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NCC Celebrates United Methodist Unit's Resumed Funding

December 16, 1999, NEW YORK CITY – National Council of Churches leaders welcomed a United Methodist Church unit's announcement today that it has lifted its two-month suspension of funding designated for NCC basic support and thus released the $342,919 remaining toward its 1999 pledge of close to $670,000.

The UMC's General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns (GCCUIC) on Oct. 9 had voted the suspension, citing concerns about NCC fiscal policies and management while reaffirming its "deep commitment" to the NCC "as a vital agency of mission and service to the ecumenical movement."

The affected monies, from the UMC's Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, support the NCC's Ecumenical Commitment Fund, which in turn supports faith and order, ecumenical networks, Christian unity and interreligious concerns programs; the NCC Washington Office, and the Office of the General Secretary. The United Methodist Church's total annual support to the NCC, including to its Church World Service and Witness and National Ministries units, totals about $2.5 million.

Today's announcement affirms the GCCUIC's satisfaction that the NCC "has made extensive changes and is now essentially in compliance" with required steps for restoration of funding."

Welcoming the announcement, the Rev. Dr. Joan B. Campbell, NCC General Secretary, said, "In this year we have identified historic problems in the financial infrastructure of the NCC and have taken the often difficult steps to make much needed changes. The United Methodists, quite rightly, pushed us to complete this task. Their concern for the fiscal stability of the Council is appropriate for a member communion. We have dedicated extensive time and effort to answering their difficult questions, and are pleased that the conditions that they set for their continuing financial support have been met. We are grateful that we are able to close 1999 with the blessing of this major contributor."

Affirmed the Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar, who Jan. 1 will become NCC General Secretary, "We are delighted that the United Methodists have reviewed the new structures and financial controls that we've put in place and have been assured of the financial stability of the NCC. We look forward to working with all the member communions as we re-vision the ecumenical movement for the 21st century."


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