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"A World to Share: Religious Perspectives on Saving the Environment
To Be Broadcast June 22 and 29, on CBS Television Affiliates Nationwide

June 11, 2003

A WORLD TO SHARE: RELIGIOUS PERSPECTIVES ON SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT, an interfaith religion special, will premiere Sunday, June 22  on the CBS Television Network, with local CBS affiliates permitted to carry the program on that date or within the following several weeks. The most recent list of air dates follows:

6 a.m. --
Providence, RI;   7 a.m. -- New Orleans, LA;   9 a.m. -- Honolulu, HI;   10 a.m. -- Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Springs, CA; Nashville, TN; Austin, TX; Baton Rouge, LA; Medford, OR; Billings, MT; Grand Junction, CO;   11 a.m. -- Chicago and Rockford, IL; Wilmington, DE; Gainesville, FL; Greenville, NC; Mankato, MN;   11:30 a.m. -- Miami, FL; Portland, ME; Richmond, VA; Beaumont and Laredo, TX;   12 Noon -- Johnson City, TN;  Huntington, WV; Salisbury, MD; Terre Haute, IN; Waco, Bryan, Odessa and Wichita Falls, TX;    1 p.m. -- Fort Myers, FL; Louisville, KY; San Angelo, TX;    1:30 p.m. -- New York City;    3 p.m. -- Fairbanks, AK.

6 a.m. --
Evansville, IN; Cape Girardeau, MO; Lubbock, TX; 10 a.m. -- Missoula, MT; LaCrosse, WI; 11 a.m. -- DesMoines, IA; 11:30 a.m. -- Birmingham, AL;  12 Noon-- Kansas City, MO; Charlotte, NC; Eugene, OR;  2 p.m.-- Bangor, ME; 7 p.m.-- Sacramento, CA.

Affiliates in St.Louis, MO, and Philadelphia, PA will carry the program on July 6.  Check local listings.

We share this universe with a wide variety of animals, plants and other forms of life, and if not careful, may cause harm to the world by degrading the environment. The program presents the voices of many religions that are now being raised about our natural world and man's role in protecting it.

The program visits scholars and activists who understand the effect of the Bible and our Constitution have upon our thinking about nature. The Bible suggests we subdue the earth and have dominion over all living things, while our Constitution gives rights to the human animal but is silent about all other forms of life. Today we are faced with learning anew to respect nature and to see the spiritual kinship we have with the entire universe.

Thomas Berry, noted ecologist and theologian, calls for a spiritual awareness of the interrelatedness of humans with all other forms of life. Dan Misleh with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops thinks we will awaken when a new virus makes us aware of the dangers of disrespecting nature. Mary Evelyn Tucker, professor of religion at Bucknell University, sees our love of conveniences damaging our natural world. Former Congressman, Bob Edgar, now General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, sees the population explosion and the suffering of the poor as warning signs we must not ignore.

Jewish insights about respect for nature are added by Arianna Silverman, of the Sierra Club, while the Rev. Dr. Jim Ball (a Southern Baptist) of the Evangelical Environmental Network calls for awareness that we are a part of nature not separate from it. Dr. John Grim, professor of religion and co-director with Dr. Tucker of the Forum on Religion and Ecology, says his students feel overwhelmed by environmental issues but also sees the possibility of a generation learning to love the earth.

Catherine Duck and Juli Van Wyck, who worked with the Indiana faith-based climate and energy campaign, speak out. And we see hybrid (environmentally sound) cars and hear from Larry Stammer of the Los Angeles Times, who thinks people are starting to listen about environmental issues. This well-illustrated broadcast presents insights and hope about an urgent human issue.

John P. Blessington is the executive producer of the special; Ted Holmes is the producer. It is being produced with the cooperation of the National Council of Churches, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, The Jewish Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Broadcast Communication Group.


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