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Bearing an Easy Burden: A Reception in Honor of Andrew Young
November 16, 2000, Atlanta, Ga.
During the
General Assembly of the National Council of Churches

Andrew Young has come full circle. Serving in 2000-2001 as President of the National Council of Churches, he credits the organization with playing a key role in forming is outlook in the early 1950s.

Andrew Young’s civic and community contributions have early roots in a 1951 NCC-sponsored conference of the United Christian Youth Movement. He recalls his attendance at that event as a "pivotal" experience. In 1957, Young was handpicked by the NCC to work for the Youth Division of Christian Education. After serving in the Youth Division for three years, he joined the Citizenship School Program of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, where he worked alongside Martin Luther King, Jr., and other civil rights leaders to fight segregation.

Now, as NCC President, he is working with the Council to realize a new vision for the organization and the ecumenical movement. This vision is more widely inclusive of Christian communions than ever before, and it challenges churches to action and advocacy to overcome poverty. As Young has said, "Poverty in the 21st century is the moral equivalent of slavery in the 19th century."

Young’s promotion of the Church World Service Moringa Tree Program has helped spread the word about the Moringa tree’s remarkable value as a local, sustainable solution to malnutrition in Africa, especially among infants, children and mothers. Tonight’s reception draws its theme, "Bearing An Easy Burden," from Young’s history of the civil rights movement, "An Easy Burden." Contributions raised from reception hosts will go to anti-poverty work – with 15 percent of the proceeds remaining in Atlanta to assist with local hunger relief efforts.

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