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NCC Officers for 2004-2005

President: The Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr., Shreveport, La., Bishop of the Fourth Episcopal District, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (Mississippi and Louisiana). Bio

General Secretary: The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Edgar, a United Methodist, re-elected to a second, four-year term (2004-7) as NCC General Secretary, with headquarters in New York City. Bio

President Elect: The Rev. Michael E. Livingston, of Trenton, N.J., Executive Director, International Council of Community Churches, as NCC President Elect for 2004-2005. He will serve as the Council’s President in 2006-2007.

Vice President: Ms Clare J. Chapman, Executive Director of Finance and Administration, General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns, United Methodist Church, New York City, and Chair of the NCC’s Administration and Finance Committee.

Vice President: Ms Betty Voskuil, Coordinator for Diaconal Ministries, Hunger Education and Reformed Church World Service, Reformed Church in America, Grand Rapids, Mich., Chair of the Church World Service Board of Directors.

Vice President At Large: The Rev. Dr. Randall R. Lee, Assistant to the Bishop and Director, Department for Ecumenical Affairs, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Chicago, Ill.

Vice President at Large: The Rev. Dr. Thelma Chambers-Young, Director of Christian Education, Holy Temple Baptist Church, Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc., Oklahoma City, Okla; Immediate Past President of the PNBC Women’s Department.

Secretary: Bishop Vicken Aykazian, Diocesan Legate and Ecumenical Officer, Diocese of the Armenian Orthodox Church of America, Washington, D.C.

Immediate Past President: Elenie K. Huszagh, Esq., a Greek Orthodox laywoman from Nehalem, Ore., concluding her 2002-2003 term as the NCC's President, continues in 2004-2005 in the office of NCC Immediate Past President.

Past Presidents of the National Council of Churches

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