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Resolution #4: "Development of a Comprehensive Policy Statement on Africa"
National Council of Churches Annual General Assembly, November 14-17, 2000


WHEREAS the Board of Directors of Church World Service, Inc./Church World Service and Witness, at their meeting in Baltimore, MD on November 1, 2000 considered the urgent need to prioritize Africa in the work of CWSW and the NCCCUSA; and

WHEREAS the CWSW Mission Relationships and Witness Program Committee, in respect to President Andrew Young’s leadership with regard to Africa, recommended the development of a new joint policy statement regarding Africa; and

WHEREAS the NCCCUSA has placed a major focus on AIDS—a major issue in Africa—and in light of the very solid work done by the Middle East Committee in its 1980 policy statement, which still stands today as a model for a new statement on Africa; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the General Assembly, meeting in Atlanta, does hereby authorize the development of a comprehensive policy statement on Africa for the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA and Church World Service and Witness.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the objectives be as follows:

a. To develop an Africa policy statement over the next twelve months.

b. To present an Africa policy statement for first reading to the CWSW Board of Directors and the NCCCUSA Executive Board in October 2001 and the NCCCUSA General Assembly in November 2001.

c. To present an Africa policy statement for second reading to the General Assembly in November 2002.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the recommended framework for the work be as follows:

11/16/2000 News Story: NCC General Assembly Authorizes Development of an Africa Policy

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