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NCC helps heal body, spirit, and creation
through worship and education

Washington, D.C., Oct. 2, 2007 In a time of toxic toys and environmental contamination, the National Council of Churches USA's (NCC) Eco-Justice Program is giving congregations a means of hope through a recently released education and worship resource, "Mindful Living: Human Health, Pollution, and Toxics."

This new resource is part of the NCC's new environmental health initiative to educate congregations about how pollutants and toxic chemicals found in everything from air, water, personal care products, and children's toys can compromise human health and the environment. "Mindful Living" is available for download on the internet at .

The NCC's environmental health initiative strives to educate congregations on safer alternatives to protect the sanctity of their bodily temples and ensure the health of God's creation for future generations.

"The bible contains many passages on how we should care for our health and our spirit," said Cassandra Carmichael, NCC eco-justice program director. "By highlighting these lessons from our Christian tradition, we offer congregations a hopeful path to healing the Earth and protecting the most vulnerable members of our society."

"Children, particularly those in low-income communities and communities of color, are most vulnerable to pollutants and toxic chemicals," said Chloe Schwabe, NCC Eco-justice assistant director of environmental health. "As Christians, we not only view environmental health as a public health concern, but as an urgent matter of justice."

The National Council of Churches USA is the ecumenical voice of 35 of America's Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican, historic African American and traditional peace churches. These NCC member communions have 45 million faithful members in 100,000 congregations in all 50 states. The NCC has focused on eco-justice issues for over 25 years.

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