Interim General Secretary

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Clare J. Chapman

Interim General Secretary


Clare J. Chapman, Deputy General Secretary and General Counsel of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA, is currently serving as Interim General Secretary.

She was elected to this position by the NCC Governing Board on January 20, 2012. following the departure of the General Secretary Michael Kinnamon for health reasons.

Chapman also served as NCC interim General Secretary from September 1, 2007, when former General Secretary, Bob Edgar became President and CEO of Common Cause, until January 1, 2008, when Michael Kinnamon assumed office.

Before joining the NCC staff in January 2007, Chapman served on several NCC committees, commissions and task forces. 

She was  on the staff of the United Methodist Church's General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns for more than 20 years, serving as its associate general secretary for program and administration. 

Chapman has extensive ecumenical and interfaith experience.  She has twice been an advisor to the one United Methodist delegation to the World Council of Churches and a member of another delegation.  She was a member of the first official United Methodist delegation to the Vatican for discussions on Christian unity. 

"My work has always been ecumenical, even though on behalf of the United Methodist Church and with significant denominational involvement," said Chapman.  "I have been enriched by the many colleagues and friends I have in the UMC at many levels and look forward to deeper relationships within the NCC family of churches also.  I am an ecumenist, [and] a United Methodist Christian," she said. 

Chapman was chair of the drafting committee of "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made," the NCC policy statement on human biotechnology that was adopted by the 2006 General Assembly of the NCC and Church World Service.

Chapman holds four academic degrees.  She received her Juris Doctor from New York Law School, a Master of Music from the University of Arizona, and two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Central Florida, one in music and one in English. 

"The most effective organizations have strong collaboration between program and administration," said Chapman.  "It is a fact that every budget is a mission statement!  It is my hope that working with my colleagues at the council we can be more fully integrated as we work together in the future."  

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