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Pre-Assembly News Alerts and Agenda
10/15/01: First News Alert, NCC General Assembly and Related Meetings
11/9/01: Second News Alert, NCC General Assembly and Related Meetings
11/9/01: Detailed Agenda, NCC General Assembly and Related Meetings
11/9/01: World Council of Churches Story on International Ecumenical Delegation

Pre-Assembly Events
11/11/01: Inetta Harris Leads Children's Choir Workshop in Oakland
11/12/01: Assembly Delegates Tour Bay Area Habitat for Humanity Homes

General Assembly News
11/13/01: As Assembly Opens, International Church Leaders, NCC Assembly Delegates Reflect on Sept. 11
11/14/01: NCC Honors Oakland Religious Leaders as Examples of 'Light' in the Community, Announces Grants to Four Doctoral Students Who Excel in Biblical Scholarship

General Assembly Statements and Resolutions
11/15/01: Longing for Peace, Justice Marks NCC Assembly 'Sept. 11' Statement
11/15/01: 'Out of the Ashes and Tragedy of September 11, 2001' - A Statement
11/15/01: 'For the Faithful Living of These Days' - A Resolution
11/15/01: NCC Resolution on the Reauthorization of TANF and Related Programs

Honoring Outgoing President Andrew Young ...
11/15/01: NCC Honors Ambassador Andrew Young as He Concludes Two Years' Service as NCC President

... And Welcoming Incoming President Elenie Huszagh
11/9/01: Profile: Elenie Huszagh, Esq., NCC President for 2002-2003
11/15/01: Elenie K. Huszagh, Esq., Greek Orthodox Lay Person, is Installed as NCC President for 2002-2003
11/15/01: 'The View From Here to Where??' - Installation Address of Elenie K. Huszagh, NCC President

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