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Secretary Paige's Statement Equating NEA with Terrorists
Was Wrong, Mean, National Council of Churches Says

Statement February 24, 2004, NEW YORK CITY

At a time when all citizens need to be working together to support public education, U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige's recent equation of the National Education Association with terrorists was wrong and mean-spirited, NCC General Secretary Bob Edgar said.  "The NCC has a deep commitment to public education and the work of public school teachers," he said.  "Secretary Paige's statement served to further a spirit of polarization and distrust rather than to support efforts to ensure a quality education for all children."  Dr. Edgar expressed the NCC's admiration and support for the NEA and its 2.7 million teacher and educator members.  On January 14, the NCC and NEA co-sponsored an interfaith roundtable on public education in Washington, D.C., and continue to explore new ways of collaborating together for the well-being of children. 


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