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November 17, 2000, ATLANTA, Ga. – As the National Council of Churches’ annual General Assembly, held here Nov. 14-17, concluded, the Assembly:

- Called on the NCC’s 36 Protestant and Orthodox member denominations to "commit themselves to participating, with Evangelical and Pentecostal churches and with the Roman Catholic Church in a process of discernment to ascertain what new national expression of Christian life, faith and action the Holy Spirit may enable us to bring into being in which we may be and act together."  (Click here to read the resolution.)

- Adopted statements on the "Conflict in the Middle East," "Vieques," "AIDS in Africa" and "In Support of Farm Workers Organizing in North Carolina."

The latter supports the Farm Labor Organizing Committee "in its efforts to organize a union among North Carolina farm workers in order to bring a greater measure of justice and dignity to those who work in the agricultural industry," commits the NCC to "a leadership role among the churches," and calls upon the Mt. Olive Pickle Company "to come to the table with farm workers and enter into contract negotiations with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee."

It further asks that the NCC General Secretary, in consultation with Agricultural Missions, appoint a team to facilitate and monitor the status of contract negotiations between Mt. Olive and the Farm Labor Organizing Committee and report to the Executive Board at their next meeting for further action including endorsement of a boycott if necessary."

The "AIDS in Africa" initiative commits the NCC and General Assembly to join "in prayerful covenant to dedicate ourselves to compassionate concern for those people in Africa with HIV/AIDS and those who live with and care for these people" and acknowledges the work of the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care and their support groups.

- Honored the NCC’s President, Andrew Young, along with several outstanding ecumenical leaders and programs in Atlanta and across the United States, with achievement awards.  (Click here to read about the awards.)

Details are available in the "General Assembly News and Documentation Section" on this Web site.


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