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Carmichael says new emission standards
will protect health, reduce global warming

Washington, January 27, 2009 -- The director of eco-justice programs for the National Council of Churches was in the White House Monday to watch President Obama sign an executive order to develop new fuel-efficiency guidelines for the auto industry.

Cassandra Carmichael was present in the East Room as the President directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to grant state waiver requests to strengthen tailpipe emissions standards. The new guidelines cover 2011 model-year cars.

“The President’s executive orders can help us pave the way for a energy future that is sustainable not only for God’s planet, but for God’s people,” said Carmichael.

“By allowing states to have stronger emission standards and mandating that cars be more fuel efficient, we can not only protect human health from air pollution but also help reduce global warming, which threatens both the planet and people.”

The text of the President's remarks is at

The Eco-Justice Program of the National Council of Churches has worked over the past several decades to bring the faith voice on eco-justice issues to the public arena.

The National Council of the Churches represents 35 faith traditions encompassing 45 million Americans in 100,000 local congregations across the United States.

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