A message to church leaders

from National Council of Churches President Kathryn Lohre

August 9, 2012

Dear NCC Leaders,

The NCC has been very active in our response to the tragedy of violence against our Sikh brothers and sisters in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and its reverberation throughout the Sikh American community.


You may have seen our response to the tragedy in Monday's press release at http://www.ncccusa.org/news/120806sikhshootings.html.


Our latest story highlights local and regional ecumenical and interfaith responses: http://www.ncccusa.org/news/120809sikhsupport.html.

This morning, we participated in a press conference sponsored by the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign. My prepared statement includes links to several timely resources that we invite you to share widely in your churches: http://www.ncccusa.org/news/120809lohrestatement.html


1) The Wisconsin Council of Churches Statewide Day of Prayer for the Sikh Community:


Encourage members of your communion to participate or replicate this model.

Note: other statewide councils are also participating - check the website in your state.


2) The Groundswell Movement is mobilizing a national interfaith grassroots response:


Encourage members of your communion to send messages of solidarity and hope to Sikhs.


3) The Sikh Coalition has organized state-by-state listings of community vigils and events:


Encourage members of your communion to visit local gurdwaras this Sunday, when many are opening their doors to the public.


Kathryn M. Lohre, NCC President


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