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January 5, 1999, NEW YORK, N.Y. --
Value of NCC's Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches to Grow with Three-Year, $635,000 Redevelopment Grant from Lilly Endowment

January 6, 1999, NEW YORK, N.Y. --
Jewish and Christian Clergy Send Letter to Senate Urging Censure; Religious Leaders Call for Swift Process that Leaves President in Office

January 7, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
Feature Story on Mauricio Amilcar Lopez Award to People of Vieques, Puerto Rico

January 8, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
In Letter to President Clinton, NCC General Secretary Welcomes Opening to Cuba But Regrets Rejection of Bi-Partisan Commission

NCC General Secretary to Preach January 10, 1999, at Clinton's Church

January 20, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
NCC Earth Day Mailing on Consumerism Goes to 85,000 Congregations

January 26, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
Church World Service to Help Following Colombia Earthquake

January 26, 1999, CHICAGO, Ill.  –
1,800+ Church Educators to Wrestle with 21st Century Issues


February 1, 1999, ELK GROVE, Calif. --
Ethelou Talbert Dies Feb. 1; Wife of United Methodist Bishop Melvin Talbert, the NCC's Immediate Past President

February 3, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCC Receives EPA Grant to Develop "Energy Star Congregations"

February 4, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCC Program Addresses Titanic-Sized Energy Problems in Churches

February 8, 1999, NEW YORK --
U.S. Church Leaders Protest Seizure of Palestinian ID Cards; Their Letters Support Jerusalem Patriarchs in Opposition to Israeli Government Policy

February 8, 1999, NEW YORK --
A Statement on the Death of King Hussein by The Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, General SecretaryNational Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.

February 13, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCC's National Ministries Director Condemns Shooting of Amadou Diallo

February 16, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCC Urges U.S., U.N. Pressure Against Militarization of East Timor

February 19, 1999, NEW YORK --
Board Acts to Strengthen NCC's Public Witness, Administration

February 19, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCC, UMC Bring Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu to New York to Answer Her Critics; Sees Debate as Struggle Over Who Writes History

February 25, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCCCUSA General Secretary Hails Arrests in Indiana Church Burnings; Council’s "Church Rebuilding Project" Actively Assisting Indiana, Other Burned Churches


March 1999, CHICAGO, Ill. --
NCC Church Educators Event Mirrors Tensions, Choices in Culture
; 2,000 Gather to Discuss How Old Stories and New Technologies Can Intersect

March 5, 1999, NEW YORK –
1999 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches Now Off Press; New & Updated Listings, Data & Analysis Make it the "Most Valuable Yearbook Ever"

March 5, 1999, NEW YORK --
"Findings" from the 1999 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches

March 5, 1999, NEW YORK --
1999 Yearbook an Invaluable Tool for Local Church Ministry

March 8, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCC General Secretary Condemns Murder of Gay Alabama Man

March 9, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
Caste Insecurity is at Root of Anti-Christian Violence in India, Minister Reports; Visit Comes on Heels of NCC Letter Deploring Anti-Minority Attacks in India

March 10, 1999, NEW YORK --
Agricultural Missions Board Member Among Three Killed in Colombia

March 15, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
NCC Staff Report Positive, Negative Surprises About Conditions in Afghanistan

March 16, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
National Council of Churches News Briefs:

March 16, 1999 -- Updates to NCC's 1999-2001 Events Calendar: Click here to go to the calendar, which includes nearly two dozen updates from mid-March through 2001!

March 16, 1999, HAVANA, Cuba  –
Fact-Finding Group Calls for an End to the Embargo of Cuba

March 18, 1999 -- NCC/Church World Service Emergency Response Briefs:

March 18, 1999 --
New Resources from the National Council of Churches

March 22, 1999, ATLANTA, Ga. --
First-Ever Training for Church Leaders in Effective Black Parenting; After March 24-27 Training in Atlanta, 25 Grads Will Train Others in Effective Black Parenting

March 25, 1999, ATLANTA, Ga. --
CWS Unit Committee Calls on NATO to Cease Bombing in Kosovo

March 30, 1999, NEW YORK
Finding: Bible Study and Sermon Improve Christians' Involvement in Government; Surveys Reveal Year-Long Program Changes Attitudes, Increases Engagement

March 27, 1999, ATLANTA, Ga. --
First-Ever Training for Church Leaders in Effective Black Parenting
; First 20 Consultants Complete Training, Will Train Others in Effective Black Parenting

March 30, 1999, NEW YORK --
CWS Forwards $900,000 for Tents, Bedding for Kosovo Refugees
; Church World Service’s Goal -- $1.2 Million in Kosovo Crisis Response


April 6, 1999, NEW YORK ---
NCC Calls for "Moment of Peace" Cease-Fire on All Sides in Kosovo to Coincide with Eastern Orthodox Easter Weekend, April 9-12;
CWS Continues to Send Food, Tents, Bedding as Part of Planned $1.2 Million Response

April 12, 1999, NEW YORK --
Church World Service Staffer Gives First-Hand Report of Refugee Crisis in Bosnia;
CWS Expands Response Goal to $1.8 Million, Continues to Send Blankets to Refugees

April 21, 1999, TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras --
CWS-Sponsored Workshop: Searching for New Options for Latin America's Poor; Church-Related Development Experts Explore Sustainable Economic Alternative.
See Also Sidebar: "Development Case Study: Bolivian Village’s Lesson for NGOs"

April 21, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
Statement in Response to Colorado School Massacres, By The Rev. Dr. Staccato Powell, NCC Deputy General Secretary/Executive Director, National Ministries Unit, National Council of Churches

April 21, 1999, NEW YORK CITY –
NCC Faxes U.S., U.N. Urgently Asking Intervention in East Timor
; Council Staffer, in Indonesia, Confirms News Reports, Need for Disarmament

April 27, 1999, WASHINGTON, D.C. --
Religious Leaders Delegation Affirms Intention to Go to Belgrade
; Led by Jesse Jackson and Joan Campbell, Group Leaves Wednesday; Agenda: Deliver Families’ Messages to Captured U.S. Soldiers, Meet with Religious Leaders

April 28, 1999, DENVER, Colo.  --
Colorado Potatoes on Their Way to North Korea; U.S. Relief Agencies Launch Potato Project for Famine Relief

April 29, 1999, NEW YORK --
Latest in NCC's Kosovo Response Includes Shipments of Baby Formula to Refugee Camp, Plans for U.S. Refugee Resettlement

April 29, 1999, BELGRADE, Yugoslavia ---
Religious Leaders Delegation Has Arrived in Belgrade
; Group Led by Joan Campbell, Jesse Jackson Reaches Hotel 9 P.M. Local Time; Friday/Saturday Schedule Now Being Finalized

April 30, 1999, BELGRADE, Yugoslavia --
U.S. Religious Leaders Meet Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Pavle; Group, Led by Joan Campbell and Jesse Jackson, Hopes to See Captured U.S. Soldiers Today

April 30, 1999, BELGRADE, Yugoslavia –
Two See U.S. Soldiers, Offer Bibles, Family Messages, Prayers
; Religious Leaders Delegation to Belgrade Also Meets Yugoslav Faith Community


May 1, 1999, BELGRADE, Yugoslavia –
Milosevic Government Promises Release Sunday of U.S. Soldiers; U.S. Interfaith’ Delegation to Belgrade Secures Promise, Sees Soldiers Again Saturday

May 2, 1999, BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, and ZAGREB, Croatia –
U.S. Religious Leaders Receive Freed Soldiers, Bring Them Out; Group Led by Jesse Jackson, Joan Campbell Accompanies the Soldiers to Germany

May 6, 1999, NEW YORK --
Interfaith Delegation That Freed U.S. Soldiers Returns Home, Meets with President Clinton and U.N. Secretary General

May 6, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCC Calls for U.S. Miltary to Withdraw from Vieques, Puerto Rico,After Bomb Misses Target, Killing One and Injuring Four; Vieques Activists Received NCC’s 1998 Mauricio Amilcar Lopez Human Rights Award

MAY 12, 1999, NEW YORK --
CWS Workshop Prepares Staff Worldwide to Confront Dangers

May 12, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
Kirk Franklin Presents $250,000 to NCC Burned Churches Project

May 12, 1999, WASHINGTON, D.C. --
FCC Chairman to Meet with Religious and Minority Groups That Support Low-Power, Community Radio;
Open Meeting will be 2:30 P.M. Thursday, May 13, Washington, D.C.

May 13, 1999, CHICAGO --
Armenian Orthodox "Blessing of the Fields" Service on a Landfill Will Highlight "Environmental Ministries in the Church" Conference" May 13-16, Chicago

May 13, 1999, NEW YORK --
American Indian Leaders Gather in New York City to Bid Farewell to Ingrid Washinawatok, O’Peqtaw-Metamoh (Flying Eagle Woman), a Beloved Leader: Ingrid Washinawatok, O’Peqtaw-Metamoh (Flying Eagle Woman).

May 14, 1999, WASHINGTON, D.C. --
Statement of the Rev. Dr. Joan Campbell, General Secretary, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., to William E. Kennard, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission, Regarding Low-Power Radio

May 14, 1999, NEW YORK --
Church World Service Helps Refugees from Kosovo Arriving May 15 to New Homes in Austin, Brooklyn, Chicago, Houston

May 25, 1999, NEW YORK –
NCC Announces Peace with Justice Week, Other New Resources

May 25, 1999, WASHINGTON, D.C.. --
June 4-6, Chevy Chase, Md., Consultation on Africa Trade, Aid, Debt
; National Council of Churches' Africa Office is Among Supporters

May 26, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCC's Friendship Press Offers New Resources About Cuba

May 27, 1999, NEW YORK --
Sudan is Worst Humanitarian Crisis in the World, Expert Says; Urges Churches to Join "Domestic Political Disturbance" on U.S. Sudan Policy


June 2, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
Commitments Continue for the Rev. Dr. Albert M. Pennybacker
; But in Retirement, NCC’s "Utility Player" Expects "New and Less Hurried Expressions"

June 4, 1999, NEW YORK –
Quality, Equality of U.S. Public Education to be Addressed in Ecumenical Pilot Project in Pennsylvania

June 10, 1999, NEW YORK ---
Interfaith Global Warming Campaign Initiated in Four States
; Michigan Conference June 14-15 Will Be First Event in Year-long Initiative:

June 14, 1999, NEW YORK --
Statement of the Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, General Secretary of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, On Behalf of Iranian Jews Arrested, Imprisoned on Espionage Charges

June 14, 1999, HAVANA, CUBA --
Cuban Evangelicals (Protestants) Conclude Month-Long Celebration; Final Event Set for June 20 Beginning at 10 a.m., Plaza de la Revolución José Marti, Havana, Cuba

June 15, 1999, NEW YORK --
CWS Releases Lapel Pin to Support Jubilee 2000 Debt Relief Campaign:

June 16, 1999, NEW YORK --
NCC Praises Serbian Orthodox Church Call for Milosevic Resignation: Statement by The Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, General Secretary, National Council of Churches

Feature Story: Ecumenical Environmental Justice Conference "Recycles Souls"

June 24, 1999, NEW YORK --
CWS/NCC Looks Ahead to Ongoing Needs in Kosovo Response

June 25, 1999, NEW YORK  –
Cuban Protestant Celebration "Very Successful," Campbell Says


July 2, 1999, NEW YORK –
Multi-Ethnic, Interfaith Staff, Partnerships Mark CWS Bosnia Work; Stories from CWS Executive Director’s Recent Visit to Refugee Camps, Rebuilding Project

July 2, 1999, NEW YORK  –
NCC Hails Courage of Pavle's July 4 Call for Repentance

NCC News Briefs -- July 1999
- NCC’S Friendship Press Publishes First "Web" Book, on Cuba
- NCC General Secretary Search Open Through Aug. 2
- Tutu Records Kosovo Radio Spots for Church World Service
- NCC Commissions 12 New Amity Teachers of English to China
- NCC Supports Legal Petition on Leonard Peltier’s Behalf
- Linda Hartke Elected to Amnesty International USA Board
- NCC Co-Sponsors Summer "E Pluribus Unum" Project
- NCC Supports National Accessible Congregations Campaign
- Web-Based Disaster News Network Describes Church Response
- Jay Lintner Joins NCC as Part-Time Director, Washington Office
- NCC General Secretary’s July-August Travel Schedule …
- CWS Asks Help Replenishing "Gifts of the Heart" Kits Supply
- Fall Events Set on Implications of NCC Public Education Policy

July 13, 1999, NEW YORK –
National Ministries Executive Reflects On Smith Killings

July 13, 1999, NEW YORK – NCC "Moratorium On Racism" Set For Spring 2000

July 13, 1999, NEW YORK –
What Public Schools, Religious Institutions Can Do Together

July 13, 1999, NEW YORK –
CWS Staffer Returns From Global Ecumenical Visit To Kosovo

July 13, 1999, NEW YORK –
NCC "Moratorium On Racism" Set For Spring 2000

July 13,1999, NEW YORK –
NCC, American Jewish Congress File Brief in Church-State Case

July 15, 1999, NEW YORK --
19 More Church Leaders Trained In Effective Black Parenting;Total of 39 Now Credentialed to Train Others in NCC Project’s Faith-Based Curriculum

July 21, 1999, NEW YORK  --
National Coalition Launches Hate Crimes Awareness Initiative; Journey to Expose Illinois and Indiana Hate Groups While Retracing Benjamin Smith's Campaign of Terror


August 3, 1999, WILKES-BARRE, Pennsylvania --
NCC Family Ministries Director Submits Testimony to Pennsylvania Attorney General's Task Force on Domestic Violence

August 11, 1999, NEW YORK -- Statement of National Council of Churches General Secretary On Attack on Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles

August 19, 1999, NEW YORK CITY –
Church World Service Commits Initial $250,000 to Turkey Earthquake Response

August 23, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
NCC Appoints The Rev. Patrice Rosner of St. Louis, Mo., New Ministries In Christian Education Director

August 27, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
Church World Service Responds To Turkey Earthquake With $500,000;CWS Director Attending Washington, D.C. Meetings about Relief Efforts


September 2, 1999, NEW YORK CITY –
Support Public Education, Christian and Jewish Leaders Urge In Statement Timed to the Start of the New School Term

September 2, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
NCC Extends Food-for-Work Program in Indonesia, Initiates New Relief and Development Program; Programs Bring Christians and Muslims Together to Counter Interreligious Violence

September 2, 1999, NEW YORK CITY –
NCC, Concerned About Ongoing Insecurity in East Timor, Asks U.S. to Press Indonesian Government to Stop the Violence

September 3, 1999, NEW YORK CITY - Ecumenical Community Equips 2,500 with Tents, Furnishings, Helping to Ease Post-Earthquake Miseries in Turkey; Church World Service "Ups" Its Turkey Response Goal to $1 Million, Receives Thank You Letters From Turkish Citizens, Eye-Witness Reports

September 3, 1999 - Mayors' Sept. 9 March for Effective Gun Control Legislation, Washington, D.C.; NCC Contributes Interfaith Group to Speak, Pray in Support

September 8, 1999, NEW YORK CITY -- NCC Executive Board Appeals to President Clinton, United Nations to Maintain Presence, End Atrocities in East Timor; Church World Service Explores Assistance for Refugee

September 9, 1999, WASHINGTON, D.C. - Clergy Join Mayors, Police Chiefs to Ask Stronger Gun Control

September 14, 1999, NEW YORK CITYTop NCC Delegation Visit Sept. 22-28 To Support Search For Truth About "Disappeared" In Chile, Uruguay and Argentina

September 15, 1999, NEW YORK CITY --
Church World Service Readies Hurricane Floyd Response

Sept. 16, 1999, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The Rev. Larry D. Tankersley, Southern Asia Expert, Dies

September 17, 1999, NEW YORK -- CWS Responds to Hurricane Floyd with Initial $100,000:

September 17, 1999, NEW YORK -- NCC Leader Issues Indictment Against Gun Lobby in Wake of Fort Worth, Texas, Church Shootings:

September 23, 1999, CLEVELAND, Ohio – National Council of Churches Celebrates 50th Anniversary
1,000 Participants Coming to Cleveland, the NCC's Birthplace, for Nov. 9-12, Fete
: With Link to NCC 50th Anniversary Celebration Pages

September 28, 1999, NEW YORK -- East Timorese Church Leader Calls For Safe Repatriation Of Refugees, International Tribunal To Bring Killers To Justice; CWS $1 Million Appeal Will Assist Refugees in West Timor:

September 28, 1999, WASHINGTON. D.C. – Reauthorization Of Education Act Framed As A "Moral Issue":

September 28, 1999, NEW YORK --Religious Leaders Urge End To Embargo Of Iraq:

September 29, 1999, NEW YORKNCC Head Asks U.S. To Open Uruguay, Argentina, Chile Files; Purpose is to Help Find "Disappeared," Some of Whom Are Still Alive

September 29, 1999, NEW YORK CITY NCC Presses U.S. To Address Grievance Of No Gun Ri Massacre; NCC & South Korean Counterpart Assembled Dossier, Approached Pentagon in 1998:

Sept. 30, 1999, NEW YORK ---- NCC Leaders Commend President Clinton's Debt Relief Call; Ask for Congressional Approval, Express Implementation Concerns:


October 7, 1999, WASHINGTON, D.C.NCC Head Urges Senate To Ratify Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

October 13, 1999, CHICAGO (ELCA*) -- Amity Teacher Of English In China Dies:

October 15, 1999, NEW YORK CITY -- NCC Documentary "The Bible Under Fire" Set for Nov. 21 Premiere:

Oct. 18, 1999, NEW YORK CITY ---- NCC Visit to Chile, Uruguay and Argentina Reopens "Disappeared" Debate:

October 18, 1999, NEW YORK CITYAnnouncements of New National Council of Churches Staff :

Oct. 22, 1999, WASHINGTON, D.C.NCC Supports "U2K," Rally, UCHAN! Push For Universal Health Care; National Council of Churches to Join Oct. 22 "Call to Care" Rally, U.S. Capitol:

October 25, 1999, CLEVELAND, OhioNCC'S Web Site Will Feature 50th Anniversary News, Documentation, Audio & Photos, Link to Web Cast of Nov. 11 Installation of Ambassador Andrew Young as NCC President:

October 25, 1999, CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Andrew Young, Desmond Tutu Keynote NCC 50th Anniversary Nov. 9-12:


November 9-12, 1999, CLEVELAND, Ohio – the NCC's Birthplace in 1950 --Details, National Council of Churches 50th Anniversary Fete:

November 2, 1999, NEW YORKNCC Hails New Global Sullivan Principles, Announced Today:

November 4, 1999, CLEVELAND, Ohio ---- Five No Gun Ri Survivors, Three Korean War U.S. Veterans To Meet Nov. 10; First Encounter In 50 Years To Be Held During NCC 50th Anniversary:

Click here for an index of all news and feature coverage of the NCC's 50th Anniversary Celebration Nov. 9-12, 1999, in Cleveland, Ohio, along with all coverage of the Nov. 10-12 NCC General Assembly.

SANTIAGO, CHILE - Latin American Agencies Chart New Course; CWS Sponsors Four Day Meeting in Santiago:

Nov. 26, 1999, COS COB, Conn.Alva ("Al") Irwin Cox, Jr., 74, Independent Film Maker, Dies:


Dec. 3, 1999, SEATTLE ---- NCC Head, Cuba Foreign Minister To Speak At Seattle "Solidarity With Cuba" Event; Friday, Dec. 3, 9 p.m., New Hope Missionary Church, 124 21st Ave.:

December 7, 1999, NEW YORK CITY - "World Peace Globe" Unveiled At Church Center For The U.N.:

December 15, 1999, NEW YORK CITYAndrew Young Requests "Moringa Tree Seedlings, Not Flowers"

December 16, 1999, NEW YORK CITYNCC Celebrates United Methodist Unit's Resumed Funding

BOGOTA, ColombiaNCC Group Visits War-Weary Colombia, Talks About Peace

December 21, 1999, NEW YORK CITYNCC Recovers Another $405,000 of $8 Million "Troubled Investment"; Final Settlement Brings Total Recovered to $5,405,000 -- Nearly 70 Percent:

Dec. 22, 1999, NEW YORK CITY ---- Cambodian Government Honors CWS:

December 22, 1999, NEW YORK CITYCWS Rushes Bedding, Plans $500,000 "First Phase" Venezuela Response; "This is Bigger Than Hurricane Mitch," CWS Says as it Undertakes Flood Aid:


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