Situation in Lebanon and Israel

In response to events in Lebanon and Israel, past Alliance vice-president Shanta Premawardhana has put together for the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA an ecumenical and interfaith web site of resources of prayers, litanies, texts, etc. for peace from various traditions. The Alliance is one of the participants; Stan Hastey is one of the denominational signatories.

As a member of NCCC dialogue table that went to Palestine and Israel last September, past Alliance president John Ewing Roberts was asked to submit something from the Alliance. He has sent in two items from "For the Livings of These Days."

Go to the site. Here you can contribute your own resources along with what John has already posted.

Caring for Caregivers This new resource was introduced at the 2006 Convocation. Download it here. No charge. If you would like a printed and bound copy, contact the Alliance office.

Children's Retreat: Register now. More.

CUBA: (July 13, 2006) The 2nd report of the administration's Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba was released July 10. Read the report here (on the website of the Latin America Working Group).

Click here to say no to restrictions on humanitarian aid through Church World Service website. Click here to sign a petition to President Bush and Secretary of State Rice on humanitarian aid. Click here to read the response of the Emergency Network of Cuban-American Scholars and Artists for Change in U.S.-Cuba Policy. Read the response of the Emergency Coalition to Defend Educational Travel.

From Associated Baptist Press: The Bush administration recommendation that the United States further limit humanitarian and religious aid to Cuba "flies in the face of religious freedom," say many U.S. Christian groups, including the Alliance of Baptists. Read.

Pilgrimage to Morocco. Karen Thomas Smith, a recipient of Alliance Mission Offering funds for her work in Morocco, would like to organize an interfaith pilgrimage to Morocco. Interested? Read more. 

Constitutional amendment
on gay and lesbian marriage

Executive Director Stan Hastey participated in a news conference on Monday, June 5, as part of a group of clergy speaking about the current push for a constitutional amendment to ban on gay marriage.

This link will take you to a website with pictures and quotes from the news conference.

Read the story from Associated Baptist Press about the conference.

2006 Convocation

Birmingham, Al

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2006 Mission Offering Goal: $120,500

Twenty-seven organizations whose missions are consistent with the Covenant of the Alliance are recipients of the 2006 Bridges of Hope Mission Offering. through June 30, gifts total $$63,789. Click here to see a list of the recipients.

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