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Executive Director, Church World Service
New York, New York

Click here to read the Rev. McCullough's report to the NCC General Assembly 11/15/2000

The Rev. John L. McCullough of Montclair, N.J., is Executive Director of Church World Service, at work in more than 80 countries, including the United States, in ministries of disaster response, development, refugee assistance.

His broad international experience includes pastorates in the United States and Kenya and leadership in the United Methodist Church Board of Global Ministries, where he presented more than 1,150 persons for commissioning into mission service, administered a program that awarded assistance to more than 700 students around the world and introduced numerous mission initiatives including Missioners of Hope, Volunteers for Africa, Conference Committees on Mission Personnel and Korean American Mission Pastors.

Now he brings his experience and creativity to Church World Service, where he has served since June 1, 2000, first as Interim Director and since September as the search committee's unanimous choice as Executive Director.

In a vision statement written for the search committee, the Rev. McCullough described Church World Service and its mission as "a global ecumenical organization of Christian persons committed to the transformation of human society and preservation of the environment as an expression of Christ's live. CWS is called no less to be a prophetic voice and an agitating presence: a sign of compassion, a bulwark for justice, human rights, dignity, and a source of knowledge contributing to the healing of nations and the building of lasting peace."


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