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Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr.
President of the National Council of Churches USA, 2004-2005

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

"I look around and see our mandate is to bring unity to the people of God-not only for the churches but for humanity. That’s the challenge for me … that’s the emphasis I bring to the ecumenical network … bringing people together around their humanity, not around their skin color, gender, class or disability.”

Bishop Thomas Hoyt Jr.

When Hoyt was president:

■ Honda announces the first 'hybrid' car

NCC leadsTaco Bell boycott for workers rights

■ Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastate the Gulf Coast of the U.S.

Popular support of Iraq war dwindles

Pope John Paul II dies; Pope Benedict XVI elected

Archbishop Iakovos dies

■ Tsunami kills thousands and displaces millions in Indonesia and South Asia

Thomas Hoyt




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