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Lift Every Voice and Sing

New York, February 2, 2010 -- The history of African Americans in the United States is intricately related to the church. The historic figures portrayed here are a tiny fraction of the tens of thousands of faithful and courageous leaders who led the way on the still uncompleted journey to the Promised Land. Virtually all of the persons pictured here were leaders in their communions and congregations, or were indelibly touched by their church.

They are: 1: Bill "Bojangles" Robinson; 2: former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; 3: former NCC staffer Jean Sindab; 4: former NCC President Michael Livingston; 5: activist Al Sharpton; 6: former NCC President, Ambassador Andrew Young; 7: Congresswoman and presidential candidate Shirley Chisolm; 8: civil rights icon Ralph Abernathy; 9: First Lady Michelle Obama; 10: Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.; 11: General Daniel "Chappie" James; 12: American Baptist executive William T. McKee; 13: Nat "King" Cole; 14: former NCC President Melvin Talbert; 15: former NCC staffer Kenyon Burke; 16: civil rights icon Thelma Adair; 17: civil rights icon Coretta Scott King; 18: former NCC President Thomas L. Hoyt Jr.; 19: former NCC President Sterling Cary; 20: civil rights icon Paul Robeson; 21: Oprah Winfrey; 22: former NCC President Philip Cousin; 23: President Obama; 24: former NCC staffer and UM Women executive Lois McCullough Dauway; 25: Bishop Vashti McKenzie.

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