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NCC partners with Mitch Albom

New York, October 14, 2009—The National Council of Churches has partnered with Mitch Albom to produce a discussion guide for his latest bestseller.  

Have a Little Faith, Albom’s first nonfiction venture since the phenomenal success of Tuesday’s with Morrie more than a decade ago, was released last month. The book is an interfaith story, intertwined with elements familiar in Albom’s books—love and friendship life and death. 

The National Council of Churches was contacted by Different Drummer, a social awareness marketing firm for Have a Little Faith, to prepare an individual, group and congregational use discussion guide for the book. The resulting guide will be available on,,, and Mitch Albom’s website.  

“We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful project, which covers so many issues vital to the Council, such as interfaith relations, social justice, outreach and more,” said Melissa Dixon, communications assistant, who prepared the guide.  

Albom, 51, shows great maturity and understanding in the book, which spans seven years. The premise is simple: his old hometown rabbi requests the author to give his eulogy at his impending funeral. The two develop an unlikely bond, while at the same time, Albom develops an even more unlikely bond with a Protestant pastor in his current home of Detroit. Albom credits both for the rediscovery of his own faith. 

General Secretary Michael Kinnamon praised the book.  

“It was a delightful read,” said Kinnamon. “Albom’s journey of faith, aided by a Jewish rabbi and a Christian pastor, shows how we all can learn from one another’s pilgrimage.”  

Have a Little Faith was written over an eight year period. Albom’s last two books, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” and “For One More Day,” both fiction, were written in the same time span.  

The discussion guide will be available on online book retailers nationwide. Download a copy here.

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