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Faith Responds to Terrorism/Man PrayingSince America's terrorism crisis began on Sept. 11, 2001, the National Council of Churches and its member communions have responded with a variety of resources and information, including extensive materials carried on this Web site.   Here you will find a collection of the earliest stories in this ever-unfolding tragedy: words of reaction from religious organizations all over the world     . . . an interfaith statement signed by 3,935 American religious leaders . . . and a sampling of ministry resources.

Index of Resources

Aid to Afghan Refugees
Faith Community Stories
Interfaith Understanding
International Partners Extend Sympathy
Pastoral, Spiritual Care
Statements and Messages
Talking to Children
Violence, Moral Darkness & Peacemaking

Aid to Afghan Refugees

11/1/2001: CWS, Four Other Groups Issue Principles Essential for Effective Aid to Afghans

10/5/2001: CWS Gets USAID Grant To Conduct Afghanistan Hunger Assessment

10/12/2001: CWS Expands Its Planned Afghan
Refugee Aid Program to $6.8 Million

12/3/2001: Innovative CWS Quilt-Making Program Means Income for Afghan Refugee Women

Faith Community Stories

9/11/2001: Faith Communities Across the Nation Join In Offering Prayer, Assistance, Concern

9/2001: Photos: Near 'Ground Zero,' Seamen's Church Institute Helps Rescuers

10/1/2001: Since Sept. 11, Churches' U.S. Response Has Been Wide-Ranging & Creative

10/19/2001: California Church's 'TeleCare' Ministry Proving Its Value in September 11's Wake

Interfaith Understanding

1/7/2002: NCC Friendship Press Offers Book on Islam

Seeking Unity, Respecting Diversity: This Multi-Religious Statement Offers Help

9/28/2001: NCC, Muslim Leaders Seek Interfaith Understanding, End to Hate Crimes

10/1/2001: We Can Live Together with Deep Differences, Charles Haynes Asserts

NCC Policy, Related Resources Explore 'Interfaith Relations and Christian Living'

11/15/2001: New NCC President Huszagh Describes, Deplores 'Us' Versus 'Them' Mentality

International Partners Extend Sympathy

10/1/2001: Guests from Central America, Korea, Europe Address NCC Executive Board, Express Sympathy for Sept. 11 Attacks

11/13/2001: International Church Leaders, NCC Assembly Reflect on Sept. 11, Share Comfort, Challenge

Pastoral, Spiritual Care

9/14/2001: CWS Mobilizes its Disaster Response Consultants to Provide Pastoral Care

10/27/2001: CWS Shares Learnings from Oklahoma City at Trauma Response Training in NYC

NCC Participates in Nationwide Resource For Pastoral Response to Terrorism

10/1/2001: Work to End Poverty More Important Than Ever, Bread for the World Exec Tells NCC

CWS Pastoral Care Webcasts:

9/30/01: Tragedy and Spiritual Care - Forum for Faith Leaders

10/22/01: Faith in America After 9/11

11/5/2001: 'Everyday Heroes' is Theme of CWS FaithandValues Webcast  See also: 'Heroes''

12/5/2001: CWS Web Cast Explores 'Lessons from Oklahoma City'  See also: 'Oklahoma City'

Statements and Messages

9/11/2001: NCC/CWS Message Calls for Prayer, Unity, Practical Actions

11/20/2001: Signatures Now Number 3,935 on Interfaith 'Response to Terrorism'

9/11/2001: Denominations, Ministry Organizations, Ecumenical Groups Issue Messages

11/15/2001: Longing for Peace, Justice Marks NCC Assembly 'Sept. 11' Statement

NCC Survey of Communions' Statements on 'Sept. 11'

11/15/2001: Christians Called to Pray, Fast, Give To Meet Needs of Americans in Poverty

12/20/2001: Joint NCC/CWS Statement on Domestic Response to Terrorism

Talking to Children

Talking to Children about Terrorism: Resources for Parents, Church Leaders

Violence, Moral Darkness and Peacemaking

Resources from NCC Faith and Order on Violence, Moral Darkness and Peacemaking


Finding Words for Unspeakable Tragedy:  Ecumenical, Interfaith Worship Resources

2002 Litany of 'Remembrance, Penitence and Hope' On First Anniversary of September 11 Events

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