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Earth Day Not Just for the Secular: Congregations Celebrate Earth Day Sunday

Washington, D.C., April 8, 2004 -- Christian congregations across the nation are embracing Earth Day, an event once only observed in the secular arena. “God created the earth and we intend to celebrate the beauty of God’s creation and act as stewards—touching the earth gently,” says Charlie Conklin of Towson Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Md., one of the many thousands of congregations that has put Earth Day on its calendar.

Congregations typically choose the Sunday closest to Earth Day for a special emphasis on environmental stewardship, using materials and resources provided by the National Council of Churches (NCC). This year, Earth Day Sunday falls on April 25. On that day, many churches nationwide will give thanks for God’s gift of air with the National Council of Church's 2004 Earth Day Sunday Resource, “Life-Giving Breath of God.”

“The air we breathe is essential,” says Cassandra Carmichael, director of eco-justice programs at the National Council of Churches. “We felt that it was important not only to celebrate air as one of God’s most precious gifts, but also to strive to protect its quality.”

Congregations will mark Earth Day Sunday with worship experiences, education programs, and other environmental activities. For information or a copy of the 2004 Earth Day Sunday resource, visit: or contact Cassandra Carmichael, NCC director of eco-justice programs, (202) 544-2350 (ext. 27),

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Media Contact: Cassandra Carmichael, National Council of Churches, 202.544.2350, ext. 27.

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