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NCC Sees a Moment of Hope for Haiti
as Multinational Stabilization Force Moves In

Statement March 1,2004, NEW YORK CITY

The National Council of Churches is hopeful that a turn toward resolution has been made in the troubled nation of Haiti.  Along with church and other civil society partners, the Council has been monitoring the deteriorating situation in that country.  We now see, after the resignation and departure of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the possibility of peace, even in the midst of acute turmoil.  The NCC welcomes news of the deployment of US Marines and other international forces to assist with the stabilization of Haiti.  Indeed, multinational cooperation will be integral to the restoration of peace and security there.  We now look to the churches and other civil society actors to help that country during this time of transition, and in the building up of the infrastructure required for long-term stability and development.  In a December 2003 statement, the NCC called on the Haitian people to work together toward reconciliation and upon the U.S. and the international community to help.  We hope that the course of events of the last few days sets the stage for such an outcome.


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