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NCC land stewardship worship and study resource available for churches

A new resource for study, worship, and action on land stewardship is now available to churches and others interested in protecting and redeeming God's lands. Developed by the National Council of Churches' Public Land Stewardship Initiative, a project of NCC's Eco-Justice Programs, "Rooted in God's Word and Lands" contains background information on land issues, sermon starters, a bulletin insert for a themed worship service, suggestions for adult and youth study activities, and ideas for personal and congregational action.  

According to the new guide, "Humans use God's gift of land and open space for a range of activities, including recreation, farming and ranching, extracting resources like minerals and water, building our communities, and experiencing solitude."  

However, in many instances, these activities are conducted in ways that lead to abuse and overuse of the land, degradation of the soil and destruction of the communities and ecosystems that depend on it. "Rooted in God's Word and Lands" was created to help counter this negative impact on the land and to demonstrate how churches can make a difference by practicing good land stewardship.  

"This new guide provides congregations with practical, useful information about protecting God's lands," said Cassandra Carmichael, NCC's Eco-Justice Programs Director. "We must begin to be much more diligent about leaving lands healthy and viable for future generations." 

NCC launched the Public Lands Stewardship Initiative earlier this year to raise awareness about public lands and mobilize people of faith to take actions that protect God's gift of land. In particular, the initiative is focusing on curtailing irresponsible energy development practices such as opening natural treasures and ecologically sensitive areas to drilling, weakening permit processes for drilling projects, and making energy development the top priority on public lands to the detriment of communities and wildlife. 

Copies of "Rooted in God's Word and Lands" can be obtained on NCC's Eco-Justice Programs' website,  or by contacting Christine Hoekenga, the Public Lands Initiative Coordinator, at 110 Maryland Ave., NE, Suite 108, Washington, D.C. 20002, 202/544-2350 or

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