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Honored November 16, 2000, Atlanta, Ga.
with a
National Council of Churches President's Award
Presented by Ambassador Andrew Young

Gloria Jones came to CROP WALK seeking a project in community service and global issues for her students. She was looking for ways to invoke their curiosity and caring for their larger community. For Gloria this was just the beginning…

She saw the Charlotte, North Carolina CROP WALK as a stepping off place for her students and helped develop a now nationally recognized curriculum on SYSTEMS, using hunger, its causes, effects and the way communities handle the problem of hunger as the example of a way that systems operate. Ms. Jones’ intellectual curiosity, her commitment to teaching in the truest sense of the word, and her dynamic approach to learning took her students out of the four walls of the classroom and into the wide world. They worked at Kids Café, a local food bank project; the participated in CROP WALK and enlisted others’ participation because of their own knowledge and enthusiastic response to fighting hunger.

Because of this teacher’s quality of service, because she is a mentor who matches her words with deeds, because she gives her students an incredible foundation for lifelong learning, we have children who are already demonstrating the highest aspects of citizenship. I am deeply, deeply honored tonight to present this National Council of Churches President’s Award to Ms. Gloria Jones.

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