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Rev. Edwin T. Dahlberg
President of the National Council of Churches USA, 1957-1960

President of American Baptist Churches USA, 1946-1947
Secretary to Dr. Walter Rausenbusch, International Peace Leader

"Stay close to the Lord. Read the Bible. Remember what you learn in church."

--Edwin T. Dahlberg

Edwin Dahlberg spawned controversy among his fellow American Baptists when he advocated pacifism during World War II. Later, the American Baptists named their highest peace award after him.  The first Dahlberg Peace Award was presented to Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964.

From left, Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King, Edwin Dahlberg, Mrs. and Mr. Victor Gavel (sponsors of the award), Senator Hubert Humphrey and, at the podium, former Minnesota Governor Harold Stassen.


When Dahlberg was President:

■ Soviets launch Sputnik into space

NASA is founded

Hula hoops are popular

Mao Zedong launches the 'Great Leap

Castro overthrows Batista in Cuba

Kitchen debate between Nixon and

U.S. quiz shows found to be fixed

Edwin T. Dahlberg





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