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Rev. M. William Howard
President of the National Council of Churches USA, 1979-1981
President of New York Theological Seminary

American Baptist Churches USA

"No matter what we are involved in energy, the Middle East, full employment if we are not clearly expressing our concern out of faith in Jesus Christ, then we have not fulfilled our mission."

Rev. M. William Howard


The youthful Howard attracted the attention of the media including interviewer David Frost.

When Howard was president:

■ Iran takes American hostages in Tehran

President Howard heads NCC delegation to provide Christmas worship for hostages

Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island

Mount St. Helens erupts

John Lennon assassinated

Ted Turner establishes CNN

Assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II

Assassination attempt on President Reagan

Sandra Day O'Connor appointed to U.S. Supreme Court

Personal Computers introduced by IBM

M. William Howard 


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