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National Events Jan. 30-31, 2004, in Columbia, S.C.,
Will Bring Issues of Poverty to the Public Debate

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December 19, 2003, NEW YORK CITY -- The National Council of Churches will gather people of faith in Columbia, S.C., January 30-31 to mobilize to overcome poverty and participate with other bodies in a Center for Community Change-sponsored forum designed to challenge presidential candidates to place issues of poverty and economic injustice high on their campaign agendas.

This will be a unique opportunity to help bring issues of poverty and economic injustice to the public debate.  The candidates will be present and there will be significant media coverage.  Events will begin January 30 at 8:30 a.m. and conclude by 3 p.m. on January 31.

"Millions of people in America are hurting," promotional materials for the event note.  "National priorities must include affordable housing; children's programs and education; affordable, nutritious food; access to health care, and good jobs at good wages.

"Grassroots groups and faith-based communities across America are protesting our Government's misplaced priorities and challenging presidential candidates of both parties to address the long-standing neglect of economic issues that affect families in every community."

At the January 30-31 events, participants will have opportunity to challenge Presidential candidates in person to do the right thing for people in need in America; to join with thousands of low-income, grassroots and faith-based people in a major get-out-the-vote effort, and to plan future work to end hunger, poverty and economic injustice.

Travel and registration information follows.  For additional information, contact Paul H. Sherry, Coordinator of the NCC Office of Poverty Mobilization, at; 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 880, New York, NY 10115; 212-870-2298.

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Re: Travel arrangements for SC Event January 30-31, 2004

Here are the airlines meeting information you will need to make reservations on the internet:

Delta: File number 201699A
US Airways: Gold File number 48142966
United: Meeting ID Code 522SM

Organizers say:

Ideally we would like everyone to fly into Columbia, SC, airport.  However, US airways hub is in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is approximately one and half hours by car from Columbia, S.C. We wanted to have the option of both airports so, please check both for availability as well as pricing. In most cases a Saturday night stay reduces the cost of the ticket. It is strongly recommended that if at all possible, book your tickets by January 8, 2004. For further information on logistics contact Jennifer Anderson at 804-674-9206.  or email:

There are blocks of hotel rooms reserved by the CCC at the Adams Mark and The Hampton Inn, both located downtown at a special rate of $99 a night. The CCC will generate a room list. So please reserve rooms through this process. If you do it on your own you will not be assured the special rate. You will provide the hotel with your credit card at check in. Please indicate any special requests: type of room, (such as single, double, non-smoking etc) and please indicate dietary needs if any.

Please RSVP your plans to Paul Sherry, National Council of Churches 
National Council of Churches, Suite 880
475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115

Phone: 212-870-2298             
Fax: 212-870-3112

Include Your Name, Address, City/State, Zip, Phone and E-Mail  

Please indicate:

____Yes, I am planning to be with you in Columbia South Carolina, January 30-31!

____Please reserve a room at the group rate of $99 per night for

_____Thursday January 29

            _____Friday, January 30

            _____Saturday, January 31

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