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Arthur S. Flemming
President of the National Council of Churches USA, 1966-1969

Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, 1958-1961
President of Ohio Wesleyan University, Macalester College, University of Oregon
Recipient of two Presidential Medal of Freedom awards (Eisenhower and Clinton)

United Methodist Church

"All of us, including minorities and women, have something to fear if people succeed in either eliminating or weakening methods we need to use in order to take the Constitution of the United States and make it a living document."

"Older persons need a dream, not just a memory."

Arthur S. Flemming

Above, Flemming and President Eisenhower
Beneath, President Hoover and Flemming


When Flemming was president:

■ Mass draft protests in U.S.

Mao launches the Cultural Revolution

Che Guevara killed

First heart transplant

Six Day War in the Middle East

Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated

Robert F. Kennedy assassinated

Prague Spring

Tet Offensive

Arthur S. Flemming




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