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Edgar, Post-Elections, Offers NCC's Best Efforts
to Unite the Nation for Justice and Peace


November 3, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - With the 2004 Presidential Election decided, National Council of Churches General Secretary Robert W. Edgar offered the following statement: 


"This election confirmed that we are a divided nation, not only politically but in terms of our interpretations of God's will.  We in the church must redouble our efforts to call all people of faith to affirm the values of both public morality and private piety. 


"Regardless of who leads our country, the agenda of the church must always respond faithfully to the Bible's timeless mandate to minister to the poor, the marginalized and the outcast; and to be seekers and makers of peace.  In this quest for the common good, we will contribute to the healing of the nation, and of the family of nations. 


"The American political system is strong and vibrant, persisting through waves of changing circumstances, because of the vigilance of patriots and the ever-renewing blessings of Constitutional government.  We pledge to pray for President Bush and his Administration, and offer our best efforts to unite the nation in the cause of justice and peace." 


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