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Church World Service Helps Refugees from Kosovo
Arriving May 15 to New Homes in Austin, Brooklyn, Chicago, Houston

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May 14, 1999, NEW YORK -- Arriving at last at a place they can call home after fleeing the terror in their homeland, the first Kosovar refugees sponsored by Church World Service are scheduled to arrive in the United States on Saturday, May 15.

After flying from Skopje, Macedonia, the twenty refugees from four families will join relatives already living in the United States. Arrangements for their arrival are being made through Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program affiliates in Austin, TX; Brooklyn, NY; Chicago, IL; and Houston, TX.

"I’ve been impressed with the great outpouring of concern for these refugees that has come from the church community," said William Sage, Interim Director of the Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program which is overseeing their arrival. "Our local affiliates are hard at work getting ready for their arrival. The refugees are coming from a long and painful journey, but our local offices will make sure they have new homes ready for them here."

In contrast to the refugees from Kosovo at Ft. Dix, N.J., who have no relatives here, each of the refugees arriving on Saturday has family members already here to help them begin new lives so the refugees will go directly to their new homes. Church World Service is planning to help with several hundred refugees from Kosovo with family members here as well as with refugees from Kosovo who arrive without relatives.

Besides working to find new homes for the Kosovars who are arriving here, CWS is also hard at work assisting the hundreds of thousands of refugees who remain in the Balkans. To date, CWS has provided $1.8 million in humanitarian assistance there.


Media Contacts:
Austin, Texas: Austin Metropolitan Ministries Refugee Services, 512-472-7627
Brooklyn, N.Y.: Interfaith Community Services, 212-265-1826
Chicago, Ill.: Interchurch Refugee and Immigration Ministries, 773-989-5647
Houston, Texas: Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, 713-522-3955 x230
In New York: NCC News, 212-870-2227

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