khalid Turaani, American Muslims for Jerusalem

3562.Mary Turgi, CSC, Director, Holy Cross International Justice Office

3563.Rev. Paul M. Turner , Sr. Pastor, Gentle Spirit Christian Church of

Atlanta, Inc.

3564.Rev. Timothy B. Tutt, Pastor, United Christian Church

3565.Michael Tutterow, Senior Pastor, Winter Park Baptist Church

3566.Krista Tweed, First United Methodist Church

3567.Cathleen Twomey, non-denominational

3568.Stephen J. Tyminski, Apostolic Vicar, American Traditional Catholic


3569.Rev. Bill Uetricht, Pastor, First Lutheran Church

3570.Rick Ufford-Chase, Co-Moderator, Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

3571.Kent J. Ulery, Conference Minister, Michigan Conference, United Church

of Christ

3572.Robert Ullman, Pastor, Redeemer United Church of Christ

3573.Tom Ulrich, Central Presbyterian Church

3574.Heidi Rolland Unruh, Associate Director, Congregations, Communities and

Leadership Development Project

3575.William Upholt, Quaker (Hartford (CT) Monthly Meeting)

3576.Anne-Marie Urban, Catholic

3577.Arthur Urie, Pastor, United Church of Christ

3578.William Utke, Intentional Interim Minister, Our Saviour's United Church

of Christ

3579.George Uzzell, none

3580.Rev. Eliezer Valentin-Castañon, The United Methodist Church General

Board of Church and Society

3581.William Valentine, Retired Clergy, United Methodist Church

3582.David L. Van Arsdale, Pastor, Presbyterian Church (USA)

3583.Alan Van Der Hulst, Resurrection Life Church/Family Of God

3584.Ethan Van Drunen, Hunger Intern, Bread for the World

3585.Barry Van Dusen, Minister, Trinity Presbyterian Church

3586.Amy Van Gunst, Minister, Reformed Church in America

3587.Joy Van Meter, San Diego Mennonite Church

3588.Dr. John C. Van Nuys, Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church

3589.Ardys Van Stavern, Retired, Elm Grove Community United Methodist Church

3590.Henk van Waveren, Minister, Remonstrant Congregation Eindhoven (NL)

3591.Katy Vandegrift, Christian

3592.Casey vanderBent, People's Congregational Church

3593.Peter vanderKam, United Church of Canada

3594.Sharon Vanhoose, First United Methodist, Russellville, AR

3595.Emily VanLaeys, Resource Center Director/writer, Presbytery of

Susquehanna Valley

3596.Margaret Vannest, layperson, The United Church of Canada

3597.Rev. Clyde R. Vaughn, United Methodist Church

3598.Rob Vaughn, PhD, Pastor, Community of Faith United Methodist

3599.Carlton Veazey, President and CEO, The Religious Coalition for

Reproductive Choice

3600.Onorina Vedovi-Rinker, human being

3601.Rolf Vegdahl, Lutheran

3602.Rev. Lydia Veliko, Minister for Ecumenical Relations, United Church of


3603.Terry Veling, Associate Professor of Theology, St. Thomas University

3604.Tony Vento, National Program Director, Pax Christi USA

3605.Maria Luisa Vera, RSM, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

3606.Rev. Jaime R. Vergara, Immanuel United Methodist Church, Saipan,

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

3607.Ron Vernan, R.Sc.F., United Church of Religious Science

3608.Karen Verveda, United Church of Canada

3609.Ryan VerWys, Service and Training Intern, Christian Reformed World

Relief Committee

3610.Joanna Vessella, Religious Outreach Coordinator, United for a Fair


3611.Molly Vetter, San Diego First United Methodist Church

3612.Rev. Michelle R. Vetters, First Presbyterian Church

3613.Susan Vickers, Director of Advocacy, Catholic Healthcare West

3614.Nancy J. Vickers, Ph.D., United Methodist

3615.Maria Vincent Brocato, President, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

3616.Loretta Whitney Viner , Pastor, St. Paul UMC

3617.Tony Vis, Senior Pastor, Meredith Drive Reformed Church

3618.Olga & Jeronimo Visser, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Portage, MI

3619.Sunthar Visuvalingam, Scholar of compative religion (esp. South Asia)

3620.Christine Vladimiroff, OSB, Prioress, Benedictine Sisters of Erie

3621.Christine Vladimiroff,OSB, Prioress, Benedictine Sisters of Erie,PA

3622.Irene Vogel, Pacem in Terris

3623.Jonathan Vogel-Borne, Field Secretary, New England Yearly Meeting


3624.Sharon Vogt, Independent Catholic

3625.Joe Volk, Executive Secretary, Friends Committee on National

Legislation (Quakers)

3626.Dianne Volkoff, Mother-Wife, Roman Catholic

3627.Robert von Tobel, member, Unitarian

3628.Anita VonWellsheim, RSCJ

3629.Karl vonWerther, Director, Spiritual Emergence Research Institute


3630.Richard Vorpe

3631.erika Voss, Roman Catholic

3632.Kimberly Vossler, parishiner, St. Bridget's Roman Catholic, Albany


3633.Nicholas Vrooman, Folklorist, Sun Dancer

3634.David Waas, Professor of History Emeritus, Church of the Brethren

3635.Deborah Waas, Elementary school teacher, Church of the Brethren

3636.Elizabeth Waas, Social Worker, The Gathering, San Diego

3637.Ross Wagner, Assistant Professor of NT, Princeton Theological Seminary

3638.Tim Wagner, Pastor, American Baptist Churches of Maine/South Berwick

First Baptist

3639.Wolfgang Wagner, Director, Protestant Academie

3640.Lois E. Wagner, MN, RN, CS, Associate Professor of Nursing, Point Loma

Nazarene University

3641.Zandra Wagoner, Minister, Church of the Brethren

3642.James L. Waits, President, The Fund for Theological Education

3643.Thomas Wakely, Executive Director, Economic Justice Foundation

3644.Robert Walden, First Mennonite Church, Allentown, PA

3645.Donald Wales, Presbyterian Church, USA

3646.Rev. Robert Walk, Chaplain, American Baptist

3647.Chad Walker, Pastor, ELCA

3648.Garland M. Walker, CPE Resident, UCLA Medical Center, UCC

3649.Joyce Bogardus Walker, Assoc. for Faith Development, Trinity Episcopal


3650.Leticia Walker, Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church

3651.Lois Jean Walker, Teacher, Community of Christ

3652.Mary Emma Walker, First Church in Oberlin - USS

3653.Rev. Patrick B. Walker, Executive Director, York County Council of


3654.Randi Walker, Professor of Church History, Pacific School of Religion

3655.Robin Walker, Diocesan Stewardship Officer, Diocese of Edmonton,

Anglican Church of Canada

3656.Vicki Walker, Member, Christ Episcopal Church

3657.William J. Walker, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

3658.Greg Walker-Wilson, United Church Of Christ

3659.Charlie Wallace, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Willamette


3660.John Wallace, Pastor, Christ United Methodist Church, Columbus, OH

3661.Martha Wallace, Assistant Rector, All Saints' Episcopal Church

3662.Wiiliam Wallenbeck, Sr. Pastor, Niagara Community Church

3663.Michael Wallens, Chaplain, St. Paul's School--Episcopal

3664.Rev. Jim Wallis, Call to Renewal and Sojourners

3665.Jane Walls, Annunciation Church

3666.Dr. Andrew D. Walsh, Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy,

Culver-Stockton College

3667.jackie walsh, Campus Minister, RSM

3668.Sr. Joanna, F.C.J. Walsh

3669.John Walsh, University Chaplain and Director of the Jameson Center for

the Study of Religion and Ethics, University of Redlands

3670.Kathleen Walsh, Buddhist

3671.Mary-Paula Walsh

3672.Virginia Walsh, Unity

3673.Brian Walt, Congregation Mishkan Shalom

3674.Carol Walter, Pax Christi

3675.Rev. Kyle M. Walter, Campus Minister, Presbyterian (USA) - Texas A&M


3676.Joseph Walters, Senior Minister, First Christian Church (Disciples of


3677.Lee Walters, United Church Of Christ

3678.Lynda Walters, Community of Christ / Upland, CA, USA

3679.C.W. (Bud) Walther, Pastor, Immanuel, United Church of Christ

3680.Andrew Walton, Pastor, Forsyth Presbyterian Church (USA)

3681.Rev. Jon M. Walton, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church in the City of

New York

3682.Roy Walworth, Regional Missioner, Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming

3683.Eric Wangen-Hoch, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

3684.Claudia Ward, Principal - St. John's Catholic School, Sisters of Mercy

of the Americas

3685.Richard Warger, Executive Director, Lutheran Chaplaincy Service

3686.Keith Douglass Warner OFM, Franciscan Friars

3687.Andrea Warnke, Church of the Brethren background

3688.Dr. Valora Washington, Executive Director, Unitarian Universalist

Service Committe

3689.Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Director, The Shalom Center

3690.Anita Watchorn

3691.Jason Watkins, College student, United Methodist

3692.Lacie Watkins-Bush, Peace and Justice Chair/ So Cal Rep. , Pacific

Southwest Mennonite Conference

3693.wendy watson-mills, christian

3694.David Waugh, Pastor and Director, Metro Baptist Church and

Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries

3695.Maurine Waun, Minister, East Suburban Unitarian Universalist Church

3696.Ineke Way, Skyridge Church of the Brethren

3697.Dr. Denny Wayman, Free Methodist Church of Santa Barbara

3698.Rev. Lawrence H. Wayman, North Oxnard United Methodist Church

3699.Rev. Joseph A. Weaks, Pastor, Bethany Christian Church (Disciples of


3700.Julie Weatherford

3701.Pamela June Webb, Intentional Interim Pastor, Lakewood Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

3702.Tom Webber, Roman Catholic theology teacher, Thomas More High School

3703.Angela Weber, Sacred Path

3704.Rev. Gloria Weber, Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice

3705.Judee Weber, Director of Religious Education, Roman Catholic

3706.Kevin Weber, Nondenominational Christian

3707.Richard Weber, Spiritual Life Coordinator, L'Arche Cleveland Community

3708.Wilburn Weber, Lay Person, St. Stephens United Church of Christ

3709.Carolyn Wedin, Professor Emeritus, Lutheran

3710.Ross Weeks Jr., Episcopalian

3711.Janet Weiblen, Pastor, Gethsemane United Church of Christ

3712.Rev. Jane C. Weidig, United Church of Christ

3713.Charles Weigel, Jr., Pastor, Downingtown United Methodist Church

3714.Rabbi Michael A. Weinberg, Temple Beth Israel

3715.Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, CSW

3716.Rabbi Cory Weiss, Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek

3717.Patricia Welch, pastor, Congregational Church of Edgecomb, UCC

3718.Karen Weldin, Director of Operations, Soulforce, Inc.

3719.Nancy Welliver, United Church of Christ

3720.Nancy Wellman, University of Toledo Campus Ministry

3721.Beth Wells, Commissioner, 213th General Assembly of the PCUSA

3722.Dorothy Wells, United Methodist

3723.Richard Welscott, Director of Congregational Services&Evanglism,

Reformed Church In America

3724.Rev. Dr. Robert Welsh, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

3725.Revs. Antonio and Raquel Welty, Presbytery of Hudson River, Binational

Servants, Presbyterian Church (USA)

3726.Edgar Welty, Pastor, United Church of Christ

3727.Rev. Fritz Wendt, CSW, Pastor and Psychotherapist

3728.Rabbi Margaret Moers Wenig, Rabbi Emerita, Beth Am, The People's Temple

3729.Rev. Jimmy Lee Werley, Zion's Union Church (Evangelical Lutheran Church

in America & United Church of Christ)

3730.Deborah Wertz, Lay Minister, Seminarian, Community Congregational UCC

3731.Charles West, Grace and Skandia United odist Churches

3732.Kathleen West, Episcopal Priest

3733.Kathryn West, Parish Council Chairperson, Saints Peter and Paul

Catholic Church

3734.Rebecca West, United Church of Christ

3735.Rev. Robert A. West, St. Paul's United Church of Christ

3736.Amanda Westbrook, Christian

3737.Laura Westby, Private Citizen

3738.David Westcott, Pastor, Bowne Street Community Church

3739.Michael Westenberg, Director of Religious Education and Social

Outreach, St. Matthew Catholic Church

3740.Michael Westmoreland-White, Research Associate, Fuller Theological

Seminary, Alliance of Baptists/Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

3741.Rev. Dr. John H. Weston, Ministerial Settlement Director, Department of

Ministry, Unitarian Universalist Association

3742.Rev. Amy E. Wharton, Pastor, Cuba Christian Church (Disciples of


3743.Barbara G. Wheeler, President, Auburn Theological Seminary

3744.Edward Wheeler, President, Christian Theological Seminary

3745.Michelle Wheeler, Senior Spanish Ed. major, Cedarville University, OH

3746.Ann Whitaker, curate, Episcopal Church of the Mediator, Meridian, MS

3747.Rev. Doris Arnett Whitaker, Director of Admissions, United Theological


3748. Wesley White, Pastor, St. Luke's United Methodist Church

3749.Anita White, Pastor, Waterford Congregational Church, UCC

3750.C.G. White, Pastor, Pilot View Friends Church

3751.Rev. Charles R. White, Pastor, Tehachapi Valley Methodist Church

3752.David White, Director of Youth Discipleship Project, Claremont School

of Theology

3753.James W. White, First Church in Oberlin - UCC

3754.John White, Pastor, New Life Community Church, RCA

3755.Marcus White, Exec. Dir., Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee

3756.Mel White, Executive Director , Soulforce, Inc.

3757.Rabbi Michael A. White, Temple Sinai

3758.Morton White, Presbyterian

3759.Terry White, Laity, Church of Christ

3760.Rev. Dr. Priscilla Felisky Whitehead, The Church by the Sea (UCC)

3761.Howard H. Whitehurst, Pastor, Upper Long Cane Presbyterian Church

3762.Rev. Raewynne J. Whiteley, Assisting Priest, Trinity Episcopal


3763.Kathleen Whitfield, RSCJ

3764.Rev. Margay Jo Whitlock, Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church

3765.Lauren Whitman, United Church of Christ

3766.Charles Whitmore, MT.Holly United Methodist Church

3767.Rev. Faith Whitmore, Senior Pastor, St. Mark's United Methodist Church

3768.Laura Whitmore, Mt.Holly United Methodist Church

3769.Gretchen Whittaker, housewife and mom, none

3770.Rev. Dr. Barbara Whittaker-Johns, Senior Minister, First Parish

Unitarian, Universalist Church of Arlington, MA

3771.Jolene Wichlacz, R.E. Coordinator, Catholic

3772.Jane Wicker, associate principal, Holy Family School

3773.Philip L. Wickeri, Flora Lamson Hewlett Professor of Evangelism and

Mission, San Francisco Theological Seminary

3774.Heather Wicks, Interim Minister, United Church of Christ

3775.Robert Widdowson, Student Supply Minister, United Church of Canada

3776.David Wiechel, Pastor, Story-Hypes United Methodist Church

3777.Dennis Wienk, Rector, St. Thomas' Church, Bath, New York USA, Episcopal

Church in the USA

3778.Gordon Wiersma, Reformed Church in America

3779.Warren Wiggins, Pastor, St. Peter United Church of Christ

3780.John Wightman, Interim Pastor, Second Congregational and Immanuel

Community Church, Pittsfield, MA

3781.Dr. John G. Wightman, Interim Pastor, Second Congregational Church,

Immanuel Community Church

3782.Francesca Wigle, TSSF

3783.Revs. Bill and Holly Wildhack, Co-Pastors, Maximo Presbyterian Church,

Presbytery of St. Petersburg

3784.Rev. Charles L. Wildman, Senior Pastor, Rock Spring Congregational

United Church of Christ

3785.Geoffrey Wilfong-Pritchard, Minister, At. Andrew's United Church,


3786.Pastor Michael Wilker, Lutheran Community Church

3787.Constance Wilkerson, Minister, The Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow

3788.Lewis Wilkins, Minister, Presbyterian Church

3789.Larry C. Wilkinson, Community of Christ

3790.Drew Willard, Pastor, Holiday UCC, Holiday, FL

3791.Randy Willard, member, Hilton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

3792.David Willerup, Pastor, Westwood Reformed Church

3793.Arlen Williams, in Christ, the one church, the body and bride of Christ

3794.daniel/millicent williams, christian

3795.E. Louise Williams, Executive Director, Lutheran Deaconess Association

3796.Kenneth Williams, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Rochester, NY

3797.Dr. Mary L. Williams, Progressive Baptist

3798.Patricia Williams, First United Methodist Church

3799.Roger & Patty Williams, Catholic Church

3800.Brandon D. WilliamsCraig, Director, Beamish Process Arts, Founder,

Guardians of Peace

3801.Rev. Barbara Williams-Skinner, President, Skinner Leadership Institute

3802.Marcia Willsie, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

3803.Laurie Wilner

3804.Edith Wilson, Community of Reconciliation Church

3805.Edna Wilson, member , First United Methodist Church

3806.G. Todd Wilson, Senior Minister, First Baptist Church

3807.Gail Wilson, Presbyterian

3808.Leland Wilson, Retired, First Presbyterian Church, Mesa, AZ

3809.Louise Wilson, Associate Professor, Evangelical Covenant

3810.Mason Wilson, Retired, Episcopal

3811.Rev. Nathan D. Wilson, Executive Director, West Virginia Council of


3812.Erik Wilson Weiberg, Pastor , Ballard First Lutheran Church, ELCA

3813.Carlos Wilton, Pastor, Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church

3814.John Wimberly, Western Presbyterian Church

3815.Kim Winchell, Director, Michigan Interfaith Coalition for Creation

3816.Rev. Dr. James P. Wind, President, The Alban Institute

3817.Pedro Windsor, National Vice-President, National Alliance of Hispanic

Evangelical Ministries (AMEN)

3818.Marlin & Lois Wine, Church of the Brethren

3819.George M. Wine Chase, United Methodist

3820.Marlene Wine Chase, Director, Nourishing the Soul

3821.Jane Winegardner, teacher, ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in


3822.Bruce and Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, Co-Pastors, First Presbyterian


3823.Jeanne Wingenter, Coordinator, Mankato Province Office of Justice &

Peace, School Sisters of Notre Dame

3824.John Wingfield, Interim Minister, Unity Christ Church

3825.Rev. Dr. Walter Wink, Auburn Theological Seminary

3826.Karen Winkel, Pastor, Bountiful Community Church (United Church of

Christ), Bountiful, UT

3827.Jim Winkler, General Secretary, United Methodist General Board of

Church & Society

3828.Tobias Winright, Instructor of Religion, Simpson College

3829.Mark Winstanley, Catholic - Christian

3830.Diana Winston, Associate Director, Buddhist Peace Fellowship

3831.R. Michael Winters, Pastor, Morton Grove Community Church, Presbyterian

Church (USA)

3832.Rev. Michael Wintz, Religious Studies, Mesa Community College

3833.Rev. Sue Wintz, Presbyterian Chaplain, St. Joseph's Hospital and

Medical Center

3834.Robin Wirthlin, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, San Francisco

3835.Ira J. Wise, R.J.E., Director of Education, Congregation B'nai Israel

3836.Carol Wiseman, M.Div. Canidate, Seminary

3837.Rev. David Witkovsky, Chaplain, Juniata College

3838.Karen Wojahn, Associate for Children's and Family Ministries, St.

Wilfrid of York Episcopal Church, Huntington Beach, California

3839.Autumn Wolf, Minister, PanZen Ministry, ULC

3840.Rev. M. David Wolf, Conference Coordinator (retired), UM Volunteers in

Mission, Cal-Nevada Conference

3841.Ulrich Wolf-Barnett, Pastor , German Lutheran Church Washington, D.C.

3842.Brandi Wolf-Drake, Associate Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church

3843.Charles Wolfe, Pastor, United Church of Christ

3844.Adam R. Wolff

3845.Rev. Lois Ann Wolff, Interim Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Chair

of Committee on Ministry, Presbytery of Albany

3846.Rev. Robert C. Wolff, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

3847.Rev. James H. Wolford, Associate of the Bishop, Northeastern

Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA

3848.Dayna Wolhart, Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church

3849.Rev. Gail R. Wolling, Pastor, St. Johns - St. Marks Lutheran Church

3850.Dale Woloshin, All Saints Anglican Church (Westboro)

3851.Roger Wolsey, Pastor, Town & Country United Methodist Parish

3852.Alice Wolters, National Coordinator, Peru Peace Network

3853.Anne Womack, Second Presbyterian Church

3854.J. Paul Womack, Co-Pastor, Covenant United Methodist Church

3855.Paula Womack, North Raleigh United Church (UCC)

3856.Rev. Dr. Bertrice Wood, Vice President, National Council of the

Churches of Christ in the USA

3857.Rev. Donna J. Wood, Twin Towers UMC

3858.Dr. Richard Wood, President, United Board for Christian Higher

Education in Asia

3859.Rev. Sally G. Woodard, Edgewood Presbyterian Church

3860.Anne Woodhead, Episcopalian

3861.Grant Woodley, Student, Evangelical Christian

3862.Terry Woodnorth, Valley Christian Reformed Church

3863.Patricia Anne Woods, Hastings-on-Hudson

3864.Bonnie Woods, RSM, Coordinator of Pastoral Education, Children's

Hospital of Michigan

3865.Nancy Hatch Woodward, Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga

3866.Brian Woody MD, Family Physician, Methodist

3867.Ronald L Woofter, membership chairman, United Methodist

3868.Rev. Dr. Peter C. Wool, Pastor, Lansdowne Baptist Church

3869.Jason Woolery, Senior Theology Student, Dallas Christian College

3870.Steven Woolley, Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church

3871.Matthew Wooster, Minister, First Congregational United Church of Christ

of Hudson, OH

3872.Johanna Worley, Teacher, First Presbyterian, manitowoc, wi

3873.Rev. Cindy Worthington-Berry, First Parish Church United

3874.vladimir wozniuk, professor of government, western new england college

3875.Alice Wright

3876.Charles Wright, Pastor, Salem United Church of Christ

3877.Felicty Wright

3878.Hillary Wright, Associate Minister, Raymore Christian Church, Christian

Church (Disciples of Christ)

3879.Jo Anne Wright, Rector, St. John's Episcopal church

3880.Karen Wright, Pastor, Central Bedford Lutheran Parish

3881.Keith Wright, Parish Associate, University Presbyterian Church

3882.Rev. Dr. Rebecca Abts Wright, Associate Professor of Old Testament, The

School of Theology, The University of the South

3883.Scott Wright, Co-coordinator, Ecumenical Program on Central America and

the Caribbean

3884.Stephen Hamilton Wright, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church

3885.Wayne P. Wright, Episcopal Bishop of Delaware, Episcopal Diocese of


3886.Michael Wu, Senior Pastor, Los Angeles Chinese Alliance Church 0f C & M


3887.Stephen Wunrow, photographer, Korean Quarterly

3888.Elvin K. Wyly, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

3889.Elaine Wynn, United Methodist Church

3890.Rabbi Bridget Wynne

3891.Rev. Steven Toshio Yamaguchi, Grace Presbyterian Church

3892.C. Denise Yarbrough, Rector, Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration

3893.Rev. Amy Yarnall, Pastor, Summit United Methodist Church

3894.Larry Yates, unaffiliated animist

3895.Liz Yeats, Communications and Web Services Coordinator, Religious

Society of Friends

3896.Adre Yel, Canossian religious, Member, Provincial Commission on JPIC

3897.Rev. Caryn M. Yoast, Pastor, Charlestown Christian Church (Disciples of


3898.Matthew Yoder, Mennonite/Vineyard

3899.Paul Yoder, Pastor, Hayward United Methodist Church

3900.Amos Yong, Assistant Professor, Bethel College

3901.Danica You, President, Associated Students of the University of


3902.Ambassador Andrew Young, President, National Council of the Churches of

Christ in the USA

3903.Carol Young, First United Methodist Church, Pensacola, FL

3904.Rev. Dennis J. Young, Pastor, Resurrection Lutheran Church (ELCA)

3905.Rev. Gordon J. Young, Our Savior's Lutheran Church

3906.Rev. Dr. John A. Young, St. Matthew United Methodist Church

3907.Mary Louise Young, Religious Society of Friends

3908.Bishop McKinley Young, Presiding Bishop, Tenth District, African

Methodist Episcopal Church

3909.Peter Young, Retired Professor of Theatre, First United Methodist

Church, Pensacola, FL

3910.Richard Young, Chaplain, Dignity/Dayton

3911.Ronald J. Young, Executive Director, U.S. Interreligious Committee for

Peace in the Middle East

3912.Stephen Young, Church of the Crucified One

3913.John Young-Powell, High School Theology Teacher, Catholic

3914.Hisashi Yukimoto, former Executive Secretary of the Center for

Christian Response to Asian Issues, National Christian Council in Japan

3915.Rev. Philip W. Zabell, Pastor, St. Paul's Lutheran, Artois; First


3916.Zbigniew Zabinski, Roman Catholic

3917.James H. Zahniser, Ph.D.

3918.Martin Zank, UMC

3919.Jon T. Zappulla, Pastor and Teacher, Columbia Congregational United

Church of Christ

3920.Susan Gilbert Zencka, Pastor, Dyer Presbyterian Church

3921.Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz, Temple Anshe Sholom

3922.Mark Zier, Instructor, University of San Francisco

3923.Dr. Barbara Brown Zikmund, Chair, Inter-Faith Relations Commision


3924.Vicki Zilke, Marble Memorial United Methodist Church

3925.John A. Zimmer, Retired United Methodist Minister, United Methodist


3926.Laurie Zimmerman

3927.Teresa Zimmerman, child of the universe

3928.Elizabeth Zingg, Elder, PCUSA, PCUSA

3929.Katie Ziskovsky, Student, United Methodist

3930.Johnny Zokovitch, Program Associate, Pax Christi USA

3931.Terry Zorn, volunteer missionary, Trinity UMC Stony Point NY

3932.Pat Zubey, Roman Catholic

3933.Patricia Zubey, Roman Catholic

3934.Jon Zuck, Sacred Heart Catholic Church

3935.David Zucker

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