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NCC 2004 News Service Archives

Look here for links to NCC 2004 news releases that are no longer among the  most recent. JANUARY 2004

January 2004 -- Honda Announces Hybrid 'Accord' as Advocates Celebrate 2004 'Car of the Year' to Toyota Hybrid

January 7, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- NCC, Other Groups to Launch Massive Voter Registration Effort January 14

January 13, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - NCC, WCC Launch Year-Long Effort to Overcome Violence in the U.S. at January 12 Service Honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 13, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - NCC Leads 30-Member Ecumenical Delegation to Cuba Jan. 22-28

January 14, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- Amid Candid International Assessments of U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Committee Plans Next Steps for Decade to Overcome Violence

January 14, 2004, WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Guantanamo Bay Detainees Have a Right to Due Process, NCC Asserts in "Friend of the Court" Brief Filed Today with U.S. Supreme Court

January 14, 2004, WASHINGTON, D.C. – NCC Part of Drive to Activate Two Million New Low-Income Voters

January 19, 2004 -- Address Needs on Earth Before Heading to Mars, Edgar and Gaddy Write Bush

January 21, 2004, Washington, D.C. - Religious and Public Education Communities Unite on Behalf of Children; Faith Groups Pledge to Support Public Schools

January 21, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - U.S. Ecumenical Delegation Denied Visit to Guantanamo Detainees NCC Continues to Press for Detainees' Due Process Rights

January 23, 2004, Columbia, S.C. - New National Anti-Poverty Effort to be Launched January 30-31 in Columbia, S.C.; NCC Sponsoring Interfaith Worship, Strategy Session; Participating in Candidates' Forum

January 2004 -- Three Stories on the Multi-Agency All Our Children Campaign: Theater for Traumatized Children Fills a Need in Post-War Iraq; Continued Support from All Our Children a Boost in the Face of Ongoing Humanitarian Need in Iraq; Facts About the All Our Children Campaign


February 8, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- In Tense Times, Maintaining Contact is All the More Important, Concludes NCC Delegation to Cuba  Links to Steve Horswill-Johnston's daily reflections.

February 10, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- National Council of Churches Renews Mobilization to End Poverty in the U.S.; Coordinating Committee Will Meet in Chicago March 2 to Expand 2004 Efforts

February 12, 2004, New York City -- Multidisciplinary Committee Plus 'Senior Sages' to Lead Reflection on Human Genetic Technology

February 16, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- Interfaith Relations Commission Offers Reflection Guide for Controversial 'Passion of the Christ' Film

February 20, 2004, NEW YORK CITY: NCC General Secretary Condemns Hutton Gibson's Holocaust Dismissal, Other Anti-Semitic Remarks

February 24, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- Statement: Secretary Paige's Statement Equating NEA with Terrorists Was Wrong, Mean, National Council of Churches Says

MARCH 2004

March 1, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- Statement: NCC Sees a Moment of Hope in Haiti as Multinational Stabilization Force Moves In

March 1, 2004 -- NCC Marks First Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

March 1, 2004, LONDON -- Guantanamo Families and Religious Leaders Take Campaign to the U.S.

March 5, 2004 -- Bill Moyers Interviews William Sloane Coffin on PBS March 5 - Click Here for the Transcript

March 8, 2004, WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Statement About Nuclear Disarmament by Rev. Dr. Robert W. Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of Churches USA

March 8, 2004, WASHINGTON, D.C. - Respect for God-Given Human Dignity Undergirds Faith Community's Call For Due Process for Guantanamo Detainees, National Council of Churches Says  Dr. Edgar's full statement.

March 10, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - 'Top 25' U.S. Churches List Now Includes Four Pentecostal Bodies, According to the National Council of Churches' 2004 'Yearbook'

March 11, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - Upon News of Five Guantanamo Detainees' Release, National Council of Churches Renews Call for Due Process

March 12, 2004, IMMOKALEE, Fla. -- Human Rights Leaders Demand Largest Fast Food Company to Respect Workers' Rights; NCC Pres. Thomas J. Hoyt, Jr., to Participate in March 15 News Conference

March 15, 2004, IMMOKALEE, Fla. -- NCC President Hoyt Addresses Immokalee, Fla., News Conference for Farm Workers' Rights

March 16, 2004, NEW YORK CITY (CWS/NCC)  - 'All Our Children' Approves New Projects for Iraq's Youngest

Washington, D.C., March 16, 2004 -- Religious Leaders Call on President Bush to Protect Children's Health by Opposing EPA Reduction of Mercury Emissions Standards

March 22, 2004, New York City -- NCC Laments Renewal of Violence in Kosovo

March 26, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- Church Leaders Urge Bush Administration, Congress to Address Hunger, Poverty and the Spread of HIV/AIDS

APRIL 2004

April 2, 2004, New York City -- April 4 Parade Magazine Features 'Great American Bake Sale' to End Child Hunger; NCC Is a Partner

April 2, 2004, New York City -- NCC Joins 'Faithful Democracy,' a New Interfaith Coalition that Promotes Voting as a Matter of Faith

April 5, 2004, New York City  -- NCC Easter Message 2004: Fear and Amazement in a Troubled World

April 8, 2004, New York City -- Despite Years of Delays, Faith Community Keeps Working for Policy that Lifts Families Out of Poverty

April 7, 2004, New York City -- Pulitzer Prize Winner Samantha Power to Keynote NCC April 23 Remembrance of Rwandan Genocide

April 8, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - National Council of Churches USA Receives Medgar W. Evers Award

April 8, 2004, Washington, D.C.  -- Earth Day Not Just for the Secular: Congregations Celebrate Earth Day Sunday

April 15, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- U.S. Church Leaders, Citing Risks, Fault President Bush for Concessions to Israel's Prime Minister Sharon

April 18, 2004, WASHINGTON, D.C. - Service April 18 Commemorates 89th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

April 21, 2004, New York City -- 'All Our Children' Grieves Deaths of Iraqi School Children

April 21, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- On the Occasion of Your 60th Birthday: A Message to the IMF and World Bank

April 22, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- Christian Leaders Chastise President Bush's 'Clean Air' Policy as Immoral

April 23, 2004, Los Angeles, Calif. -- Samantha Power, Rwandan Genocide Survivors Address NCC April 23 Event

MAY 2004

May 5, 2004, New York City -- NCC Statement on Devolution of the Iraq Crisis (Updated May 12)

May 5, 2004, New York City -- Two New Books Focus on Important Pieces of Ecumenical History

May 7, 2004, WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Church Leaders Press President Bush on Problems Facing Holy Land Christians

May 11, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- NCC Publishes Ecumenical Pastoral Letter on Iraq


May 24, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- National Clergy, During D.C. Service, Sign Unity Statement on Overcoming Poverty

May 25, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - Church Leaders Meet with Kofi Annan on Iraq, Urge Significant U.N. Role

May 26, 2004, Atlanta, Ga. -- Jimmy Carter Calls Taco Bell, Parent Yum! Brands to Account

May 25, 2004, New York City -- NCC's President Thomas Hoyt, Other Delegates See Exclusion and Hope Among Afro-Colombians

TAMPA, Fla. -- "Come to the Feast" May 26-31, 2004, in Tampa Supports Creative, Revelant Young Adult Ministries

May 27, 2004, Washington, D.C. - Tears, Flowers Mark May 27 Memorial Service in D.C. for All Iraq War Dead

May 27, 2004, NEW YORK, N.Y. - NCC, Faith Groups Nationwide Host Memorial Services for Iraq War Dead

May 28, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- National Council of Churches, Counterparts in Canada,Europe Join in Statement for D-Day Anniversary June 6

June 4, 2004, WASHINGTON, D.C. -- 'H2oly Water: Source of Life' Regional Training Events Focus on Water

June 4, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- 'Honor the Legacy' Campaign Calls U.S. to Rededicate Itself to the Geneva Conventions and International Law

June 7, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- Religious Leaders Urge Bush Administration to Jumpstart Middle East Road Map


June 22, 2004, NEW YORK CITY – NCC Asks Bush Administration to Reverse Cuba Policy, Lift Embargo

June 23, 2004, WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Faith Works to Save the Bay: 'H20ly Water' Training Events Focus on Protecting the Chesapeake

June 24, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- NCC's Challenge to FCC Policies Wins in Court: Media Consolidation Rules Must Be Rewritten

June 26, 2004, GARDEN GROVE, Calif. -- NCC's Interfaith Commission Chair Zikmund Honored by Theological Schools Association

June 28, 2004, NEW YORK CITY – NCC Welcomes Supreme Court Rulings Affirming Due Process

JULY 2004

July 7, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- NCC President Discusses 'Let Justice Roll' and CME Church's 'Project Renaissance' with Congressional Black Caucus

July 8, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- NCC Celebrates a Victory in Campaign to Prevent Hasan Family's Deportation

July 8, 2004, New York City – July 12 'Religion-Related Violence' Workshop to Inform Sept. 11 Dialogue in NYC

July 9, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - NCC's Edgar, Kireopoulos Travel to Honduras to Support Effort Against Illegal Logging

July 14, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- NCC General Secretary Arrested in Protest Outside Sudan Embassy

July 14, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - “Christian Principles in an Election Year” Offer Criteria for Judging Candidates

July 15, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- 'Hunger No More' is NCC Television Documentary Being Prepared for October Release by ABC-TV

July 15, 2004, BOSTON, Mass. -- 4:30 p.m. July 28 Boston Interfaith Worship Service and Rally Concurrent with DNC: People of faith challenge Democrats to end hunger and poverty in our country and worldwide

July 16, 2004, New York City -- NCC Joins Wide NGO Appeal to U.N. on Sudan Darfur Crisis

July 20, 2004, Washington, D.C.  -- National Council of Churches, Other Religious Groups Join 100 Organizations Urging Overhaul of Nation's Health Care System

July 29, 2004, Boston, Mass. -- Poor People Are 'On God's Mind,' Rev. Dr. Forbes Says at Interfaith Service


August 3, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- Council Deplores Violence Against Iraqi Churches

August 18, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - J. IRWIN MILLER, AN NCC FOUNDING FATHER, DIES AUG. 16 IN INDIANA; Prominent Industrialist was NCC President 1960-63; Led Work on Race, Peace

August 25, 2004, New York City -- Sudan Genocide in the Spotlight: More Than 3,000 Sign Up to Fast, Join Webcast on Aug. 25 Darfur Crisis 'Day of Conscience'

Aug. 31, 2004, New York City --  Thousands of Christians, Jews, Muslims to Rally to SHED NEW LIGHT on Nation's Policies

August 31, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- “Hunger No More" Documentary to Air Beginning Oct. 24 on ABC-TV Affiliates"


September 3, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - “LPFM: The People’s Choice” TV Special Chronicles Low-Power Radio; Airs Sept. 26

September 1, 2004, New York City -- People of Faith Demanding 'Let Justice Roll!' Rally, Form 'Ring of Hope' in New York

September 7, 2004, NAIROBI, Kenya -- World's Ecumenical Leadership Writes Kofi Annan, Sudan's Church Leaders

Sept. 11, 2004, New York City -- NYC Interfaith Dialogue Sept. 11, 2004 Considers Post 9/11 'Resources for Healing'

September 16, 2004, Raleigh, N.C. - Mt. Olive Pickle Co. Boycott Ends! NCC-Supported Boycott of North Carolina-Based Company Ends with Three-Way Agreement

Sept. 19, 2004, Miami, Fla. -- (NOTE: SUBSEQUENTLY POSTPONED DUE TO HURRICANE JEANNE; NEW DATES TBA) Hip Hop, Faith-Based and Community Groups Descend on Miami for Sept. 25-26 Summit to Empower, Protect Voters


October 1, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- Vince Isner is Named First Full-time Director of Online Advocacy Service

October 4, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- Faith Groups Press Bush, Kerry on U.S. Poverty, Health Care

October 5, 2004, Toledo, Ohio -- (POSTPONED: NEW DATE TBA) Oct. 22-23 Toledo Events Focus on Protecting Great Lakes

October 7, 2004, Washington, D.C. -- Ads Call On Leaders to Make Environmental Protection “A Moral Priority;” Prayer Petition Asks Politicians to Do a Better Job ‘Tending God’s Garden’

NEW YORK CITY, October 14, 2004 - NCC’s Edgar Blasts U.S. News & World Report For ‘Smear’ of Protestant Churches’ Activism

October 18, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- Faith Movement Launches Get Out the Vote Campaign

October 19, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - NCC's "Christian Principles in an Election Year" Inspire New Hymn

October 19, 2004, NEW YORK CITY - NCC/CWS General Assembly Nov. 9-11, 2004, St. Louis


Nov. 1, 2004, MIAMI, Fla. - Final 'Let Justice Roll' in Miami is Star-Studded Event

November 1, 2004, New York City - NCC's Edgar Urges U.S. to Accept Responsibility for Uighur Chinese Refugees at Guantanamo

Nov. 3, 2004, New York City - NCC's Edgar, Post-Elections, Offers 'Our Best Efforts' to Unite the Nation for Justice, Peace

Nov. 11, 2004, St. Louis, Mo. - 2004 NCC/CWS General Assembly Concludes; Highlights Included Worship, 'Church and Children' Policy, Awards, New Study Guide on Human Biotechnology and More  Sidebar on Young Adult Stewards

November 13, 2004, New York City -- Arson Threats Against Presbyterian Churches for Considering Divestment Draws NCC Response

Nov. 18, 2004, New York City - NCC's Edgar Hails U.S. Catholic Bishops' Agreement to Join Christian Churches Together in the U.S.A.


Dec. 3, 2004, New York City -- Faith-Based Communicators React to CBS, NBC TV Networks' Nixing of United Church of Christ Ad

Dec. 17, 2004, NEW YORK CITY -- Two NCC Communions Present Christmas Eve Services on ABC, CBS Television Networks: Church of the Brethren and The Episcopal Church

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