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NCC Health Task Force endorses policy reform effort

New York, Oct.17, 2007 The newly formed Health Task Force of the National Council of Churches has joined with AARP and others in promoting a campaign to urge all Americans to seek policies that will better address the unmet needs of the poor and those who lack adequate health care coverage.

The NCC recently completed a study in which over 6000 congregations reported their own health ministries with the majority of the programs reported serving community members as well as congregants. 

The "Divided We Fail" effort is intended to encourage a renewed national dialogue about the need for policies and programs that better address those at the margins of our society due to poverty, poor health and inadequate health care. 

The principles of the campaign echo the long term commitments of the National Council of Churches and more centrally the Gospel's injunction to care for the "least of these" among us. 

The Health Task Force commends the materials related to the "Divided We Fail" campaign for study in congregations and for church leaders to consider in their preaching and teaching ministries.    

About Divided We Fail

Americans should have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their futures will be financially secure. Yet, millions of Americans worry about their health and long-term financial security. For many, the American dream is eroding along with this security. We can't let this happen.

Read the Divided We Fail platform and then take the pledge or share your story.

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