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At climate summit, Clinton asserts need
to protect persons living in poverty

Assistance would help God’s most vulnerable children cope with the impacts of climate change

Washington, December 18, 2009 -- The National Council of Churches today announced its support for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s declaration at the climate summit in Copenhagen that the United States will protect persons living in poverty around the world from the impacts of climate change.

Clinton said the U.S. is prepared to join countries in raising $100 billion in yearly climate financing for poor countries by 2020. The move helps persons suffering from the impacts of climate change by ensuring effective adaptation assistance funding for vulnerable populations.

“As the world’s largest historical emitter, it is our moral responsibility, as a country, to provide for those who are at the mercy of God’s changing climate” said Cassandra Carmichael, Director of the National Council of Churches Washington Office and Eco-justice Program. “Providing financial support for mothers, their children, the elderly, and communities around the world is vital in our faithful effort to work for justice for all of God’s children.”

The $100 billion commitment to assist developing nations through sustainable adaptation and development practices would be a key element in any successful international climate treaty.

“We are grateful for this new commitment from the US and look forward to working with the administration and other global leaders to ensure protection for God’s people and God’s planet,” said Carmichael.

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