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1999 NCC News Archives

NCC Announces Peace with Justice Week, Other New Resources

May 25, 1999, NEW YORK – The role of local communities in building global peace rooted in justice is emphasized in the 1999 theme for "Peace with Justice Week." Resources for the 1999 "Week" build on "Pillars of Peace for the 21st Century," the National Council of Churches' proposed new policy statement on the United Nations.

The 1999 materials facilitate the involvement of local congregations in a nationwide process of reflection and witness based on the proposed policy. The "Pillars of Peace" address current challenges to peace and point to the international structures that are needed to undergird a just and peaceful world community.

Since 1982, member communions of the NCC, regional and local ecumenical groups, congregations and individual Christians throughout the country have been observing an annual "Peace with Justice Week" at a time of their own choosing.

The 48-page study guide on "Pillars of Peace for the 21st Century" includes the text of the proposed policy, which addresses: an international political framework for collaboration, international economic accountability, a comprehensive international legal system, liberation and empowerment, conflict resolution and building a culture of peace, human dignity and rights, and protection and preservation of the environment.

The study guide gives background on each "Pillar," examines the role of the churches, and suggests group exercises and actions to build "Pillars of Peace." It provides a list of organizations, publications and videos, and a poster. It includes a form to encourage feedback on the proposed policy as it is readied for vote at the NCC's November 1999 General Assembly.

The 47-minute video introduces the "Pillars of Peace" process for engaging local congregations in an examination of the requirements for global peace. It is divided into segments to facilitate group discussion on each "Pillar" and can be used in parts or as a whole.

Cost is $8 for the study-video package (if ordered separately, cost is $4 per study guide and $6 per video). Order from: Peace with Justice Week, International Justice and Human Rights Office, NCC/CWSW, 475 Riverside Drive, Room 670, New York, NY 10115. Phone 212-870-2424; fax 212-870-2055; e-mail

Other New Resources from the NCC -

"New Initiatives for Sustainable Communities," a 15-minute video and study guide by Agricultural Missions for use in mission education.

Exceptionally clear and practical, this new resource examines the impacts of economic globalization on rural communities and highlights some sustainable alternatives to respond to the negative consequences of global free trade.

Through stories of ordinary people affected by globalization, it introduces some of the major concepts related to economic globalization, presents biblical texts and raises ethical questions that can help Christians apply their faith to concerns of small farmers, rural people, sustainable development and food security for all.

Questions explored include: Why are farm families without food? Why do rural communities suffer the lack of basic infrastructure and social services? Why do rural residents migrate to the cities in search of jobs that do not exist? What can communities do to develop alternatives that improve the quality of life for rural people?

Cost is $10 including shipping and handling. Order from Agricultural Missions, Inc., 475 Riverside Drive Room 624, New York, NY 10115; Phone 212-870-2553; Fax 212-870-3220; e-mail

"Reaching Out to You: An Orientation Guide for Visitors to the United States." This newly revised ecumenical resource is ideal for international persons who come to visit the United States for church-related conferences, sharing in mutual mission partnerships, engaging in mission or for study and research. Sections include: "Going to Another Culture - Exciting and Challenging," "Some Basic Facts About the U.S.," "Life and Culture in the U.S.: Impressions, Symbols and Underlying Themes," "Issues Facing the Church and Society," "Practical Concerns: What You Need to Know," and "Practical Concerns: What You Need to Bring."

Cost is $3 each ($2.50 each for quantities of 25 or more). Order by calling 1-800-524-2612 and ask for PDS #74-400-98-066.

"People, Places and Partnerships: A Workbook for Your Mission Trip Abroad." This 42-page booklet – complementary to "Reaching Out to You" -- is an illustrated guide for those who are traveling on short-term mission assignments or church-sponsored travel study seminars. It includes sections on: reflecting on the implications of the trip; preparing yourself - what you should know before you go; giving and receiving; remembering and telling the story, and continuing to learn through additional resources.

Cost is $2 per copy ($1.50 each for quantities of 50 or more). Order by calling 1-800-524-2612 and ask for PDS #74-400-96-049.


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