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Children's Workshop Combines Music,
Worship Education at General Assembly

Inetta Harris leads children's choir rehearsalInetta Harris (left) leads Sunday (11/11) rehearsal of a children's ensemble in preparation to lead Wednesday worship at the Assembly.  NCC Photo.

Noted choral conductor and soloist Inetta Harris, of Greater Cooper AME Zion Church, Oakland, led an Ecumenical Children's Choir Workshop prior to the NCC Assembly.  In addition to the music, the ensemble of young singers drawn from East Bay churches worked on other elements of the Wednesday worship service.

Patrice Rosner, young Marc mix dough for pretzelsSinging wasn't all that entered into the workshop.  The children also engaged in a doing/reflecting exercise that involved preparing a simple liturgy and prayer, and several elements of a communion service. Patrice Rosner (left), Director of the NCC's Ministries in Christian Education, helps Marc mix dough for pretzels used in the worship service, while David and Patricia (below) work on shaping their pretzels into both liturgical symbols and playful, fanciful shapes.   David shapes pretzel doughPatricia shapes pretzel dough












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