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"Cuba: Three Faith Perspectives" …
… a new Friendship Press video. It explores Cuba’s contemporary reality from three very different vantage points: the view of one who fled Cuba after the revolution in 1959, one who stayed, and one who grew up as a Christian in post-revolutionary Cuba. Related resources include a study book on "Perspectives on Cuba and Its People," a leader guide and a wall map. A resource to help children understand what daily life is like in Cuba is under development and will be made available on the World Wide Web (a first for Friendship Press). Contact Friendship Press, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 860, New York, NY 10115; phone (212) 870-2496 or  Click here to see the Friendship Press Catalog On-Line.

"Womanist/Feminist Interpretation" and "Afrocentric Interpretation" …
… two new handbooks concerning texts, issues and scholarship having to do with race and gender in biblical translation and interpretation, especially useful for authors, editors and publishers who make use of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

The NCC holds the copyright to the NRSV, which was translated under Council auspices. Handbook writers are past recipients of scholarships funded by NRSV royalties that increase the number of Black, Asian and Latino/a biblical scholars. The handbooks will be available this spring from David Lull, NCC/BTU, Room 872, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115; phone (212) 870-2271 or

"Ending Racism in the Church" …
… a book for church members of all backgrounds that includes a guide to help groups discuss issues that separate the church. It is organized around three case studies describing church or community agencies that strive to end racism. Following each case study are essays from a diverse group of scholars and activists who identify the subtle ways in which racism undermines the gospel’s spirit. The book grows out of the NCC Faith and Order Commission’s work since 1989 that engaged commission members of different races and faith traditions in a frank and sometimes painful study process on racism. Published by United Church Press, cost is $12.95 plus shipping and handling. Call 1-800-654-5129.

"Hope and Justice for All in the Americas: Discerning God’s Mission" …
… a collection of essays by theologians and pastors from Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States, discussing North-South relations; effects of global market economics on the poor and dispossessed; the burgeoning of Pentecostalism; indigenous religious expression, and the need for churches and the ecumenical movement to be involved in these issues in newly creative and sensitive ways. The forum for these papers was an historic Missiology Consultation held in Costa Rica in April 1997 and sponsored by the (U.S.) National Council of Churches. "Hope and Justice for All in the Americas" is published by Friendship Press for the NCC’s Latin America and the Caribbean Office. Edited by Oscar L. Bolioli. $7.95. ISBN 0-377-00325-5. Order from Friendship Press, Room 860, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115; (212) 870-2383 or  Click here to see the Friendship Press Catalog On-Line.

"Hope Out of the Ashes"…
… the NCC’s look at faith communities coming to terms with racism in their midst. Produced by United Methodist Communications, the one-hour program profiles churches and faith-based efforts in five communities around the country that are shaking up the old truism that "eleven o’clock on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week." Among program highlights: the Mississippi Reconciliation Choir. Aired on ABC-TV in October 1998, the program is available on video from EcuFilm for $34.95. Call 1-800-251-4091.

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