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NCC's Friendship Press Offers New Resources About Cuba

May 26, 1999, NEW YORK -- What is really happening in Cuba? How are its people living today? How are Cuban Christians practicing their faith in the wake of the Cuban Revolution? Addressing these questions and more are four new ecumenical resources about Cuba being offered by the National Council of Churches' Friendship Press.

Available now are the book, "Perspectives on Cuba and Its People," the "Cuba Map&Facts" and a 28-minute video, titled, "Cuba: Three Perspectives." To be published soon – exclusively on the World Wide Web, a Friendship Press "first" – is "A Child's Glimpse of Cuba," a guide for teachers exploring Cuba with children.

The book, map and video may be ordered from Friendship Press by phoning 1-800-889-5733. Details follow. Watch the NCC's Web site for "A Child's Glimpse of Cuba."


Perspectives on Cuba and Its People
By Theodore A. Braun
Foreword by Joan Brown Campbell: Conversation with Castro
144pp. Illustrated. ISBN 0-377-00326-3 / $11.95

What is really happening in Cuba? How are its people living today? Are they winning the long struggle between foreign domination and independence? Cuba is seen in the context of its 500-year history: the Spanish colonial period, the economics of sugar, the era of USA penetration, and the strengths and weaknesses of post-revolutionary society.

Many voices are heard in this book. Special attention is given to the perspectives of the Taino people, black Cubans, Cuban émigrés, and Cuban Christians. There are brief biographies of key historical and contemporary figures. Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion. A resource list gives printed materials, audio visuals, and places to send aid.

Dr. Braun is a United Church of Christ pastor and former mission executive who has led 25 study groups to Cuba. He urges North Americans and Cubans to be joint stewards of the earth's resources. In the foreword, Dr. Campbell, the National Council of Churches' general secretary, describes an NCC delegation's dinner and six-hour conversation with Cuban President Fidel Castro in June 1998. She encourages readers to understand and support the Cuban people as they work out their own future.

Map & Facts: CUBA
Oxford Cartographers
Text by Joseph A. Perez
FP 73028 / $8.95

This beautiful four color map, 23" x 35" , shows topography, provinces, major cities, and the island of Cuba in relation to other Caribbean countries and the USA. Eight panels on the reverse side provide a ready reference to Cuban history, blacks in Cuba, religion in Cuba, relations with the USA and USSR, and basic geographic facts. The map may be used in conjunction with the adult study book and video or as a valuable resource on its own. Dr. Perez (retired) served as secretary, Latin America and the Caribbean, for the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries World Division. He was professor of sociology at Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan.

CUBA: Three Faith Perspectives (Video)
Produced by Rod Booth and the Berkeley Studio
(United Church of Canada)
FP 58392 / $29.95

This colorful, intriguing video shows in dramatic interviews how three Cuban Christians practice their faith in the wake of the Cuban revolution. Ysel Perez is a Methodist laywoman who remained in Cuba after Castro came to power. The Rev. Carlos Ham-Stanard, only two when the revolution began, is secretary of the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba. The Rev. Tony Ramos is now a Baptist professor in Miami. Their stories lay to rest many myths and raise significant questions for Christians in north America to ponder. Award-winning producer Rod Booth says this may be his best documentary. A study guide is included. (28:47 minutes)


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