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Bishop Philip R. Cousin

President of the National Council of Churches USA, 1983-1987
African Methodist Episcopal Church

"We are the best vehicle for salvation that God has planned for this earth! Let us now take these winds and somehow funnel them, and in funneling, help cause them to blow away all of the dirt and all of the things that would destroy us.  And help us to grow and become what God would have us be."

Bishop Philip R. Cousin

Bishop Cousin (center) at the 47th quadrennial
meeting of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, 2004

When Cousin was president:

■ Poison Gas Leak kills hundreds in Bhopal

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated

Famine in Ethiopia

Hole in the ozone layer discovered

Challenger space shuttle explodes

Chernobyl nuclear accident

U.S. bombs Libya

DNA first used to convict criminals.

New York Stock Exchange suffers huge drop

Philip R. Cousin



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