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U.S., Cuban Ecumenical Council Heads Describe Their Hopes
for the Sept. 2-7, 2000, NCC Delegation Visit to Cuba

The Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar, General Secretary, (U.S.) National Council of Churches:   “The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. is pleased that a delegation of religious leaders will be visiting Cuba to renew our common journey with the Cuban Council of Churches.  This relationship has been built on years of faithful partnerships between the two Councils.  I anticipate that, as a result of our trip, a new era of collaboration will be established.  Since the successful return of Elian Gonzalez, I believe it is now time to lift both the physical and spiritual obstacles that have been artificially established between our two countries.  It is time for a new century of openness and mutual respect. This visit gives us the opportunity for the churches to lead the governments to this new beginning.” 

The Rev. Dr. Reinerio Arce, President, Cuban Council of Churches: “The visit is important for deepening relations and collaboration between our two councils, which have had a relationship for many years.  We want the delegates to know the life of the church in Cuba, and the situation in Cuba.  Delegation members will be meeting with leaders of most of the Protestant churches in Cuba.  The two councils and their member churches have been bridges between our people.  We can deepen those relations.”

The NCC and Cuba