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Seven-Day Prayer Resource
for the 2009 Hurricane Season

New Orleans, July 7, 2009   Last September, when Hurricane Gustav appeared to be churning toward a direct hit on New Orleans, NCC General Secretary Michael Kinnamon offered a prayer for the protection of the city.

But Kinnamon also noted that prayers can't protect everyone in the storm's path.

"Days before Gustav approached the Gulf Coast, it landed full-strength on Cuba and did incalculable damage," he said. "Moreover, this looks like a busy hurricane season. Even as Gustav weakens into a giant rain storm, Hurricanes Hanna and Ike are loose in the gulf, and Tropical Storm Josephine is gaining strength."

The only possible way to pray in such circumstances is "with humility and hope," Kinnamon said.

Now that a new hurricane season is upon us, the NCC's Special Commission for the Just Rebuilding of the Gulf Coast is again reaching out for God's protection and comfort amid the storms that will develop.

A Seven Day Prayer Resource for the 2009 Hurricane Season is now available on line. The resource, based on lessons learned following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, includes bible verses and commentaries for families, groups and churches who are preparing for the season.

The general categories are: Day One: Equitable Re-development of the Gulf; Day Two: Marvel at God's Work; Day Three: Homeless; Day Four: Pray for Organizations Still Working to Rebuild the Region; Day Five: Poor; Day Six: Prayers for Residents Still Displaced; and Day Seven: Housing.

 "The scriptures of the Hebrew bible and the New Testament bear consistent witness to a God on the side of the oppressed," notes the commentary on Day One. "It's still not too late for us to see in the faces of the least among us those hardest hit by the tragedies of life the very image of God. It's not too late for us to work for the just rebuilding of the gulf coast."

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