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10,500 support call to close Guantanamo prison

Washington, June 15, 2006 More than 10,500 persons have signed a online petition calling for the close of the U.S. prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

"People all over America are making it clear," said Vince Isner, director. "They don't like this prison or what it stands for. They want it closed."

The suicides of three prisoners at Guantanamo prompted a renewed call by the National Council of Churches USA that the facility be shut down.

The suicides are "another milestone in a sordid history of human rights denial and crimes against humanity," said the Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar, NCC General Secretary.

"Americans who love their country and its historic ideals are mortified by this continuing blot on our honor, on our steadfast defense of freedom, and on our commitment to democracy and the rule of law," Edgar said., the NCC's online community of faith, gave people a chance to add their voice to the movement to close the facility.

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