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NCC Appoints The Rev. Patrice Rosner of St. Louis, Mo.,
New Ministries In Christian Education Director

NEW YORK, Aug. 23 ---- The Rev. Patrice Rosner of St. Louis, Mo., a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) publishing executive, has been named of Director of Ministries in Christian Education (MCE) for the National Council of Churches (NCC), the Rev. Dr. Staccato Powell announced today.

"We are fortunate to be able to attract someone with the kind of experience and background in Christian education that Patrice has, not only in her previous job but also with NCC committees," said Dr. Powell, who serves as the NCC's Deputy General Secretary for National Ministries. MCE is part of the NCC's National Ministries Unit. "She brings a wealth of knowledge and the capacity to build on what her predecessor had started."

"Because of her many years working with the NCC, she knows what she is getting into," said the Rev. Joe Leonard, the NCC's Director of Family Ministries and Human Sexuality who also has served as acting MCE director since September 1998. "With her experience, creativity and an ever-important sense of humor, I know she will rise to the challenge of leading a ministry which encompasses such diverse issues and areas."

Rev. Rosner will begin her service as Director of MCE on January 1, 2000, the beginning of the NCC's new Quadrennium and will be based in the NCC's New York office. Ministries in Christian Education embraces some fifteen ministries touching a wide range of educational and advocacy issues, including public education, justice for children and their families, Black Congregational Ministry, ministry with persons who have disabilities, outreach to the deaf community and a new program exploring how congregations can nurture the spiritual development of their members.

Rev. Rosner has served the Christian Board of Publication (CBP), the Christian Church (Disciples) publishing arm headquartered in St. Louis, for 22 years, most recently as the Vice President and as Director of the Congregational Ministries Department. During her tenure at CBP, Rosner has been instrumental in the development of curriculum and congregational program resources for CBP and its partners including: Bible Discovery, Journey Through the Bible, Discipleship Alive, Living the Word, Children's Bible Series, Vacation Venture Series, and The StoryTeller Series. She also authored the book Consider the Children: Planning for Young Children during Worship.

Rev. Rosner likens the expertise she has developed in publishing to the circus act where the performer keeps several plates spinning on poles. "It seems to me that this is what the MCE Director needs to be able to do - to keep the plates spinning," Rev. Rosner said. "Yet while I need to keep the processes going so the ministries can run effectively, I also want to be able to have enough vision and creativity to identify plates that need to be removed so that new ones can be put in the air. I have learned that one thing congregations do is to continue programs because they have always done it, but sometimes you need to celebrate that program for what it provided while acknowledging that the present moment calls for something new."

Rev. Rosner has been actively involved on the National Ministries Unit Committee and the MCE Program and Administrative Boards. "I have been affiliated with MCE for over 20 years, the last four years with the administrative board," Rev. Rosner explained. "One of the things that excites me is that MCE is very viable, in terms of both budget and program, because of the kinds of things it does on behalf of member communions and congregations. There is a lot of long-time loyalty related to MCE."

"One of the visions I have for MCE is to see how we can enlarge the participation of all the 35 member communions of the NCC in MCE opportunities," Rev. Rosner said. "How can we begin to facilitate dialogue across all denominational lines? That's one direction I want to pursue."

Rev. Rosner said that she believes the timing of her appointment couldn't be better. "I am excited to accept this position at this particular time, as the Council is poised to do new things in other areas, not just in MCE," Rev. Rosner said. "We will be calling a new General Secretary and beginning a new four-year quadrennium as well as entering the new millennium. This is a great time to join the NCC staff."

She also commented that she is honored to fill a position formerly held by others she so admired. "To be able to serve in a department formerly staffed by people like Dot Savage and Ima Jean Kidd is rather awesome," she said. "I consider Dot Savage to be a mentor in several ways so I consider it a unique opportunity to serve in the same capacity that she did."

Rev. Rosner is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and has served as a deacon in her St. Louis congregation, Overland Christian Church. She has also been elected to three three-year terms with the Pattonville Board of Education.



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